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New Dossier Provides Glimpse at Clinton and Trump's Closest Advisers


New Dossier Provides Glimpse at Clinton and Trump's Closest Advisers

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

When it comes to Hillary Clinton's and Donald Trump's election campaigns—and potential presidencies—who's actually in "the room where it happens?"

Watchdog group Public Citizen sheds light behind closed doors with its new report, out Thursday, entitled The Company They Keep: A Guide to the Presidential Candidates’ Domestic Policy Advisers (pdf).


By this article, we're less screwed with Clinton.


Wow! I must say that we're screwed either way. The less/more concept is a hard one to prove. Both bums have advisers that have troubling track records. Clear that both candidates have little willingness/commitment to engage the electorate or represent them. Both bums are being advised by insiders with scary histories. That's enough for me to vote outside the bubble for Jill Stein. She's the only un-beholden candidate running. Plus, she has a great platform, commitment and integrity - hard to beat.


I'd be interested in knowing how you reached that odd conclusion?


This is simply put governmental incest.


Just toward adding broader context: a 2009 article by Simon Johnson published in Atlantic
The Quiet Coup
Add to that something called "negative interest rates" and some other things, like what the IMF and WB continue to do, as in Greece; and maybe toss in some Panama Papers connect-the-dots...


The Green Shadow Cabinet has not been updated in a while, but provides an idea who Jill Stein would listen to:

More women, so she must be better than Hillary, right CD?


That is getting to be what is weirdly called a no brainer. I gotta say that there is a lot of that goin round these days.


One-Party System, Again.

OK, Once again no mention of the other legitimate parties beyond the Dems & Repubs.
No mention of Jill Stein, nor Gary Johnson....