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New Election Ordered in North Carolina Over Actual Real-Life "Voter Fraud" Allegedly Carried Out by GOP Campaign


New Election Ordered in North Carolina Over Actual Real-Life "Voter Fraud" Allegedly Carried Out by GOP Campaign

Julia Conley, staff writer

Further proving that the real "voter fraud" that exists is voter suppression, North Carolina was forced to call for a new election after facing evidence that the 9th congressional district's 2018 Republican candidate had paid a political operative to commit fraud on his behalf.

As of Friday, President Donald Trump and others who have spent years decrying so-called "voter fraud" were silent on the development.


L McCrae Dowless?

That name does not look very Russian to me. Is he a bot?

Odd is it not that just as the US Government cries the loudest about terrorism the world over , even as they are the largest terrorist state on the globe , those that cry about election fraud are the very ones practicing it.


A new election including the candidate who cheated is ludicrous. What would be fair, and perhaps instructive to the cheating R’s is to give the election to the Democrat.


Yes, the silence is deafening from the “voter fraud” R’Con crowd and trumpenfuhrer liars!

The mental illness of the tiny-hands dicktator alone should lead to impeachment if we had leaders worth a damn! He will never acknowledge truth when it goes against his corrupt fantasy world, only double-down on the lie and manipulations!


Why isn’t this guy charged and facing prison time?


Dowless is going to be perp-walked, right? Into jail? In South Carolina with the general population?



Shhh… you don’t want to disturb the base placebo effect. Its been working like a charm. Even science will attest to placebo efficacy of snake oil if its name can be trumped up.

Besides, ya don wan some stiff commin acha wid a paih ah concrete booties for a visit ta davy jones lockah, now do ya!

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This is not voter fraud. It is election fraud.

Mark Harris should be charged appropriately.


I ewait with baited breath!


Please don’t do that. Breathe.

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This is good, election fraud needs to be stopped anywhere it occurs. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Brenda Snipes are very passionate about that. Right?


I suppose they will give them a fine - a slap on the wrist and everything will be ok. These people - tampering with what should be a sacred thing in our nation - need to go to jail for a good little bit to give them an understanding of the seriousness of there offense. Our country is just a game to be manipulated by people like Karl Rove, Cheney and so many others. They only care about power and money. Democracy is a joke to them. They need to be corrected.


May be very true but the article has nothing to do with them. Anyone who violates the fairness and honesty of our election system - probably needs to see prison time, should be banned from participating in the democracy in any way - whether as a voter, elected official, etc.


sorry - meant “their” offense. Sometime my grammar gets lost in the rush to write.


I have only one word:
Attica! Attica! ATTICA!

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Hello Roamer, It would be appropriate that the cheating duo of Mark Harris and L. McCrae Dowless, Jr.be sent to the “BLACK HOLE OF THEIR CHOICE”! If they refuse than a black hole will be appointed for them. They would get a choice of being separated or together. This would put a serious crimp in election voting fraud. Of course many will ignore this as they believe that they can get away with this, seemingly forever, but sooner or later it will catch up to the majority of them! May they never see sunshine!!!

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Take your pick of, got money, or got friends in high places.

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Hello Skeptic Tank,
Wasn’t that North Carolina? Other than a slight confusion of the state the rest needs to happen but with the addition of Mark Harris to get the same fate, IN THE END!!! lol


Hello LazarusLong,
Love the choice of names! RAH, I think. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. I feel that it is both “VOTER FRAUD” as well as “ELECTION FRAUD”. The voter fraud is the result of the voters being unable to cast a ballot! Which leads to election fraud. If voters are defrauded then the election is a fraud/sham, etc!!!

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Hello theoldgoat, Is that with “MASTER BAITED BREATH”? Can’t wait!