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New Evidence BP's Spill Dispersant Caused Harm to Humans and Wildlife


New Evidence BP's Spill Dispersant Caused Harm to Humans and Wildlife

Andy Rowell

In the desperately dark days following BP’s Deepwater Horizon accident in April 2010, one of the issues that I highlighted on this blog was the dangers of BP’s chemical Corexit, which the oil giant was using to disperse the oil.

In a blog on in early May that year, we published a blog: “Exclusive: No Toxicity Tests on BP’s Dispersant”, which examined the lack of safety data on the dispersant that BP was pumping into the Gulf in vast quantities.


Yes, and our double speak president has opened the door to drilling in the Arctic waters. 6 very brave patriots for the world are risking all to shine a very bright spotlite on his complicity in stupidity.


With Obama feverishly working for the insidious TPP “free trade” Fast Tracking signatures, I would suggest that BP is stalling for time on the Judicial decisions concerning the complexity of their guilt and liabilities, so that an International Tribunal of pre-selected WTO “Judges” can let them off the hook…In the decades that followed the Exxon Valdez disaster, nearly every person that was steaming those hydrocarbons off of the rocks in Prince William Sound are DEAD- So, in 20 or 30 years or less, I am wondering just how many exposed residents of the Gulf will prematurely suffer an agonizing death from BP’s toxic nightmare?
If that so called “Trade” Agreement is passed, it will be “Open Season” on this Planet, its people and wildlife for these reptilian blood sucking oil and mining companies like BP…


Corexit, always reminded me, since I first heard its name and understood what it was designed to do, of another dangerous product invented by Kurt Vonnegut in his fabulous funny and prescient book, “Cat’s Cradle” — and that, thankfully fictional, product was called ‘Ice Nine’.

Ice Nine’s unintended, or one might say ‘collaterally damaging’, side effect was to freeze all water on earth up to about 190 degrees, as I recall.

Nice ‘innovative product’ (as Wall Street originally said of CDOs, and CDSs), eh?

As I understand Corexit’s nice ‘innovative product’ side effect of very effectively disguising floating surface oil, too visibly on the top of the water, it actually sinks and spreads out the oil in a horizontal plume somewhere between a hundred and a thousand feet below the surface of the world’s oceans — which as the real bonus benefit of this finely tuned ‘product’ of misused science, of course means that the oil will spread at that invisible depth throughout our whole fragile little world!

Talk about one-upping Dow’s ‘Agent Orange’!

I have to wonder why so few so-called leftish progressive-lite folks still doubt my oft written warning that this Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE — which only ‘poses’ as, and is HQed in, our former country is so very concerned with keeping its cancerous trick of DISGUISING the fact of its being the Empire Cancer of all Maladies so well DISGUISED, eh?

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

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