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New FCC Chairman Begins Attacks on Internet Privacy

New FCC Chairman Begins Attacks on Internet Privacy

Peter Eckersley, Jeremy Gillula

Your Internet browsing just got a whole lot less secure.

Keeping the government from protecting your privacy while allowing a private company to sell it to anyone they want - sounds like a plan from the deep fantasy land/hell of a true libertarian. Have the Republicans changed parties? Is Rand Paul sponsoring this resolution? WTF?

There is not one area of our life where the government is not waging war on us.

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It’s just one thing after another, these attacks on our privacy. Like President Obama’s E/O, just before leaving office, allowing the NSA to share cell phone data gathered in the name of fighting terrorism, with all 16 other U.S. intel Agencies. It’s being done so quietly it’s like the proverbial frog in the pot of water with the heat being turned up so slowly it doesn’t notice it’s going to boil to death. So go our liberties if we are not careful. Labeling the Press an “enemy of the people” is another ominous sign.

Well, I’d say the water’s about to boil. This has been going on for a long time. It started with the “war on drugs” used as a pretense to dismantle the bill of rights, then the “war on terror” to institute a total security state. We’re not even allowed to know most of what they do now, but they know anything about us that they want to. This latest administration makes no pretense of following the law or the constitution.