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New Fires Break Out at China Explosion Site


New Fires Break Out at China Explosion Site

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New fires erupted Friday near the site of last week's deadly Tianjin warehouse blasts—a disaster, according to one human rights expert, that further shows need for transparency regarding hazardous substances.


Seems Chinese mismanagement of toxic substances rivals the US’s.


They are doing their best to model themselves after the US, leader in toxic chemical production/pollution. China has done so well with that modeling that they now lead the world in air pollution bumping the US down to number 2. But the US will fight its way back to the top of that ignominious list very soon with the expansion of fracking and the lack of any environmental regulatory oversight.


We all buy their stuff: iPhones, iPads, Mac Books. Not just Apple, but everything HP, etc… Do you ever consider where your devices (and most other stuff) are coming from, folks? Our obliviousness is a major part of the problem.


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I wish I’d have taken pictures of it, because now it’s pretty much melted. Way over here in the philippines something fell out of a thunderstorm that looked like big blobs of ice, except it was plastic foam or something. After 3 days of rain, it slowly melted into the grass. Industrial guys at zerohedge claim that it was a lot more than just Sodium Cyanide that blew up over there. The export economy of China is collapsing so the warehousing of toxic chemicals is overloading the storage facilities and with no EPA to get it under control, since the business that exploded was reportedly owned by a powerful Red Party member, we may not be out of the woods yet on this disaster.

Here are some zerohedge pics of it:



I agree with your basic premise. But let’s not make the mistake of seeing what China does and what the US does as different people doing separate things.

When DDT was banned in the US, the manufacturing plants (if memory serves) were moved to China.

And let’s not forget that WalMart’s manufacturing headquarters are in China…


Money is a bad moderator of life.


Transparency is a problem in such cases. Example: the kid’s glove treatment given by the West’s media to the explosions of several nuclear reactors at Fukushima had encouraged the Japanese authorities to cover up the deadly radiation effects. This was a reason why thyroid cancer and other sicknesses were denied in the face of facts and in some cases even refuted by certain “journalists” and “experts.” See http://ecowatch.com/2014/02/02/50-reasons-fear-fukushima/

Also: http://ecowatch.com/2014/08/25/thyroid-cancer-fukushima/

Many governments, including China, were concerned with trade and thus largely ignored the Fukushima disaster (South Korea might be the only country to ban fish from that area). It was left to citizens in those East Asian countries to flesh out whatever truths in order to protect themselves. I was in Kuala Lumpur at the time when warnings about fallout went viral: a student advised me to cancel my daily outdoor joggings to avoid fallout-laded rains.

Cover-ups by TEPCO can be gleaned from this site:

Some comments here about dangerous exports to Asia are also relevant: the reactors that burst in Japan were all supplied by GE.