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New Fracking Licenses in UK Sound 'Starting Gun' of Fight for Climate Future


New Fracking Licenses in UK Sound 'Starting Gun' of Fight for Climate Future

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The UK government on Tuesday handed out dozens of new drilling licenses to fossil fuel companies looking to launch operations throughout the country's rural areas, just days after officials imbued ministers with new powers to fast-track fracking plans against residents' wishes.


UK; government ministers to override local council to enforce fracking against the will of the population.

Australia; Abbott government trying to make it illegal for “green” organisations to challenge extraction of coal in Queensland and in future other carbon-producing fuels.

Anyone see a pattern?

Just what do these good Prime Ministers discuss at their G20 meetings?


Good question.
Obviously they discuss the latest techniques to create as much personal wealth at the expense of and utilizing any and every resource at their command. If we do their bidding we are a resource to them. Our land and trees, our clean water and air. We need a global walk out on the 19th of December. Meet at your city centers. If every nation can’t agree to a CARBON TAX at the minimum, then we are truly only BACTERIA, not SENTIENT INTELLIGENT BEINGS. If we let the few moneyed interests continue their leading (and I don’t know how it is over there across the pond your way) but here in the US it is by buying our “elected” representatives to represent their interests first and foremost, then we will consume all of the 3+ Billion years of stored solar energy by burning it inefficiently within 200 years of its discovery.

If we combust it (Instead of realizing its true value as plastic, which would help the world immeasurably more-so than for transportation.) we will be treating our planet like a petri dish and will end up turning our habitable space ship into a Venus or Mars. 5°C rise will catalyze the release of all the trapped methane, which will raise the temperature in a cataclysmic, runaway manner.

Sure, our generation will be dead, but I don’t want to subject my children and grandchildren to what will be an unbearably hard existence as the Earth was treated only as a petri dish for the immediate gain of a few, and not a space ship that can support us all! We need to immediately demand all combustion sources cost per the amount of Carbon they emit. While we still have cheap energy we need to be working towards reduction in consumption and get to living on solar, renewable and wind generation available from the sun every day. There’s only one way to have the carbon sink countries remain carbon sinks. Pay them. There’s only one way to get gigantic point sources and all our tiny moving point sources to scrub our stacks with currently available technology, and that is to charge us all painfully for our emissions.



This is utterly protracted suicide, and yet another example of the UK following the US down the drain.
Sheer dementia.