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New Front In #RepublicanClassWar: Social Security for the Disabled


New Front In #RepublicanClassWar: Social Security for the Disabled

Richard Eskow

Nine out of ten Americans have fallen behind financially as the well-to-do – especially the ultra-wealthy – capture an ever-increasing chunk of our national income. This inequality threatens the entire economy’s future growth and stability. But whenever someone offers a solution to this growing problem, someone else on the right is likely to accuse them of “class war.”


Alas, another astute mind who “gets it” when it comes to the whitewash way that the WE meme is being used to allege (the) consent (of the governed) where there is none:

“Then there’s Enzi’s telling phrase: “We spent the money.” Who is the “we” in that sentence, exactly? Republicans drove the government’s deficits with a trillion-dollar tax break for the wealthy and multi-trillion-dollar military spending. “We” – the Republicans and their patrons – have had quite a party, and it’s not over yet. Now they want the disabled and the elderly to pick up their tab – by living lives of ever-increasing privation.”

Exactamente! And yours truly has been making this point for many, many moons.


The Dems pay lip service to supporting the 99% but when they have the power to actually do anything, they don’t.

While there is, indeed, a class war going on, the Republicans are playing the bad cop and the Dems are playing the good cop. They’re both on the same side and they’re both trying to achieve the same end.