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New Global Report Warns Nearly 40% of Plants at Risk of Extinction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/30/new-global-report-warns-nearly-40-plants-risk-extinction


This report underestimates the rate and scope of loss, as well as the onset rapidity.
Anthropogenic mass extinction is accelerating.
Our species has turned out to be the most fascinating and ecocidal species ever seen.
Mourn for the biosphere and innocent animals.


Good Mourning All… yes, agreed this report and all others like it really underestimate the scale, the scope, the depth, the breadth of the problems… we are living within a global consumption economy racing ahead, unstoppable like a truck with no brakes…Soon the collapse will come, to a town or city near you, supplies will stop coming, food will stop coming from somewhere else, and what does remain will be so very expensive, until that to is gone… We must prepare for this as communities, individuals too MUST prepare for this, it will be communal survival… NOT IN 2O YRS or end of the century, now, with a few years…now we must prepare…


Most plants aren’t equipped for long migrations. An oak can seed itself about 1 mile away every 20 years because co-operating blue jays will take the acorns and bury them in fields a mile away, then each jay will come back and eat her/his stock of acorns all winter except for one or two acorns that happen to sprout a bit early in that open field. In any case the oaks can’t migrate 1000 miles north in maybe 50 years.

Next, massive uncontrolled insect infestations exacerbated by amazing losses of soil moisture due to slight temperature increases are killing vast numbers of trees.

Then the forests are nothing but dead white vertical sticks. They burn down in megafires. They take many other species with them.

We humans could actually do something about all this. I have devices that add moisture (night fog) to the air at night in arid regions. We know how to plant trees so that they collect more moisture than average. None of this, zero, is on the drawing boards of any government. Don’t ask the mainstream Democratic Party for any of the really exotic climate stuff.

Lone citizens can protect one species from extinction. An Australian man has a nearly extinct species of toad in his living room. If nothing else it’s a noble form of protest against the madness.


A deadly dearth of flower power


Right off the top of my head, too many people eating too much meat.


Industrial agriculture and associated transportation of agricultural products is he largest petroleum consumer. Tons of good science and innovation has been done from moisture retaining soil additives allowing trees to survive long enough to put down roots to deeper groundwater, to effective no-till agricultural methods which almost eliminate soil erosion and soil nutrient depletion. Instead of funding these technologies the Christians’ and their Democrats’ choose to pay farmers to destroy crops, and switch from food production to Bio fuel, which overall produces far more CO2 than petroleum does. Solar technology development is a no brainer, as are other energy sources, perhaps wave energy, and wind, and energy storage technologies. We fund nuclear weapons and militarization of police forces instead at the Christian / democrats direction. On the extreme right wing, (moderate republicans), war, hate and destruction are their exclusive focus. Where is the side of awareness and reason. Are normal people really that rare? When the green new deal is basically the only piece of environmental legislation in decades, and it is ridiculed, its drafters humiliated and insulted, how can anything but calamity come of this. Millions of children are screaming to be heard, literally pleading for their lives, and all on deaf ears - their parents cold and un-feeling in their unanimous rejection of their children’s very right to exist. Who will teach the Christian’s “family values” when their pastors, reverends, and priests tell them that Trump is gods choice, and that the climate collapse is a hoax, and that progressivism is depravity and evil. “Bleeding heart liberals” was their favorite complaint not long ago, as if caring for others was a horrible sin.


In the not too distant future we should see another report on how this report underestimated the rate of destruction. It seems to be the pattern.


What’s really terrifying is at this rate the Eco-Fascists (and I’m not using this term lightly) will be perfectly justified in letting loose any and all violence necessary.

Why do we ALWAYS wait until it’s too late?

You just know the bird plunking/meat packers and the cannon makers bitched and groaned about their “God given rights” as the last of the passenger pigeons heralded the extinction of the species.


You left out the part of the new report about nothing having been done since the previous report and humanity now has even fewer years for a course correction.


Honestly this it’s acts such as this example are what’s important in non-permanence. Random acts of kindness and creation of beauty as well.

Colour me crazy.

This report came from Kew Gardens. It’s a beautiful place and an amazing place that I got to visit in 2017. BUT it’s located right near Heathrow Airport and airplanes were flying all day and night, I wonder how all that plane exhaust and NOISE affects the people who live under the flightpaths and the creatures and plants that live in the garden?


The article comes off as valuing diversity because diverse plants might be of use for humankind–for medicine, food, or some other use we haven’t yet explored. I would argue they have value in and of themselves. Each one occupies its own niche in the web of life, supporting pollinators and herbivores as well as linking up with other species in ways we don’t understand.
What we must do is to preserve the specialized habitats some plants require. Saving plants by harvesting seed is much the same as saving tigers by breeding them in zoos. Once a plant/animal is removed from its habitat and nourished artificially, in fact, that species is gone.


You have a good heart…I can feel it…

This passage really resonates with me, as our time grow short for taking action to prepare for what is unfolding…we cannot stop what we have as a species unleashed for ourselves…we will need support to make it through… "That is why God’s New Revelation for the world must sound this alarm, must give this warning. You have changed the climate of the world. It is [now] changing on its own. It will continue to change. It will produce drought and floods and deprivation. It will ruin the economies of nations that have to deal with the consequences and the events—the calamities that now will be ever more frequent and ever more destructive.

It is a time when humanity will have to unite to protect the world and to save itself. God is here giving you the warning, the blessing and the preparation to save yourselves, to save your nation, to save your families and your communities, to save human civilization."… pulled this gem from “The Global Emergency”… most appropriately named… an Article searchable… authored, Marshall Summers…

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Oh yeah, well 100% of US are at risk for extinction!
Take that plants!
(Of course the plants wouldn’t mind, as without US they just might make it)

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Or the computer generated prediction. (Which are always way off.)

So the “doomsday seed vault” is all in vain. (Even if anyone could find the bloody thing.)

The one that was flooded by melting permafrost?

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BUT we have this.

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Exactly. LOL. Svaalsbard. Bill Gates and the Norwegian government.