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New Global Report Warns Nearly 40% of Plants at Risk of Extinction

Well not the extinct ones.

Thank you.

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“… let’s understand that if we lose all these species and the whole full range of climate change unravels on Earth, there is no way we will survive.”

  • Gerardo Ceballos in an interview with DW

Extinction crisis: ‘The window of opportunity is closing’


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Thank you for the article.

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Great article. But as the first sentence says “if the world pulls together”. That, for me, is a BIG if.

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As a repository of DNA it might have value, but as far as repopulating the Earth with organisms that used to exist goes, it has no value.

Gates, Musk, and Bezos have no understanding of biology. They need to get out of their high-tech houses and spend six months in wilderness. Better that than spend time in artificial places that simulate a Martian outpost.

We will have pods in space where plants and animals are preserved, in vitro, away from the GM porridge of sentient grey goos of altered DNA, a modern day BORG, and it’s enforcers, the syn-squirrels.

That is, until some extremist blows them up. Claiming humanity can go it alone.


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There is no more new frontier, we have got to make it here.


Absolutely true. An anthropocentric attitude that always pisses me off. LIke nothing has value unless we can “use” it in some way for a product or a cure for a human ill. We are simply one species living in a living planet full of other species - all of whom have value and standing in their own right. It’s the same attitude that is being put out there about putting a price tag on “nature’s services” - like pollination for example. A useless enterprise because all the money in the world can’t bring a life form back from extinction, any more than it can, pollinate all the crops that we will lose when the bees and their fellow pollinators are gone. It’s not like losing a home to fire - the insurance money can help rebuild. We cannot rebuild extinct species or restore to their previous state destroyed ecosystems (though we can and should restore as best we can to allow nature to take over). I fear with our human-centric mind set that our future (or more accurately, future generations of all lives) we have about a decade left.

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Life in space life is impossible. the temperature is negative 455 degrees, there is no water, the human body will literally explode and freeze instantaneously if left in space, there are micro-meteorites which can destroy the hull of a well designed vessel in a microsecond…Earth is, on the other hand, the only place in the known universe to sustain life… easily. Water is in vast abundance, the temperature is perfect for humans to survive, and there is an abundance of food, which can be used to sustain human life indefinitely. If we are so incredibly stupid that we actually fuck this up, there is no way possible that we can survive in space, absolutely no chance. Any life form that cannot live in its own natural environment is certainly not going to survive in space, the harshest environment imaginable. We may as well try to survive the bowels of an erupting volcano, or at the deepest depths of the ocean. No, natural selection is weeding human life out because humans are literally the stupidest life form in world history. No other life form had is so good and still went extinct.

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I am sure our leaders would sell it off if they could, maybe they already have. To their line of thinking, it being so valuable means we dont deserve it. However the other side of the story is if we keep on treating other humans and animals like shit, some other slightly more advanced civilization might start seeing us as the problem and as a favor to the other animals, just remove us.

A couple of years ago I saw a hilarious South Korean film called Save the Green Planet that had a plot sort of like that.

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