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New Green Deal and Nuclear Doomsday Clock

New Green Deal and Nuclear Doomsday Clock

Robert Dodge

This past week witnessed two significant and connected events. We remembered and celebrated the visionary champion of civil rights, social and economic justice and nuclear disarmament, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr at the outset and finished the week with the unveiling of the Nuclear Doomsday Clock. Dr. King realized the interconnectedness of these issues and that you could not have one without each of the others.

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The rigid adherence to Deterrence doctrine is dangerous. The theory, made for the 20th century Cold War, is irrelevant in the 21st and will ultimately fail us. It can no longer prevent the scenarios where Mutual Assured Destruction will be resorted to. We will soon face the scenario where (unlike the Cuban missile crisis or Euro missile crisis) one protagonist will not be able to step back from the brink, blindly stumbling into a situation they cannot de-escalate. All that is left is Deterrence’s fall-back position – annihilation. There are many flashpoints globally where world war three could be triggered, and the list seems to be increasing. It may be some reassurance the Doomsday Clock is still at two minutes to midnight but the warnings are ominous.


Recognizing the connection between climate change and nuclear war and the failure of global leaders to take the necessary immediate and appropriate action

They have taken “appropriate” action. The two big problems facing the world are global warming and overpopulation. A good old nuclear war will solve both by thinning out the population and causing a nuclear winter.