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New ‘Group Think’ for War with Syria/Russia


New ‘Group Think’ for War with Syria/Russia

Robert Parry

Not since the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq has Official Washington’s political/punditry class clamored more single-mindedly – and openly – for the U.S. government to commit a gross violation of international law, now urging a major military assault on the government of Syria while also escalating tensions with nuclear-armed Russia.


Putin is far less dangerous and far more sane then either Hillary or Obama are these days.
The ruling class in the United States has become deranged and menacing to us citizens.
Maybe the time has come to show them who is actually in charge of this country.
And it ain't them.


Actually, following nuclear war, there will still be life, but it is going to suck, tremendously.


That is why I almost find it ironic that the rich is spending so much money on bunkers to "save" themselves. Haven't they heard that following a nuclear war the living will envy the dead?


I'm glad you posted this. As a non-American I was wondering if the "New Cold War" ethos that is developing in America was something Americans were overlooking. It's particularly weird to hear people criticizing Trump, not for his policies or personality, but for his purported role as Putin's third column.


The group think has divided families as it has in mine. It is strong, effective and part of the fall of democracy when the news is taken over and we are no longer informed about the real world. Censoring news is an act of fascism and America is a falling empire.
Besides, Russia has always been the enemy we love to hate.


Then you would be called a protectionist. Go figure.


Nice post.
We know Clinton hasn't come to terms with it. She thought she would rule way before it got this bad. She became irrelevant in the late 90's but just can't accept it.


A full scale war should not surprise anyone. The US has evolved into a war economy.
This is really why "they" hate us.


Mike Whitney on the other group think, arming al Qaeda:



Fortunately for all of us Putin will allow idiots like Hillary and Obama to start banging on the war door and then pull them back and save them from themselves.
That tactic will diminish them and increase his stature in world opinion.
We have very, very stupid people running our country.


"We have very GREEDY people running our country"

After selling out, Obama and Clinton have no choice but to do the bidding of Wall Street whose greed knows no limits.
Selling out to Wall Street is tantamount to joining the Mafia...resignation and retirement are not options. Its a lifetime commitment.

Wall Street figures that the least they will get from this "new group think" is restarting (and never ending) the cold war with Russia, a lucrative profit center for Wall Street's military industrial complex (MIC) that they have been anxious to re-tap since the first cold war ended more than a quarter century ago.

Reminder: Jill Stein and the Green Party (that is active in dozens of nations) are not beholden to Wall Street.

The Democratic Party and GOP are domestic anachronisms wholly owned by Wall Street.


So, define protectionist and its evils.


Have always thought Friedman was a classic case of arrogant nitwitism. He continuously confirms that diagnosis. I guess since his brand of short sighted ignorance mirrors that of most Washington policymakers, he is a popular kid on the block.


Yeah. They falter though when asked to prove anything. It's all empty headed blather. Hear a lot of it these days...


"For Americans who may find those two points hard to believe, they should remember that the United States and Saudi Arabia went in 50/50 with billions of dollars
to finance the jihadist mujahedeen in Afghanistan in the 1980s, viewing
these religious fanatics as a useful “tip of the spear” to kill Soviet
troops who were defending the leftist secular regime then governing in

Mr Parry, was it not the case that the Carter administration in 1979 funded the muhajideen to the tune of $500 million to overthrow or destabilise the Afghan government, which was turning towards the USSR BEFORE the USSR sent in its army to protect that government?

As 1979 came before 1980, I trust you get my point.

The legality or otherwise of the USSR's involvement in Afghanistan is another issue, but it proved a golden opportunity for the USA's leadership to continue the proxy war with the USSR which has cost and is costing so many innocent lives through not only bombs and bullets but through the sheer waste of resources.


On your argument I can cope with being broke, but radiation poisoning is not my first choice for death.

No annihilation without representation!


You know, it is possible that if certain minds within the US-Saudi-Israeli axis, with Western Europe dragging its populations behind, imagine that the empire may eventually lose its pre-eminence with hydrocarbons to Russia or China, they may desire to provoke an early confrontation to avoid that.


The fools who run the USA forget that Europe is perfectly capable of taking care of itself and has lived with the Russians ever since Kievian Rus began the Russian empire back in the 1200s.The worst thing we Brits did for the world was to lose the rebellion in our north American colonies fought in 1776-1783. Thank you, France!


The USA and it's offensive exceptionalism have gone too far. If peaceful, community-minded people don't get control of the arrogant powers-that be in the USA, we will be smacked down, hard, eventually.