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New Hacks Threaten Chaos for Soros and Democratic Party


New Hacks Threaten Chaos for Soros and Democratic Party

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Online hacktivists have thrown the Democratic elite into complete chaos after a pair of websites, Guccifer 2.0 and DC Leaks, posted a series of leaks this weekend exposing the personal data of federal lawmakers and the internal records of party donor and influencer George Soros.


Really great news. This puts politicians in both parties on notice that they are being watched. It's about time this happens since we the people can no longer find out the truth and hold them accountable, these hacks level the playing field somewhat and lets them know they are not omnipotent nor can they hide their foul decisions behind P.R. talk.
Keep up the good work.


Good comment.

I felt the same as I read it. I really don't care who or what leaked the information.

The story begged a question suggested by the title: Explain why Soros and the DNC have reason to feel threatened to the point of chaos.


Great comment! This is a non-story with a totally misleading headline. We do deserve better coverage of an important development.


I agree. Who cares where the leak came from? The fact that we are all hungry for more evidence of corruption that we KNOW is there only makes the content of the leak more important than who managed to get it.

Journalists take note! I realize that doing any REAL journalism is condemning you to a lifetime of poverty, but it's ALL OF US who are living in poverty on a dying planet if we don't do something about this!


Putin bombed Pearl Harbor. Really. He shot Lincoln. Putin-did-it.



Obama promised us the most transparent administration, We are finally getting it without any help on his part.


"... the hackers sowed fear among a number of Democrats that they were being watched."

When the 'system' decided that mass surveillance is acceptable, what did they expect? 'What is good for the goose....'


Geez that was weak. And the hackneyed squawking points are getting pretty boring. How do these people keep getting elected? Don't answer, I know it, it's the brainwashing.



Why would these high rolling Dems need to worry if their communications were on the up and up. Hacking, beyond being intrusive and illegal should uncover nothing worth worrying about. Right?


It interesting how those subject to the hacks , even as those emails reveal total corruption are referred to as victims.

This in conjunction with those very same people being responsible for legislation that promotes ever more mass surveillance of its citizens.

Why is it ok for the State to hack and monitor the citizen while the citizen can not monitor the state?

If legislators are indeed public servants than why should the citizen not be privy to what those public servants are doing?

I just find this whole "we can spy on you but you can not spy on us" in what is claimed a democracy and government of the people as ridiculous. It does reveal the true nature of the State for what it is , and that one that at its heart is Fascist.


(1) “Researchers with the cybersecurity firm Threat Connect, which had previously linked Guccifer 2.0 with Russia-based Elite VPN (or Virtual Private Network) service, wrote Friday that they believe DCLeaks is ‘another Russian-backed influence outlet.’ "

Bloomberg News addressed this issue in a June 22 article titled, “Clinton Foundation Said to Be Breached by Russian Hackers”:

“If the Democrats can show the hidden hand of Russian intelligence agencies, they believe that voter outrage will probably outweigh any embarrassing revelations, a person familiar with the party’s thinking said.”

(2) ”Threat Connect cites evidence that DCLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 have shared hacked documents and says the second sites ‘registration and hosting information aligns with other FANCY BEAR activities and known tactics, techniques, and procedures,’ referring by code name to one of the DNC infiltrators.”

AKA --- CIRCUMSTANTIAL similarity of methods, tools, and techniques which would likely be employed by ANY successful hacker, foreign or domestic, private or governmental --- though the author of this piece appears to not be technically sophisticated enough to understand that. Put simply: Professional burglars frequently use identical “tactics, techniques, and procedures,” not to mention tools. Surely the writer can comprehend THAT, and that most of the information in this piece has been fed to her in a process similar to mind-conditioning, whereby she simply accepted as FACTS things which were mere suggestions which someone affiliated with the DNC has PLANTED in her brain.

Summary: All throughout this piece, the writer asserts Russian involvement without FACTS supporting these repeated assertions by democrats, the democrat-controlled media, and “experts” HIRED by democrats to say what democrats WANT them to say.

One would at least HOPE that people reading information at this supposedly “progressive” website would recognize the grotesque similarity of these claims fostering hatred and fear of Russia with the tactics of the extreme right-wing lunatic-fringe of the early 1950s --- from whence Hillary comes, via being a former (but apparently not reformed) Goldwater Girl.

Sorry, but whether out of negligence or intent, this attributing the hacks to Russia is merely DNC spam/propaganda intended by democrats to deflect from the FACTUAL contents of hacked and leaked documents, as Bloomberg News was the first to predict would happen way back when the hacks were first discovered.

The democrats are outraged that voters might learn the TRUTH --- truth that has been;
(1) hidden by Hillary’s SECRET rerouting of government records to her basement email server,
(2) destroyed by Hillary’s intentional deleting of government records followed by WIPING the server clean so that even the FBI couldn’t discover what documents had been destroyed,
(3) hidden by the corrupt DNC political machine which includes the mainstream media in America.

Now, out of terror that everything Hillary and the corrupt DNC have hidden might be brought to light and made available to voters so that they will actually know who and what they are voting for in November, Hillary and her political party are turning into right-wing fascists of the early 1950s and trying to start a new Cold War replete with fear of the dreaded Red Menace in order to detract from their own CRIMINAL and unethical conduct a fraudulent pretense of being "liberal" or "progressive" when they have more in common with Joe McCarthy than Eugene McCarthy.


Thanks for posting this video. DWS lies almost immediately about the emails being stolen by Russians even though the FBI has not verified this at all. The only thing the FBI confirmed is that they are looking into the hack. Then DWS complains about Bernie people showing up at their little soiree and it was a planned disruption. So? How else do we get our voices heard except by disrupting things? After all, we the people are not loaded with $$ in order to get a seat at the table. Time to upend the table!


LOL --- good one! It made me remember Senator Feinstein's outrage when she learned that senator's had been under surveillance --- which was hilarious, since she didn't mind at all when Snowden revealed that Feinstein's constituents had been under surveillance.

And one wonders --- if they're all so terror-struck about having their cell-phone numbers and email addresses out there --- whether they'll bother to take the SIMPLE precautionary step of CHANGING the phone numbers and email addresses --- something which wouldn't have worked to help the rest of us avoid Obama's secret, unlawful NSA surveillance after he'd swindled me and many others out of our votes in '08 by railing against the warrantless wiretapping of GW Bush and lulling everyone into a belief that he'd NEVER permit such outrageous violation of the 4th Amendment.


Delighted to learn about "Nasty(s') emails," among others. This line particularly kicked me in the head: "...sensitive committees that oversee things like intelligence and the military." Leaves much to the imagination regarding what they're "sensitive" about.


Soros and the DNC don't say they are, that is Lauren mcCauleys headline. Maybe she can clarify.


"And in making the information public, the hackers sowed fear among a number of Democrats that they were being watched."
Awwww poor babies ... maybe now they know how it feels to be us with the NSA watching everyone!

Be afrraid; be very afraid ... :smiling_imp:


Yes, and Hilladolph's grandbaby is actually Putin's!


I just don't know if any of this matters anymore. There's more than enough information already to justify abandoning Clinton and the Democrats and it appears that hardcore partisans for both parties are fully invested in the, "I'm a tree! I'm a tree! You can't see me!" mode.

People not wedded to party politics have known for years how filthy Soros' money is, so new revelations probably won't mean much. I appreciate what the hacking community is trying to do, but I think we need to e realistic as to how far gone partisans are now as well as how enthusiastically corrupt American media is. The last dump quickly turned into Russia bashing, where it is today. Go to Alternet, for example, and read one piece after another mocking Trump's "bromance" (sound familiar, Sanders supporters?) with Putin.

Great stuff, but don't expect it to move the electoral needle very much at this point. Power clearly wants Clinton to get the imperial crown. And thus she will have it. Our job is to get past this and start working on resistance and waste no more time with this farce election. Vote for Stein, then go start finding and making some revolutionaries.


Is Debbie Wasserman Schultz ever going to wash her hair???