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New Hampshire Berns as Sanders Claims Key Primary Victory


New Hampshire Berns as Sanders Claims Key Primary Victory

Common Dreams staff

Bernie Sanders was declared by major networks as the projected winner of the New Hampshire Democratic primary, just over an hour after polls closed in the Granite State on Tuesday evening.

NBC News, CNN and other outlets said enough information was available just after 8 pm EST to safely report that Sanders will secure the majority.


This is about a decades-long legacy by Sanders who brings a fair and democratic (small "d") vision to the Public.

This was not easy. The Democratic Establishment has fought this at every step of the way, originally simply laughing Bernie off. They have only BEGUN to attack him and his followers.

What he has to say about the collapsed democratic nature of our society resonates with millions.
So it is important, ESSENTIAL for us to realize that what is happening with the thousands who show up for his rallies and actually LIKE the notion of a political revolution in the USA, is that this has happened because a long-time INDEPENDENT ran as a Democrat fro practical reasons.

To see this as a "movement" or change in the Democratic Party for the future, is not only WRONG it is suicidal for the movement which must at last throw off the shackles of the Duopoly.


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This is a milestone. I am elated. This is my last chance to change this country for the better. We sacrificed a weekend away and all discretionary spending to keep donating to Senator Sanders. We will keep it up.
We must all do what we can now. They will bring out the big guns now.

They did not want to listen to us. They called us "fucking retards". They tried to get us to think small instead of dream big. They wanted us to be satisfied with crumbs. They cowered in terror from the Right Wing. My depression era Democratic Party uncles are spinning in their graves to hear them beg for sick days for workers. They tried to shove a warmonger candidate down our throats and they found out we are just not having it.

As Ruby Tuesday and Mick Jaeger said: "Loose your dreams and you will loose your mind."


Now we will see if Clinton's firewall is going to hold. After the votes are counted in Nevada and South Carolina we should know the answer.


I think people are sending a message that they don't like what is happening in Washington. I believe that explains why Sanders and Trump both won by large margins. Apparently many independent voters couldn't decide whether to vote for Sanders or Trump. It looks like some went one way and some went the other.


Clinton weighs staff shake-up after New Hampshire

'The Clintons are not happy, and have been letting all of us know that,' one Democrat says.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are so dissatisfied with their campaign’s messaging and digital operations they are considering staffing and strategy changes after what’s expected to be a loss in Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire, according to a half-dozen people with direct knowledge of the situation.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/02/hillary-clinton-staff-shakeup-218955#ixzz3zijrFNGt

Looks like panic mode is setting in to me :laughing:


During the 20th century "They wanted us to be satisfied with crumbs" . Their goal during the 21st century is to grab those crumbs and leave us with nothing.


What is she going to do? Will she get up and proclaim "hey forget my daughter Chelsea's words on Sanders health care plan, forget about my bringing Madeline Albright out to campaign on my behalf, forget my fondness for Henry Kissinger and my cheering over the murder of Qaddaffi...I am a new woman now..that was all wrong. TRUST ME!


Happy days are here again!


Thank you from one old enough to remember not only the song, but the President.

2 down and 48 to go. Send the Donald back to Atlantic City and Hillary back
to Arkansas. Time for "the people" to once again have their voices heard.


One step closer to the candidacy of Michael Bloomberg.


https://youtu.be/wGGW4IezbC4 We all be dancing up on the ridge tonight.


His policies appeal to a large segment of the center (as well)


That might well fit into her "shake up" plans. :wink:
Deny everything which happened during the last 3 decades and be reborn as a new woman. If she can pull that one off, I'll vote for her myself. :laughing:


Wouldn't Bloomberg split the Republican vote?


Good night.


Agree with your last statement....still....baby steps..let's take what we can get now and build on it for the future. Is Bernie the perfect candidate? No. But he is the closest we have had to a game changer in a long time. Let's get him to the White House and then stay engaged and keep fighting!


That would be my thinking too.