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New Hampshire Feels the Bern: Sanders Wins First-in-the-Nation Primary

LOL! Well said!

Yeah, I agree I do not get the Buttigieg vote either. I just have some observations on the process in NH. This is just some things I picked up over time. Anyone who lives there correct me if I get any/all of this wrong. First the youth vote. New Hampshire created some kind of new law that said that some types of college students could not vote. I believe out of state students? They were applying this law in a haphazard way and the students appeared frustrated, and confused about this law. Would it suppress their vote I do not know. It also appears in some interviews with the youth, that some of them like Buttigieg because he is young, and “explains himself well”. What? He says nothing while he talks. Those youth that said that are a huge disappointment, as it appears that they are falling for the same “fake and phony candidate” as previous generations have with Obama, and Clinton. One other thing I noticed is that most of the voters in NH are independents. Sounds great but the problem is a Republican in all but name can declare themselves an independent voter and vote in the Democratic primary elections. Then it is as simple as signing some paper after you vote, and you can vote in the general election for the Republican candidate “tRump.” Trump had no real competition in the primary. It seems like if that is the case some or a lot of them could have voted in Democratic election. It is not against the law or cheating. So selecting his opponent might be fun? Especially if you could select the weakest candidate. Who knows? Very different rules for voting than in my state. Anyways I am glad that Bernie won the popular vote. I hate the way the delegates are being handed out though.


I agree with u2. How did Butthead almost completely close an eight point pollng gap in under 24 hours?


How fucking STOOPID do you have to be to believe that BULLSHIT!
Are those cooks and wait people that fucking DUMB?! M4A will allow them all the healthcare (or more) that they are currently getting and if fired will STILL HAVE M4A! I see this STOOPIDITY everywhere and the lies are still being pushed about “people getting tossed off their insurance”. This country has fallen down to where I see no salvation; even if Bernie is ALLOWED to win the lies and propaganda will stick.


I hope so, Greenwich. I truly hope so or the country, no hyperbole, IS LOST!


Exactly, SDP! But how can he get those numbers when the numbers are controlled or stolen?!


One of the major problems which voters ought to know is in Iowa whether you got
51 followers or 99 followers as Bernie Sanders had, you still only got 3 delegates.
So while the popular vote tells the truth, the delegate count tells a lie equal to the
Electoral College … awarded to former SLAVE-HOLDING states. !!!


Time for another fireside rant from Hillary about how nobody likes Bernie. In 3…2…1…


Would you trust the brokers?

I just wish the Klobuchar people would stop talking about “Klobmentum.” It sounds like a bowel medicine.


Americans who can see the evils of capitalism now that the middle class has
been knocked down because Elites didn’t need it as a model of “American
capitalism” after the Berlin Wall fell. Some history books also carry some long
forgotten photos of people all over the world, exploited by US capitalism giving
the clear message of Capitalism’s evils and wanting it OUT of their countries.

Unfortunately for them, US/CIA didn’t leave but stayed to create even more violence
and chaos in their societies with drug and gun running, encouraging the rise of
organized crime with its threat to ordinary citizens – and knocking out democracries
all over the world.

Who believes this BS of “Regime Change” – what we have going on is US/CIA “illegal
wars of aggression” all over the world.

Corbyn of course in UK – but sad to see him giving up – if he doesn’t feel he has the
ability to lead, then no sense staying on. Sad.

Ireland – Rise of Democratic Socialists – and Green Party, but they have RANKED voting.


This was a huge turnout, possibly larger than 2008, with the OhBummer v.HRC mud wrestling contest. Won by the more conservative ( status quo ) candidate, btw.
A solid and great win for Sen. Sanders.
Klobachur- is not HRC, and broke $$$, but she’s tough and took votes from Biden, Warren & Bernie. Look for billionaires to come to the rescue soon for the Senator.
Buttigieg-Where does he go from here?

In 2016, Bernie got 152,000 votes and Hillary got 95,000 in the NH primary. Today, Bernie got 72,000. Why did 80,000 voters switch from progressive Bernie to the establishment candidates?

Why would anyone vote for Buttigieg, a candidate who has no qualifications to lead the country and no experience at leading anything substantial?


Sen. Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of the presidential Democratic primary in New Hampshire on Tuesday night less than three hours after polls closed in the Granite State… At his victory rally in Manchester, Sanders said, “Our victory tonight is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.” He added that his campaign is “not just about defeating Trump, but transforming this country” by building a mass, multi-racial and multi-generational working class movement to overthrow the status quo.

Here’s a climate change I can really get behind…

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Because there were 8 more candidates, possibly?
Relax a bit. Bernie is 2-0 in popular vote total.
That’s how you win, btw.


One can hope straight to liar’s and cheater’s HELL and take Klobber-char with him!

Well she is an assho…

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The same can be said for the poseur with a skirt also!

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My biggest concern, again, is the people that vote in Democratic primaries. Keep in mind what is in front of us. Decades of stagnating wages and no solutions among any of the people running, outside of Bernie and to a lesser extent on a few issues, Warren. Crumbling infrastructure, massive inequality, and systematic corruption. Of course, an environmental crisis that will bring down human civilization if radical changes aren’t quickly put in place. There is a viral clip of some woman voting, and when asked how she chose a candidate (which turned out to be cloud boot jar), she said she did an eenie meenie miney moe. All that is on the line, and that is how she voted. Many of us watch MSNBC and CNN and see the utter shit show that it is. Many of the voters in Democratic primaries, and I am sorry to say, but older voters (the data shows this) not only watch MSNBC, Fox and CNN a lot, they don’t see the mass stupidity and propaganda for what it is.

With all of that said, these are two very white, overall pretty conservative states. And Bernie got more votes than anyone else in both states, likely more than the official votes he was credited with. People can explain that away any way they want, but he won more votes in both states. And the media wants to deny him any momentum. He has some, to be sure. And if you look at the data, it is likely going to come down to Bloomberg versus Bernie. But, Bloomberg has tons of money, and as I said above, lots of Democratic voters seem just utterly lost. The DNC is also not impartial, neither are state parties, and I frankly don’t trust any of the numbers that have come out. Call me what you want. So, there are promising things and concerning things. I didn’t ultimately expect it to be tons different, as this was always going to be a fight.

What I can say is that everyone reading this should do what they can to getting people off their asses and out to vote. Independents can rescue us all from the damn Democratic voters, but they have to show up. They have to show up.


Oh, really? Did you forget the last general already?
NOT that I wanted Killery to win.
Hell, I wanted them BOTH to lose! Quite a lot of choices we get, eh?


Now all we have to figure out is how to keep Bernie Sanders safe –

He’s becoming a mix of Ralph Nader, Robert F. Kennedy, Tony Benn/UK –
but uniquely and wonderfully Bernie Sanders!

"If you can find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people."