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New Hampshire Gears Up for Record-Breaking Turnout in First Primary of 2016



Different headline here than on the main page. I was going to say that it's a "Yoooge", not a "huge" turnout.

I think the establishment is setting Bernie up for a "head I win, tails you lose" argument on the outcome. They are setting expectations really high for his victory so that if it narrows, Hillary can claim a Slick Willie "Comeback Kid" argument, and if he does win going away, well it was expected anyway.


May the Force be with you, Senator! Live long and prosper....


Your thesis relies on that belief that he is not part of "the establishment".


Bernin' down the house!


Yea Bernie


Bern in


Women need to stop flocking to phony Hillary just because she's a woman. She's backed by Wall Street. Let's remembe Wall Street was decriminalized during her husband's administration, and her son in law runs a hedge fund. People, men , women get smart and vote for Bernie!


The knives are really going to come out for Sanders. Up until tonight he was just distant threat that the elites were ignoring. Now they will bring everything to bear to stop him.


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