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New Hampshire: Populist Uprising


New Hampshire: Populist Uprising

Robert Borosage

“We have sent a message that will resound from Wall Street to Washington,“ presidential candidate Bernie Sanders exulted last night, after drubbing Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump won convincingly as predicted.


Bernie's campaign is awakening the youth in this country. That is HUGE!


For the Bernie Sanders candidacy to really mean something is to continue to move beyond the elections corralling of issues.
One absolutely essential element is for the connection to be made between the media CATCH PHRASES used in obscuring the interconnections between treatment by media in thrall to machinations of expansionist empire of corporations and military adventurism.

For instance - "name recognition" is a marketing term for placing focus on a product - not the issues represented by public concerns."Name recognition" represents the power of media to make the electorate a 'mark'. This needs to be replaced by ISSUE RECOGNITION.

In the process of honing issue recognition, the insidious polarizing veils are drawn aside revealing the mechanisms used by what Matt Taibi referred to as "the giant vampire squid". This includes positing that it is necessary to look to the future and not bothering to make the effort to learn from the past.

The demonization of the public commons - our shared well being - which has for centuries been dangled as though it is something to be granted or taken away at will, clearly reveals the end of the predatory rope. That manipulation on one hand has preyed on community coherence with 'red baiting', now on the other as 'buck baiting' with "too big to fail" in the financial sphere where the rope has been tied the well being of the interconnected planet.


To anyone who actually considers Hillary Clinton's record it does not matter how much lipstick they try to stick on the pig. NAFTA, destruction of welfare, the endless Wars from Iraq to Libya to Syria all supported by Hillary, Keystone XL, drill drill drill for oil, the $70 Billion Romneycare annual giveaway to the for profit healthcare deniers, literally millions in speaking frees from the plutocrats are all Hillary's record of Corporate greed and corruption.
The Corporate media pundits and even progressives like Borosage seem obsessed with the horse race and tactics as if a brighter toothpaste will outshine all the plutocratic policies of decades.
It won't...
Bernie is posed to win ...
He better pick a very good radical Vice President - I suggest Barbara Lee!


Mr. Borosage I am curious about your closing remarks; you remark about what Clinton must do to make herself a viable candidate. She can not and more importantly WILL NOT do those things you enumerated. After a lifetime living in the land of lies I may actually live to see a time when, even if it does not prevail, truth will be in the discussion and debate.


Bernie's name and message introduction to the masses was and is still is Job One but chasing corporate-owned state and local politicians out of office is just as important for his message to succeed. We CAN win this war but we do need to get personally involved and show up to vote!


What Clinton needs is a clear, ringing statement of where she wants to take the country, how she wants to mobilize support to make the long overdue changes we need, how she is ready to join with the great majority and take on the special interests, big money and right-wing zealots standing in the way.

Clinton should never speak those lying words. Why would you even give her advice to deceive us? Disappointed and hope you come out full force for Bernie, Mr. Borosage.


Great minds..... :wink:


The Clintons seem to be mean and vindictive. I imagine the so-called progressive supporters are afraid.

I say, go listen to Les Mis, you delegates and people like Warren. Get a little of the old patriotism for a real democracy flowing.


Hillary has said everything she can say about how she has a record of being able to get things done but never said what she has gotten done. She tells us what she would, should and could do but never much mentions that she's never actually done them herself.

After a point Americans heard only this rah-rah from Hillary that was echoed by the media but never any specifics of what exactly she accomplished.

That was how Hillary shot herself in the foot about her having a record because people were ready to cite her record in debate but she doesn't have one. So people again stopped trusting her because they see that she will say anything... Which turns out to be the one accomplishment that she does have.


As Ted Rall notes elsewhere, sooner or latter (preferably very soon) Bernie must explain how he'll pay
for his programs. Taxiing corporations and wealthy individuals won't be nearly enough. He must
carefully lay out the need to cut the "defense" budget and how this will strengthen not weaken the


I too have thought that Barbara Lee would be an amazing running mate, balancing Bernie in just about every category you can think of. I wish he could announce her right now, as he goes into southern states with large African American populations.


Well, she could claim to be responsible for the destruction of Libya, which then went on to become a failed chaotic state and breeding ground for terrorists, destabilizing that part of the world, thereby justifying higher military budgets. After she is done talking to folks in Wall Street for high speaking fees she could move on and visit large defense contractor who should absolutely love her.

Would that count?


A politician who's essentially a fresh face can pull the following off. But Mrs. Clinton is distrusted for a reason. Regardless of any new message, who will believe her apart from those who wish to see a continuation of Piketty style "all money engineered to the top of the fiscal pyramid" along with a continuation of uber-militarism?

No. This is just a recipe for more counterfeiting on the part of one recognized as a counterfeit chameleon:

"What Clinton needs is a clear, ringing statement of where she wants to take the country, how she wants to mobilize support to make the long overdue changes we need, how she is ready to join with the great majority and take on the special interests, big money and right-wing zealots standing in the way."


Yeah I know. People should call her on her claim of being able to get things done based on her record. If she had a record her supporters would have been citing it but they ended up with empty hands. Even the media has no choice but to repeat the frequent lie about her 'record' of accomplishment and experience but specifics she doesn't have.

What else is left for her now but to tear away at Bernie? Bernie needs to deflect her attacks by reflecting them back at her. Her attacks will show where she feels she needs to cover up weakness. She claims foreign policy experience and Bernie should counter with Libya and Syria on her watch etc.

Hillary is running on her husband's record (with the public) and on her cozy relationship with entrenched power (with the oligarchy)...neither of which recommends her to the voters.


Lee will be an excellent choice, however, at this stage the key to Bernie winning southern primaries is making sure that all voters of color know that he marched with MLK a half century ago. Bernie is not an 11th hour arrival to civil rights/equality, he has been living it longer than a majority of US voters have been alive.

A big part of the problem with money in politics is that elections last so long, thereby costing more money and requiring candidates to spend more time campaigning and less time doing what we elected them to do.
Announcing the VP at the convention is actually he best timing for controlling costs, keeping good candidates doing what they do best for as long as possible, and adding even more buzz to the campaign. Even an issues oriented campaign like Bernie's will need to keep the buzz going in today's protracted campaign time frame.


plus a cabinet devoid of the usual conservative alumni and an impressive and impeccable force of body guards.

Good Job, Go Bernie!


I can't think of anything Clinton can do to reset her campaign. More lies and false attacks? It only lowers her trust polling. Bring out more surrogates? They can't seem to get their talking points in sync and they have foot in mouth disease. Move more left? "Vote for Hillary, she channels Bernie!" Stay on her main theme? "I'm for a little bit of change." Keep claiming this is about the first woman president? It's not, it's about economics and anti-authoritarianism.

Reset? To what?


Perhaps Borosage also admonishes polar bears to adapt to warming oceans by becoming vegetarians and relocating to the tropics.

Actually, polar bears morphing seems more likely than Clinton abandoning the corporate paymasters she has served with lucrative compensation for the past four decades.


My greatest fear is that team Clinton will follow the Karl Rove playbook in South Carolina and come up with a sleazy scheme to derail Bernie the way Rove derailed McCain with the black love child story, thereby delivering the 2000 nomination to Dubya.