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New Hampshire Town Passes Game-Changing Climate Ordinance


New Hampshire Town Passes Game-Changing Climate Ordinance

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Voters in Exeter, New Hampshire, fearing the impact on their community from a planned pipeline project, declared Tuesday that their town's right to a safe and healthy climate trumps corporate profits.


Here’s to more thinking globally and acting locally! Sadly, there are no doubt some Federalist Society-approved judges waiting in the wings to save the Corporate Person © from us peasants and our petty concerns—like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


CELDF strikes again. Good for the people of Exeter.


True. There is a chance a judge will strike this down. But more and more communities are claiming their rights to a healthy environment and speaking up for the rights of nature. Current environmental law is inadequate - the aim is to challenge the law, not unlike the abolitionists or Civil Rights Movement.


Way to go Exeter … take collective ownerhip of your town.
Thomas Linzey of CELDF is a hero of mine .


Ok but how is this any different from the already existing:

  • Clean Air Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • RCRA

These laws already exist at a federal level…


We’re all in denial.

I think I have begun to FEEL. I’m feeling the unthinkable. I fear this is the key to climate rescue. My organization is promoting conservation measures, but it won’t matter until people admit their fear.

The climate crisis presents an unthinkable horror – the end of the world. We are paralyzed by the need to think about the unthinkable. So, we are all in delay and denial, and we need a breakthrough. After people are real with each other, then they can think and make progress. We are looking for help to create that moment at Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting when our townspeople can cry or scream or somehow be real with each other.

I am a climate denialist. Everyone – scientists, statespeople, your townspeople and youth most of all, say that the climate crisis is an emergency. We may point at the deniers, but in reality we and the deniers are the same: we refuse to take serious action. We are all in denial, and when we deny our fear, it weakens us. The house is on fire, people are dying, everything we cherish is in danger, and our minds blank at the glare. We don’t know what to do. But in an emergency not knowing what to do is not an option.

I have heard young girls – 14,15 – talk about not having children because adults have so damaged the world. Think of these children, and your own. And think of everything we do for them and with them: the dreaming, playing, and the work to pay for the dreaming and all. We must protect all these things. These will mean nothing SOON if we don’t act seriously NOW. If Washington and Montpelier won’t act, then we must try. But it begins with admitting our fear.

Brattleboro will come together at the March 23rd Representative Town Meeting. The legislation on the agenda is designed for us to rewrite. The particular measures, if any are approved, don’t matter. What matters is that we admit our fear and harness its power, and that we try together to raise the issue to the next level.

Kurt Daims
Brattleboro Common Sense
802 490-9363


(How rude of me!)