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New Health Repeal Shows GOP’s Reckless Disregard for Our Lives


New Health Repeal Shows GOP’s Reckless Disregard for Our Lives

Julie Chinitz

How cruel and inhumane can a piece of legislation get?

The latest Republican proposal to repeal health care – yes, GOP leaders are at it again – takes us to a new low, with a revised version of repeal analysts are calling even more damaging than a “repeal-without-replace.”


Killing 15,000,000 men women and children since WWII shows reckless disregard for human life.
Nazis weren’t a different species – often you can recognize then for the “R” after their name.


Republicans aren’t a different species either. Lest we forget, it was the Democrat Harry Truman who authorized the dropping of two nuclear weapons on civilian populations, and it was the Democrat Lyndon Johnson who sent half a million troops, with their Agent Orange and more tons of explosives than were used during all of WW2, to Southeast Asia.


It seems to me that EVERYTHING the Republicans do is aimed at inflicting pain on regular Americans just to give more to the already super-rich. How in the Hell can so many Americans support the policies of these heartless scum? We can blame some of it on low-information, but I think MOST of it is fueled by powerful tides of Hatred, Racism, and Jealousy among the masses.


tRump-no-care is a phucking damn zombie that must be killed. Dead.
A large part of the current interest and education going on about Medicare for All is because of the heinous R’s defunding, wrecking the ACA and that cat ain’t going back in the bag.
In the meantime I’ve got some congresscritters that I’m going to pester…


I’m coming to the belief that these legislators aren’t inherently evil and actually believe the garbage that they embrace is better for the nation. Do they actually write these atrocities or do they leave that to think tanks and corporately owned organizations lobbying groups? I believe that it is the latter and they are lied to as to what the bill will actually be intended to do. This really doesn’t get them off the hook since they are then letting a third party do the job thy are sworn to do but it makes them guilty of the less abhorrent crime of politically and intellectually lazy. However they will be judged by the way their new laws actually work so they are still scum buckets.


Seems as if the only thing exceptional about Americans is our stupidity.


None of this is surprising. Republicans think that the poor don’t deserve anything because they are lazy, after if they weren’t they would be rich. Next they believe in an everyone for themselves, where Ayn Rand says altruism is evil and greed is good. So if helping people is evil, you don’t do it. Then government is evil and must be destroyed at all costs and the best way to do that is to make government bad and evil. And lastly, spending money on anything but war and the rich doesn’t line a politician’s pockets.


No, the republicans are this evil and they don’t care how many people are going to die if they pass their by. Don’t give them any excuse for what they are doing or have done.
Last time the farm bill came up for review, they wanted to cut $40 billion from the program. This year Trump and the republicans want to cut it by $200 billion and Trump wants to eliminate the LIHEAP which is the program that helps the poor, elderly and disabled people pay for their heating bills in the winter.
No think tank is even involved in their evil ways.


We in another part of the world have known that for a long time, in fact only in America is it not recognised,so sad!