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New ICC Complaint Filed over US-Israel War Crimes in Palestine

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/02/new-icc-complaint-filed-over-us-israel-war-crimes-palestine


I find it very curious that I do not see the Israeli instinct in any of my Jewish friends. Zionism is toxic. The antidote is Peace.


…and Love.


Does a complaint submitted by a Canadian override the “only has jurisdiction over petitions submitted by sovereign states,” argument or does the government of Canada have to act?

Hi WiseOw!:
Zionism is not Judaism
—and I am quite sure that the Trump Peace P!an is actual!y the Trump PIECE P!an —taking Palestine apart piece by dead!y piece and day by day day. : (

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Bingo, which is why I go out of my way to preempt those who would label me an antisemite, which is ironic, since the Palestinians have semitic blood, but Bibi, not so much.

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As the author says, “Under Article 15 of the ICC Rome Statute, any person
or organization can send information regarding alleged war crimes to the OTP.”

Palestine having (limited) state status can make a complaint
(one of the main reasons Israel opposed the UN recognizing Palestine).

The government of Canada, being a tool of Uncle Sam,
would never complain about Israel. In fact, the Trudeau regime
told the ICC to back off on Israel. Its quite consistent opposition
to Palestine is one reason it was denied a Security Council seat.

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ICC is a joke since it was established in 2002, it conducted only 12 investigations, many of which went nowhere… and in last few years has become nothing more than an Arab puppet, and mouthpiece for their propaganda, Instead of prosecuting real war criminal states like Syria, Iran, Yemen, Chine, and many others, it is used as a weapon against Israel. Out of all states on the planet, Israel should be practically one of the few last state ICC should concern itself with.

One of the reasons ICC deserves to be dismantled.

Hi WiseOw:
Yes BiBI is Po!ish----and there are probably more semitic people in Pa!estine than in Israel. : )

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