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New Lancet Study Shows Right-Wing Attacks on Refugees and Migrants Based on 'White Nationalist Propaganda'—Not Facts


New Lancet Study Shows Right-Wing Attacks on Refugees and Migrants Based on 'White Nationalist Propaganda'—Not Facts

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new study published Thursday in The Lancet, one of the world's preeminent medical journals, makes clear the increasingly familiar attacks used by right-wingers worldwide to dehumanize migrants and refugees by describing them as disease-infested is a xenophobic slur rooted in racism and hate, not facts or the science of public health.


Not shocked at all.

Remember the Tea Party - funded by the Koch’s, ran their candidates on accusing the Republicans they were running against of not being racist enough.

On Jan 3, 2015 the Tea Party took over the Republican party in Congress - they had a majority over the Republicans from the previous November’s elections and walked out the Republican speaker of the house John Boehner and walked in their own, Paul Ryan. Since then the Tea Party has been in control of the Republican party.

When Donald Trump took office, over 24 Koch employees came in with him.

The Koch’s are running the United States right now. They’ve used extreme racism as their primary election tactic since at least the day the tea party was founded. Probably every election they were in before that too. They are libertarians, not conservatives. Today the Republican party is run by extreme racist libertarians and that’s who is standing directly behind trump and giving him his marching orders.

You might say, there is no actual Republican party now as anyone remembers it to be, before 2015.

I’m taking a wild guess but the previous power elite that walked out, probably arrived at the Democratic party and that’s why Hillary was chosen and why she was using Rove tactics all the way.


Accusing migrants as criminals (really? the infants and toddlers and old people and lactating moms too?) failed to create enough backlash, so here’s your new meme. Any old distraction will do, just don’t start asking why people might feel the need to pull up stakes and leave the only home they’ve ever known (yes, former Sec. State HRC, I’m looking at you—for one).


Hey, we are republicans. “We don’t need no stinking facts.”


Unfortunately, you are preaching to the choir, No one who watches fox news will ever read this or hear about it


Is anyone with half a brain remotely surprised here? If anything has been proven by this right wing base is they are quite willfully stupid, hate science and facts, and their greatest pleasure is sadistic scapegoating. The criminal Republican leadership knows this full well. If you can give the lowest, uneducated whites someone to look down and encourage them to bully, they will happily let you rob them blind and call it “patriotism”.


Too late Fox News- you have already infected America with your plague. It appears at this point there may be no medicine that can cure it.