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New Lawsuit Accuses Trump of 'Destroying Essential Historical Records'


New Lawsuit Accuses Trump of 'Destroying Essential Historical Records'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new lawsuit accuses President Donald Trump and his office of illegally destroying presidential records.

A pair of watchdog organizations, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the National Security Archive (NSA), filed the suit Thursday a federal district court to challenge actions by the White House "that seek to evade transparency and government accountability" and appear to violate the Presidential Records Act.


Rules of the road for the diabolical despot and his henchmen: destroy the evidence. Criminals all.


Good luck and thank you from we the people. Keep us posted as we know there will be denial and accusation of some sort out of this administration.


Seatower, I agree. Put them all in jail!

Trump has never had to adhere to checks and balances, nor apparently to the law, and he has all the Republicans without conscience to do his bidding. He and his cohorts make me sick.


What do you expect when you vote in a US Fourth Reich fuehrer? They are even destroying the records of climate change by NASA and the EPA. Unless some principled scientists started backing this information on discs and hiding them, we will have no climate records left except those written by deniers, which have no doubt not been marked for destruction.
* If all this nonsense is allowed to go on unchecked, we may well find that this nation was formed by Trump and Company in 2017, out of nothing! Its Ministry of Truth is becoming very effective.
* Those of us who read and often save government and military documents are finding that those documents no longer exist when we try to find them today. Often those that do survive have been well altered by Winston Smith and the originals have gone into the memory hole. History is being altered right before our very eyes and soon it will be very hard to prove it.


Holy cheese-ball Batman, did the GOP not learn from Nixon? I guess they need a refresher course.


I would be much more sympathetic towards your concerns if anyone here had shown the slightest concern that a former Secretary of State had set up a private email server with the express intention of avoiding records laws.


I was "concerned" about that and many other things she did. We had two horrible choices in the end, so I'd be complaining about the other choice if the result had been different -- Bernie should have won.


This should also require the appointment of a special prosecutor. This is probably not just shredding of documents but "destruction of evidence" of criminal or other non-legal activity on the part of the Trump administration. Given, that - just the destruction of evidence would be a criminal action and , I would think, definitely grounds for impeachment.