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New Lawsuit Challenges Effort to Stamp Out African American Vote in NC


New Lawsuit Challenges Effort to Stamp Out African American Vote in NC

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

With just over a week to go before Election Day, the North Carolina NAACP on Monday filed a lawsuit to stop what it describes as a Republican-led effort to snuff out the African American vote.

"This is our Selma and we will not back down and allow this suppression to continue," said Rev. William Barber II, president of the organization.


I'm not a Democrat, but I'm DAMN sure not a Republican.


Astonishing how things "change" and yet remain the same: Entrenched racism just keeps finding more ways to get its way. The fight for the ability for black folks to vote championed by SNCC in the south still is being challenged.


On the run from Florida, Kathryn Harris must have moved to NC. How ridiculous that someone can have their right to vote pulled simply on someone else's challenge.

The repubs have always been the party of dirty tricks. They know they cannot win a clean election.


You are so right, and it happens on multiple fronts.

Jaded as I am, the following factoid from an October 19 Guardian article on gerrymandering in NC managed to shock me:

With new GOP-drawn borders, Republicans in 2012 won nine of the state’s 13 congressional seats even though Democrats cast more votes statewide. Two years later, Republicans picked up an additional seat despite the fact more Democrats were registered to vote. (emphasis added)


The greates suppressors of the vote are the two main stream candidates, the hated one and the other hated one. It is meant to suppress votes.


You had to reach, but you made it! An anti Clinton comment when she has nothing to do with the issue!


For me it is not about Hillary the corporate puppet or the other corporate puppet. It is about the corporate puppeteers.