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New Lawsuit Challenges Energy-Intensive 'Disaster for Climate, Wildlife, and Colorado River Basin'

New Lawsuit Challenges Energy-Intensive 'Disaster for Climate, Wildlife, and Colorado River Basin'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A coalition of conservation groups filed a legal challenge this week to the Trump administration's approval of what would be the nation's first commercial-scale oil shale mine and processing facility—a fossil fuel project the groups say would run roughshod over the environment.

At issue is Estonia-based Enefit American Oil's strip-mining South Project for eastern Utah's Uinta Basin.

it is fast coming to the point of having to use more firm measures against these killers . .


What do you mean by “firm measures”?

3 billion gallons of water per year = 8,219,178 gallons per day, which is more than sixteen times the amount of drinking water Nestlé wanted to take from the headwaters of one of our aquifers per day. We stopped them from doing that. And, I’m in a region that gets lots of rain. Somebody needs to stop these greedy fools. I’m glad these conservation groups have responded.

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If one wants to see the consequences of “Overburden” removal look no further then the pictures of the tarsands areas in North East Alberta or Mountaintop mining in the Appalachians.

When it comes to the realm of deceptive language , few words bother me more then referring to the land, the ecosystems and all of the life contained therein as “Overburden”. The person who came up with that word should be shot.

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Wallace Stegner said that the one word that best describes the West if aridity. Given that this story is set in arid country, are there no downstream water users suing? Member states of the Colorado River Compact: have they agreed to this appropriation of surface water? More to this story.

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I believe Bbsing by saying “firm measures” in response to this article where water, which is necessary to sustain life, is being threatened, is implying anyone who is threatening other’s lives, should be dealt with “firmly.”

Like I’ve said before, in the old West if you steal a man’s horse, a necessity to life back then, you were entitled to shoot the horse thief.

Can’t say for absolute certainty, but I’m pretty sure this is the implication of that phrase, “firm measures.”


That’s what I was thinking. But, with all of the ongoing surveillance of us rabble, I’m hesitant to state anything along those lines, on-line anyway.


With our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights intact, even with the Fascist Fokker we have in the White House corrupting every government employee turning them into good little Nazis against us the masses, I’m pretty confident I’ll be OK.

I suppose I better turn the laser guns guarding the perimeter of my property on tonight.

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I grew up with guns; and, was once exceptionally accurate (takes lots of practice). I’ve always thought owning a long range professional sniper rifle might come in handy. Not quite as expensive as your laser guns (-:; but, not in my current budget.

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A lot of us grew up with guns. Many in my rural area started with BB guns. I came real close to losing my eye around 10 years of age as a result of playing with them in a very stupid manner.

It was then that I became fully aware of the destructive nature of guns to humans.

It was a tough lesson to be sure.

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That must have be a very traumatic way to learn…not something I’d want to experience. I started out with a BB gun, also. But, my lesson came from my dad, who was a WWII veteran, watching him put an armor-piercing round through a quarter-inch steel plate. As effective as watching Dirty Harry nail someone standing on the other side of a 6x6; or, me missing a woodchuck; and, finding the 30.06 bullet after it had gone through two OSB boards, one 2x4, one car tire of my 1958 XK-150 stored in a shed; and six interior wood doors, having been stopped by the seventh. (-:

When did this come out? Brilliant! Nice harmony, also.

Thanks for this, PB.

PB: Check out this posting of it back in 2018; and, then, see if you can pull it up using the YouTube search bar. I couldn’t; so, I’m wondering if they’re eliminating it from the search results? Since YouTube is owned by Google; and, Google is apparently “owned” by the CIA, this would not be surprising.

YOU WANNA LIE US INTO WAR - (Parody of) Don’t Come Around Here No More | Don Caron – Apr 20, 2018 - Don Caron - YouTube

Nah PonyBoy, we won’t be okay if this all goes chaotic. Even with your lazer guns guarding the perimeter.

Obama made sure of that with his military weapons-to-cops program. No matter what we are seriously under-gunned.

Hell, just the starving masses of refugees with their carving knives and forks will swamp us up here in the mountains (Spokane is 40 miles south down in the flats) because they’ll be…looking for long pig dinners…and there are a lot more of them than live up here in the mountains.The human wave effect.

This isn’t going to end well even if all we get is another (ONLY!) civil war instead of the total collapse of the ecosystem and catastrophic climate chaos lands on us at the same time. No food! And if these freaking bonified religious psychos who are running this country start launching B-52s on Iran and turns this next US war crime into a nuclear holocast none of us will really want to be around at that point anyway…How long until Nuclear Winter closes us down? Weeks at best…then it is -50’F with no light to see by…so much for my solar system or your lazer guns, eh?


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The land and every living thing there will be devastated.

Plus, there is absolutely no need for this project. It should rank near the bottom in terms of priority, along with the tar sands.

I wonder what percentage of Enefit’s stock is owned by members of the Drümpf and Kushner Crime Families?