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New Leak of Final TPP Text Confirms Public Health Advocates' Worst Fears


New Leak of Final TPP Text Confirms Public Health Advocates' Worst Fears

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering a first glimpse of the secret 12-nation "trade" deal in its final form—and fodder for its growing ranks of opponents—WikiLeaks on Friday published the final negotiated text for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)'s Intellectual Property Rights chapter, confirming that the pro-corporate pact would harm public health by b


All the participants & lobbyists to the TPP "negotiations" and who wrote various chapters/provisions, along with which advocacy groups and individuals were EXCLUDED must be revealed! Those facts would explain alot after all the secrecy involved. The public will have a limited time to respond to this Trojan Horse (planned in advance) and Congress given a take-it or leave-it choice - both I'm sure will be fixed by corporate whore politicians. Who wins and who loses, in addition to big-pharma, under the provisions of this scam that has numerous chapters having nothing to do with "free-trade" is the question!

Release the identities of ALL the TPP players and who was NOT invited now!


The New World Order:


" ... Public Citizen's Burcu Kilic scoffed: "The monopolist pharmaceutical industry has won a lot with the TPP, at the expense of people’s health. They should stop crying crocodile tears."
They should also stop throwing those hissy fits!


"The TPP would cost lives." and so does capitalism which gave it birth. Time for global total non cooperation.


Thinking back to when Rockefeller was being interviewed on a talk show.
* He said that what was needed was to get rid of about six billion people.
* There would be enough left over to service the rich, but they wouldn't be using up so much of their (the Oilagarchy's) resources.
* Look at what has happened and is happening since. GMO food, cancer causing pesticides, bee decimation (less pollination, less crops), Ever-widening wars decreasing the population, destroying food, water resources, living spaces; displacing millions, leaving no place for them to go.
* Fracking, oil sands, mining and drilling world-wide in designated heritage sites. Destruction of species, air pollution, Chemtrails, oceanic pollution, the approach of mass extinctions; the list is endless and increasing every day.
* The Toilet Paper Plan and the others of that ilk are designed primarily to enslave and destroy all but the Oilagarchy. Limits to medical treatment, five dollar pills available for five or six hundred bucks a pill.
*Restrictions on communications, increased suppression of dissent by heavily armed storm troopers dressed in blue.
* The list is endless, but the end is to be a small population of cowed, starved serfs, to serve the rich, for whatever crumbs may drop from their tables. Their families, their children the forfeit, should they protest or show dissatisfaction with their lives.
* It reads like a bad, dystopian, science fiction story, but this is for real and an enormous amount of time and money has been poured into making it happen.
* The question is, are We the People of the World strong enough to reject this and make the sacrifices necessary to turn it around, or defeat it?


It's time for a new French Revolution:


I doubt that there will be a strict adherence to intellectual property rules in this literature.


Oh Good
Someone just played the Jew card.

The world can now Rest easy--


This is why we dont want Hillary she is just like Obama....and here is Obamas gift to us.


As I said, "The list is endless." I could have written a page and still not hit the end.
* As I also said, "The question is, are We the People of the World strong enough to reject this and make the sacrifices necessary to turn it around, or defeat it?
* At this stage of the game, I don't know, but I do hope and pray that we do.


Pointing the finger and name calling is a little redundant at this point. Rather than rely on partisan politics begin to think beyond party lines and take a minute to consider that it really doesn't matter where this plan came from but it does matter that it a very bad plan for ALL of us and if we don't come together we are going to find ourselves with a whole new set of rules that will not be giving any of us so much as a bye-the-bye. Unless you are a major shareholder in one or more of the multinational corporations you will not be receiving any benefits from this deal so make it a point to stand up, speak out and fight this freedom strangling new plan of regulations. Stop bickering and begin fighting together instead of against each other. There is way too much to lose together but a great deal to gain by putting aside petty differences and finding some common ground, Defeat TTP.


Margaret Atwood of "The Handmaid's Tale" predicted this scenario in her latest 2 novels: "Oryx and Crake" and "The Year of the Flood".


We don't need to know all the details or who paid for the TPP. Bernie Sanders already made a list of 10 reasons not to allow it to become international law by treaty.

If our Congress votes this up, they will have given away our democracy, our ability to self-govern. This is in effect treason!

Please contact your Congress member and senators directly. This is so serious that we might as well drop all action on other issues, if we permit it to go through. This time Americans cannot snooze through the crisis.

We all need to come out in massive numbers to show that we will not put up with this treaty and certainly will kick out of office anyone who voted for it in Congress.


It's quite possible that Bernie Sanders' most important contribution to our country is to inform not only Democrats, but also Republicans and the Tea Party of what is contained in this TPP. The greed of the 1% is shocking, but the censorship of the internet is truly alarming. I suspect the Tea Party will rebel against the loss of sovereignty. We really could use more coverage of world-wide rejection by the citizens in other countries. I'm guessing we won't get it on TV "news". Only on the internet...so far. I'm glad to see German citizens marching in the streets by the 100s of thousands. I wish we would do that.


It is beyond understanding that even the staunchest Anti TPP activists, even those apparently appalled by the undeserved benefits to pharmaceuticals, routinely fail to even peripherally mention that any number of Pharms that will benefit by the TPP are part and parcel of everyone's hated Cigarette industry...via all sorts of untested, unlabeled additives (sweeteners, flavorings, preservatives, etc) and pesticide residues galore.
Big Pharm is NOT just a "health care" industry...it's Big Pesticides too.
And that's not to mention that if the dioxin-creating chlorine in most (not all) cigarettes, from pesticides and chlorine-bleached paper, was belatedly publicized, that would reflect Very Badly on the chlorine-drenched Pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharm Very Much wants the target to be JUST on the un-patented natural tobacco plant...and not even slightly on their non-tobacco cigarette toxins and carcinogens. Understandable, eh?

To leave the Pharm links to Big Cig out of the TPP matter is to hand Big Pharma whatever it wants. It's to ease the path to the TPP.
Search is easy. Look up "Tobacco pesticides", "GAO tobacco pesticides", "Bayer tobacco pesticides", "Rhone Poulenc tobacco pesticides",:FMC tobacco pesticides", "Chlorine tobacco", and on and on and on.


It is time for coordinated, all-citizens general strikes in all developed nations, globe-wide.

Those who wring their hands, shrug their shoulders, duck the issue, opt to remain entranced in teevee/consumer world, or who are employing any of a host of other denial/avoidance strategies in abdication of their responsibility for themselves, their children, their families, their communities and our collective survival in abject fear of taking a stand are failing themselves and humanity. Faced with the hideous and undeniable truth of the way things are, they are choosing--consciously or unconsciously, the result is the same--to be sheeple caught in the .0001%'s slaughterhouse chute, reacting too late when they smell agony and death in the threshing machine the elites have constructed. In fact it has always been true that we collectively have the power to dismantle the slaughterhouse itself...once we refuse to be the cowed, groveling, trivial livestock/mice/vermin the elites desperately want us to believe we are. The only power the elites have over us is the slave mentality we have internalized. Shed that, and we are where we have always been--free, and in charge.

For any of you and any in your personal/social/professional networks who are still perseverating over what to do, the facts are in. The US and its "Five Eyes" partners in the Anglo-Military-Surveillance Alliance (England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), together with the European Authoritarian Union and Autocratic Middle Eastern and Asian governments have doubled down on the Corporo-Fascist/Big Brother/Stasi/Military Industrial Matrix framework for world domination. Closeted fascists in the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, South Africa, Central and South America, have been hard at this since the "end" of World War II. It was the fascists in control of these countries who engineered the Cold War and after it the "war" on terror (that is, war against democracies, sovereignty of third world nations and self-determination efforts of whole peoples) as pretexts for advancing the aim of permanently establishing corporate ascendancy over all political systems; systematically dismantling social safety nets and civic frameworks in all countries across the "free" world; dominion of capitalism over all life; perpetual wars; systematic economic enslavement of billions, control over women's lives, and thus, over the lives of children, families and whole communities; extractive mining/industrialized processing/consumption-addiction-driven demolition of the biosphere; propagandizing of education, religion, politics, social/cultural issues; relentless fear-mongering campaigns; and, the poisoning of our air, food, water, medicines, housing, all of nature. This is the dark dystopian afterworld of the plutocrats, their oligarch enablers and implementers, sociopathic politicians and religious "leaders", military managers, technocrats, think tank and intellectual toadies and fawning true believer nitwits everywhere.

Time for the final push to dismantle the global Fourth Reich. Let's roll.


Kassandra, who was the lead negotiator (I assume you mean for the good, old, exceptional USA)?


You cannot possibly ask that question often enough!


Brava, Annabele! Beautifully said.