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New Low for Europe as Police Bulldoze Camps, Tear Gas Asylum Seekers, and Shutter Borders



The blind leading the blind! When the Tsunami wave hit in Indonesia the world responded.

Here we see the xenophobic take the lead and within relatively short order, callousness becomes policy. USA governors lead the charge to be callous and cruel. We won't let you help others is what they said. Other countries did too but their people welcomed refugees when their governments didn't.

Trump speaks of walls and in racist rhetoric and so do others and it bears fruit. Had a progressive voice been heard (the media was busy rigging the game at the time) instead then maybe the world would have been a more honorable place. Were foreign combatants involved in Syria to accept responsibility for their actions then maybe the refugees wouldn't be in this fix would they and conversely maybe those forces wouldn't be where they are?

Where was Hillary the so called progressive. Did she take a stand calling for America or Europeans to accept more refugees? I don't remember that happening. I remember her eager to prosecute the war in Syria after Libya.. That was in her judgement of the situation.

In a world where a progressive would take the lead in responding to crises like this, it has an effect. Obama is as ever a fraud of talk and ineffectualism. A sham president who does what he is told. When those governors closed their doors Obama should have opened ours. A message was sent ...whether it went in one direction or another.

So now what I wonder. Bulldozers and then...?

And then what happens?


The French people and government officials living in Calais claim that the camps were deteriorating their neighborhoods and its image. Residents also claim camp migrants were looting and intimidating residents. Truck drivers had to endure stowaway attempts and having rocks and cans thrown at them while they were driving. In response, the international criticism, especially from the EU and UN, demands no civility from the migrants nor do they expect the migrants to follow rule of law. The UN and EU elite care nothing about the citizens of Europe, and their neglect is really what's fueling the tide of the xenophobia you talk about.


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It's not really at the same level, but the US also hit a low point today. Protected by guards carrying automatic weapons, chain-saw wielding workmen cut down the trees of a maple syrup farm in northern Pennsylvania. Claiming eminent domain, the companies behind the so-called Constitution pipeline destroyed the livelihood of the Holleran family in New Milford, PA (http://www.wbng.com/news/local/The-begining-of-the-end-for-a-New-Milford-family-as-trees-fall-for-Constitution-Pipeline--370714601.html)

This has happened in spite of the fact that New York has not yet (and may never) authorize the expansion of this pipeline beyond the Pennsylvania border.


This report isn't strictly accurate as it either deliberately or carelessly leaves out much information. The ramshackle camp at Calais is being destroyed because the French have built new accomodation nearby and want the migrants to move to that which has proper hygiene facilities etc. They don't want to because it takes them far from the access points (Channel Tunnel, ferries, etc) to the UK. They also fear they will obliged to claim asylum in France which they also, for reasons known only to themselves, don't want to do. Also, this camp has been around since the 1990's and is not specific to the present Syrian refugeee crisis. A female journalist who went to interview the refugees and highlight their plight ended up being gang-raped. Sure to make any UK citizens want to welcome them with open arms.


The US hit a low point way back by only agreeing to take a pathetic mere 10,000 of these refugees. They should take most of them considering they are the biggest cause of the crisis.


Agreed, the US has hit many low points.


Hey, Could you cite yours sources about the new camp built for the refugees? I'd appreciate it.


Interesting but I am yet to see any anger about no refugee wave to neighboring rich Muslim countries like Saudis and Emirates . Wonder why?


Wow, people! So far, many/most of the comments here downplay and several edge towards excusing this very clear human rights and moral catastrophe. Folks, these are refugees fleeing war (of which Europe's geopolitics is not innocent of any significant culpability, though probably the U.S. 2003 invasion of Iraq is a the leading geopolitical culprit), and if you watched the first video (British TV) embedded in this article, you would learn that while "many" forcibly and violently (tear gas and water hoses in winter is not nonviolent) evicted refugees will go to the new camp made up of shipping containers (would YOU feel comfortable staying in a shipping container in a country with an indifferent/hostile government?), and a few have some other places to go, there will also be some-to-many who have nowhere to go now in the midst of winter. The tone of the British TV report was mostly, if dryly, compassionate. We at CD could at least do as well. I cried at the conclusion of the report: it's horrific to see this open "legal" cruel victimization of REFUGEES. I know this has been going on now for some time, and this isn't the first step towards European and White supremacy (not by a very long shot), but it is a new step.

My British friend who spends lot of time in France recently wrote me about the very scary rise of this anti-refugee sentiment. She has close French friends who are not well off and found a way to welcome one Syrian refugee into their home, indefinitely. One poster here points out a rape of French reporter in the camp. Of course that is horrible, and there should be a full effort to apprehend the perpetrators and hold them accountable--and there should be vigorous anti-rape education and action everywhere (shutting down unwanted overseas U.S. military bases would be one step in that direction)). But would this have happened if the refugees were given--in accordance with the most basic of compassionate sharing (again, these are REFUGEES, many of whom are deeply traumatized, and have been through actual hell including the violent deaths of parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, homes, society, their whole entire world!)--would this have happened if the refugees were given fully adequate housing and services to begin with? France can't afford to give such basics to some of the neediest people on the planet? Please.

Far from being a vibrant force in defense of human rights here, the U.N. knows who its funders are. From the article: "In a series of tweets, the United Nations High Commission called for better treatment of refugees and improved coordination between EU member states to deal with the crisis." "Better" and "improved" is not bright-line condemnation of the ongoing violence and lack of protection for war refugees given by this very wealthy area.

What's happening here is a breakdown of basic humanity. An inability to recognize the most basic kind of compassion: helping someone in desperate need, who has been through hell through no fault of their own.

Such callousness should never be condoned or excused. It needs to be clearly pointed out and fully addressed.


Is that supposed to excuse this failure of basic humanity on the part of the EU?


Some UK citizens like my friend DO welcome the refugees with open arms, and do not racistly paint the whole bunch, as Trump does towards Mexican U.S. immigrants, as rapists, even though some refugees certainly are guilty of rape (almost any large segment of people, particularly men in this world, features the horror of perpetrating rape). There is no excuse for rape. And there is no excuse for victimizing refugees.


I agree with and commend all of your post--very much so, thank you--except the part about Indonesia. I'm not so sure the "world" (if that includes the same powers you are counterpointing this example to, that is, the elite powers) actually responded so well to the tsunami that devastated Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and others. To begin with, the elite of the world did not think it necessary to have a top-notch (or even medium-grade) tsunami warning system in place that might have saved tens of thousands--while being sure to have such accoutrements in place for the rich countries. And the response... was it really adequate? (I don't really know, but my guess is it wasn't; not that this is a comprehensive assessment, but I do recall hearing of tremendous local efforts to save lives and recover, absent resources to fully do so.)

Again, thank you for clarifying the moral catastrophe here, and effect that boldly standing up--and acting--for human rights has.


Pope Francis is correct -- WWIII has already begun.

The right wing has been working since the coup on JFK to create a more violent society --
warmongering across the planet, drug war, growing diseases and illnesses, lack of health care -
and violence and sexual violence on display everywhere -- including the real thing: sex slave trade.

And, what every dictatorship needs, TORTURE.

A writer in our NJ Star Ledger actually used the word FASCISM the other day --
that was in regard to the attempt to privatize Atlantic City's water.
Should have been being used over the last 20 - 30 years.
1984 did arrive.


I appreciate your post. I think things have looked just as gloomy if not worse at times in the past for humanity, although now the crises are multiplying into a perfect storm capable of wiping out human civilization (or "civilization," but there are billions of people and at least trillions of animals at stake, and a wholesale violent collapse of the human world system will not be good for anyone). But this is not the end of the story. Even in the worst of times, we must be compassionate, to ourselves and to all. And we must speak and act for a better day. It is possible. Everything we do and say makes a difference.


Pope Francis speaks so well in many, many ways. However, he acted horribly when he recently canonized the infamous Junipero Serra, leader of the genocidal California mission system.


No it is supposed to show that standards and expectations from EU which is hundreds of miles away are much higher then from from neighboring Arab nations .


NONE of that would have occurred if the French government had opened its heart and arms to those seeking refuge!


Sure. You can google/search just about any European news report on this crisis and they will mention it, with varying degrees of approval or dispparoval, just not this CD one.

Here's one with more detail about that aspect: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-35327083

Regarding link about the rape, you can google/search that too for many reports. First that came up: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/2637452/British-journalism-student-gang-raped-in-Calais.html

Surprised to see, other cases, including recent ones I wasn't aware of, came up too.