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New Map Spotlights 'Polluter Power-Grab' Two Massive Trade Deals Would Enable


New Map Spotlights 'Polluter Power-Grab' Two Massive Trade Deals Would Enable

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Is a "polluter power-grab" lurking in your backyard?

According to the Sierra Club, one might just be, thanks to two pending trade deals—the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—that would allow multinational corporations to exert their power before private tribunals and thwart efforts to keep fossil fuels in the ground.


So, exactly why is Obama pushing so hard for this? Clearly our common interests and that of our environment are not a concern.


Because he was an unknown who had a silver tongue.


We? I didn't vote for that guy. Either time.


This is true but I do worry that this could be used as a ploy: what if the TTP/TTIP/TISA were to allow individuals and governments to sue in the ISDS tribunala? Would that be a 'fix' so that it is no longer one-sided? Could that be used to bring around support? These tribunals are filled with those beholden to corporate interests in their other jobs, e.g., law firms representing corporate clients. Letting the rest of us sue in those tribunals, with no recourse to national courts, would be a disaster in reality but look like a beneficial compromise in public relations.


I think it's important to keep in mind that one of the drivers is Wall Street. These litigation efforts are being shopped to outside investors who will shoulder the expenses for a share in the outcome. This means that corporations with little chance of success will be more willing to sue if they don't have to bear the costs. These investments can be securitized, just as toxic mortgages were which goes a long way in explaining why Wall Street is interested and why the ruling class will do anything to pass these so-called 'trade' agreements with the same fundamentals.

As I noted in a reply to another post, letting the common people or even governments intervene is not a solution. That would do nothing to change these fundamentals but may well provide cover for these agreements and make them more likely to pass.


The TTP and TTIP are treasonous in nature.


Now how about an interactive map that will show how US corporations will screw the rest of the world? Planet USA is not alone in this, unfortunately.


The more TPP and TTIP enable "US corporations to screw the rest of the world", the more terrorists will be spawned, further expanding profits for the military industrial complex (MIC) as the US ramps up the eternal war against terror, thereby giving the Obama's a first class ticket on the corporate speaking gravy train.

Regressive legislation pays handsome post-POTUS dividends.


Nice map. Missing though is the imminent fracking in North Carolina.


"Treason: the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government." (Google)


I'm sorry, but this article is very misleading. The US has never lost an ISDS arbitration, & TPP only strengthens our position. Our environmental & labor laws cannot get overturned by an ISDS arbitration. Please please please read what the Obama admin says about it. It was posted on the whitehouse.gov blog on 2015/02/26.