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New Migration Wave from Libya Forces Single-Day Rescue of 6,500 Refugees


New Migration Wave from Libya Forces Single-Day Rescue of 6,500 Refugees

Nika Knight, staff writer

Calm seas in recent days have brought a new wave of refugees attempting the treacherous sea crossing from Libya to Italy, forcing the rescue of 6,500 people in 40 separate operations on Monday alone, according to Italy's coast guard.

On Sunday, 1,100 migrants were rescued from sinking boats, the Italian coast guard said.


Libya was once the richest nation in Africa and was the destination of many refugees fleeing Chad , Mali and the Congo.

France them decided its own oil companies should get a bigger share of Libyan oil profits and Ms Clinton was concerned over the proposed Gold back Dinar , so they went into Libya claiming the need to protect the people from a despot.

This is their protection.


They need to stop "rescuing" those ILLEGAL MIGRANTS! People from Africa are not "refugees" they are economic migrants looking for a "better life" on your dime!.
They need to have their boats towed back to Liberia not taken to Italy or any other European nation, they are already swamped with "refugees".
There will be more as the climate continues to deteriorate, no body can take in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MIGRANTS!
Europe will have to shut their borders if they don't want to be swamped with millions of uneducated, poor people from the middle east, Africa or Asia who will turn their countries into what they had fled, an impoverished, overpopulated MESS.


It is the Western Nations that "Colonized" Africa claiming it as their own and proceeding to strip it of all of its wealth.

All of those wars and conflicts in Africa have at their roots Corporations from the West trying to gain control of resources on the Continent. They orchestrate Coups and then put in place leaders that the people despise and that are corrupt and that help those Corporations plunder the poor.

Did you know , as example, that African nations pay France millions of dollars a year because after France left, they claimed Monies owed them because of the Infrastructure they had built when they had seized those lands? Did you know that the USA and France forced Haiti to pay the French billions of dollars in compensation when the peoples of Haiti declared independence because france claimed the loss of slaves was a loss of property?

I suggest Europe owes Africa Billions and more for the mass murders they committed there and for the wealth they plundered. King Leopold of Belgian had some 10 million people in the Congo murdered and the Belgian overseers used to chop of the limbs of men they thought shirking at their work.

That which you label "Your dime" is a dime multiplied a billion and more times over that was stolen from the peoples of Africa just as the "Founding Fathers" created "Your dime" by enslaving Africans by the millions. Some of the largest Corporations in Europe and in the USA had their roots in the Slave trade or plunder of Africa for its resources. Whose "dime" is it really?


Thank you for that information. On Truth-Out they ran an article on the Syrian refugee camps in France, and I believe in Greece the other day. The hostility of the comments towards the Syrian people was outrageous. Talking about kicking someone when they are down, dreadful stuff. I tried to remind these heartless people that they, the Syrian people, did not asked for bombs to rain on them, and for them to end up later in a refugee camp with two feet of mud for them to live in. What I notice when I travel to places like Southern California, and really most all of California, and perhaps most all of the USA. It is an everyone for them selves world, and no concern for anybody else. There are pockets of righteous places, Burlington, Vermont felt good to me when I was there in 2007, but that is an exception to the rule. Peace!