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New MSF Report Details Horrific Carnage as US Bombed Hospital


New MSF Report Details Horrific Carnage as US Bombed Hospital

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

With the United States still refusing to consent to an independent probe, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) on Thursday released its own damning report of the American military's bombing of the medical charity's Kunduz, Afghanistan trauma center last month, describing harrowing scenes in which patients burned to death in their beds and people were shot by a circling fighter jet while attempting to flee.


The unequivocal fact is this carnage and perdition of the US bombing of this hospital is the most horrific of war crimes !!! And unfortunately, if the psycho's that are culpable for this most heinous war crime are not indicted and brought to justice, means they still have the power to repeat over and over these same war crimes.


A correction is needed - the AC130 gunship that shot at fleeing people as it circled is not a "fighter jet" it is a large, 4-engine turboprop.


But as vile as this atrocity is, probably only one out of, say, 30 USAns has even heard of it - the only thing they hear or see on the media is the latest thing some rich Hollywood scumbags are doing - or maybe how horrific those Planned Parenthood clinics are - or maybe that Mexican immigrants are ruining our country...

And for this reason, the US president can remain totally silent about this atrocity - has he even been asked about it at any news conferences??? Can you imagine such an atrocity being shrugged-off by a head of state - like water off the back of a duck - in any other place in the world?


My reading, on another news report, made it sound as if patients and staff were shot with small arms, as they attempted to flee the chaos of the facility. The " fish in the barrel " school of foreign policy engagement, where the rubber really meets the road, from the Obama Adm. and the former Clinton State Dept. perhaps? Or was this a rogue operation to send a message about MSF treating enemy combatants? Certain leaders or their ill children, perhaps? Not coming clean just increases the suspicion that they treated the facility like another " wedding party " or " family reunion " for a personal, non-military reason, too. In my limited experience and conversations with Afghani businesspeople, personal vendettas during this conflict, are socially acceptable and can pay handsomely, as well. Sick ( more ) stuff for our country's military to be involved in, really.


American exceptionalism at work. Who else could be proud of the military record of a vastly overarmed "defense" population whose purpose seems to be to destroy as much as possible and to ensure peace is never considered.


I heard on the radio that in a small town near me the Elk's lodge is inviting all active duty members and their families, veterans and the public to a dinner to thank the soldiers for serving at our nation's armed forces.
At times I find it frustrating to see so many Americans so hopelessly ignorant about their government and the economy. It seems daunting to even begin to explain the truth to them. People are pickled in the corporate crap and I don't know how to un-pickle them.


My office is having a special "pizza party" for all veteran and their friends on Tuesday.

BTW, in every other western country in the world such as Canada, November 11 is called "Remembrance Day" - it is a day to wear red Poppies and remember how horrible war is. Only in the USA (how often have I written those words) is it a day of war-swagger.


In the fire bombing of Tokyo the US Military determined which routes would be used by civilians and first responders like fire fighters and ambulances to both escape and access the areas beng bombed. They then detailed units of bombers to saturate those routes with bombs.

In the bombing of North Korea Curtis Lemay boasted of the technical prowess of the US Air Force when he proudly proclaimed that they had eliminated up to 30 percent of the population of North Korea. Just as a comparison France lost 1.4 percent of is population in the second world war.

The Lancet study which used the same methodology used by the USA to calculate numbers killed in other war theaters claimed close to 650 thousand Iraqi's dead to the US invasion and air campaign this number reached years before the war ended.

I really can not understand how there so many people that insist on giving the USA a pass when it comes to murdering of civilians. It a tradition with their military,


Remembrance Day

Now is the day that we remember
Our dead, the wars, each falling ember.
Veterans, Poppy clad, march in sadness and pride,
Ever mindful of the dwindling companies they once marched beside.
Men, long turned grey, who remember the youth and strength
Bourne by them into war, adventure, endless length,
Ever yearning, at last, for home, for hearth, for peace.
Remembering all their lives the horrors that wars release.

Eleven, eleven, the day the guns fell still,
Leaving only the stench of gas, and bodies, and graves to fill.
Eleven, eleven and the “War to end all wars,” had ceased.
Vengeance and madness! Again the dogs of war unleashed!
Ever rending a new generation to feed their maw.
Now, war follows war, each more cruel, more raw,
Tears the fabric of life, slays man, woman, child; death in the rough.
Heaven itself must cry in pain, “For the love of God! Enough! Enough!

Steve Osborn
For Remembrance Day 2008


I remember, as a Cub Scout, selling those red poppies for the VFW/American Legion. I think the Lady's Auxillary or DAR might of organized and run it. A dime a piece, if you could get it, free if not. We did it as volunteers in our little getups. ( drafted volunteers, hah ). Seems like a long, long time ago. Unfortunately, it was, too.


Thank you mini true. While IMHO CD continues to post and post about the atrocity at Kunduz because it continues to acquire discussion ignoring the responses of President Obama though hardly brings back the lives of those who died nor changes the responsibility of those who ordered the attack. While the rumors grow worse with those who respond each time it is posted.

Veterans Day holds a special memory for me as it was that night my veteran who honorably served his nation and once more on that day in 2008 reiterated his hate for his war and those that followed in Iraq, collapsed, was transported by ambulance to the ER and by the next morning we were made aware of the Agent Orange related lung cancer metastasized to the brain. He didn't live to see the next Veterans Day. He is one of millions people who served in both the "conflict in Vietnam, even Korea and the uncounted Vietnamese and others in S. Asia and all the other military members who will continue to die for centuries with an atrocity committed by the U.S. Pentagon and the chemical corporations who created the highly poiisonus dioxins created and used on humanity.

Unlike those killed at Kunduz I still await an apology from my government. Maybe this Veterans Day CD will remind members about people like me. Will it draw
such concerns about an atrocity or will some who haven't a clue about that history that will continue long into the future only damn those who served?


It is much safer for governments of other countries to pretend that the US is an honorable world citizen and not a thug. When thugs act as what they are, they are scary, even more so if they are as powerful as the US is. Very few leaders call the US rulers what they are, in their face. And they often don't end very well, although while they are alive and in power in their respective countries, the people of the world admire their courageous defiance. But most world "leaders" take the easy route, which is to pretend that there's nothing wrong with the US. This way they can stay in power a little more comfortably, unless their citizenry becomes very restive and knows how to exercise their democratic rights.

My personal speculation is that the MSF hospital bombing was yet another thuggish act of the US government. GWB would simply have stated that the bombing was what MSF deserved for helping wounded Taliban soldiers, international law be damned (Republican administrations tend to be more genuine). Obama, on the other hand, wants to present an honorable facade to the world, and that creates awkward moments, such as this one. In such cases, they simply ignore the international condemnation, hope it will quiet down soon, and all the while pretend that nothing happened to us, their domestic audience.


My heart goes out to you, sanne80. There are other posters on these links who have had similar experiences, lost friends and relatives to Agent Orange, DU, and other horrors perpetrated by this country and its endless wars.
* I consider myself very fortunate as I am a veteran of the "Operation Redwing" H-Bomb tests in the Marshal Islands in 1956. I survived my radiation exposure and have lived to remember, and to write against, war. Many of my shipmates did not make it, dying of cancers and other diseases from their exposure. There used to be a site where we nuclear vets could keep track of one-another. The number of people who had children with birth defects, had repeated miscarriages, and who also wrote of the deaths of their husbands, fathers, who had been exposed at the huge number of tests, both at the Marshal Islands, and at other sites abroad and in the US was terrible.
* I am trying to work my way through the new (June 2015) "Department of Defense Law of War Manual. Link here, if CD permits. http://www.defense.gov/Portals/1/Documents/pubs/Law-of-War-Manual-June-2015.pdf
* As near as I can determine so far, such things as the atrocity this article is about is now permitted, as is destruction of civilians, of towns, cities, infrastructure, as long as a commander can demonstrate that it helps the current task, battle, whatever. Mass detention of civilians, etc., is also allowed if it helps the war effort, anywhere in the world.
* I do not joke when I refer to this nation as the US Fourth Reich. Its policies are very close to the philosophy of war and conquest held by the Third Reich, but on the steroids of technical advance in weaponry and surveillance.
* Hopefully, We the People of the World will awaken before it is too late, and fight against this cancer which is spreading and destroying even the hope of democracy and peace in the world.


Thank you again mini true. For both sharing your experiences and the link. It's very difficult for those who have never experienced the results of war to show compassion for those like Jim who saw it up close and very personal in two tours in Nam and flew back in hauling in the cargo and often bringing out the wounded and the dead, I lost a dear friend last year from lung cancer whose father you may have served with who also died of lung cancer as did her mother who worked in the shipyards during WWII and who wore her clothing home and may have been, because of all of the asbestos contaminated her only daughter.
Who knew huh? I cash the check from the VA each month though it in no way makes up for the loss. Like you Jim and I joined the protests for all three of the
Bush wars. I met and married him after the Nam tours, but watched him go for the last five years. As I've noted previously I saw enough as a volunteer at the
triage center at Yokota in Japan where the air evacs brought in the wounded and the dead to transfer those who needed immediate care to the military hospitals in Japan. Unfortunately, for those who today, often for lack of employment continue to volunteer and even those who did the bombing of Kunduz will as we do end up hating themselves for what they did, though few understand why and condemn them anyhow as some on the site have condemned any and all who serve or have served.


Obamas "apology" took the form of a brief, private phone call to the MSF Director Joanne Liu he called it a "mistake" that they will investigate themselves for. He supposedly blew off Ms. Liu's concerns and insistence that an independent investigation be performed.


Also, I am sorry if it sounds harsh but no USAn who went to Vietnam or Korea or Iraq or any other -goddamn imperialist military adventure "served" their country in any way. We certainly need to remember the USAns who died (along with the far greater number of Indochinese, Koreans, Panamanians, Iraqis, etc.) but we need to remember them as victims of a horrific Great Lie and Great Fraud.


Thank god that the German Luftwaffe did not have USAian navigators, otherwise the hospital where my mother worked during the Blitz on London would have been bombed.

Ah well, just another USAian war crime..........business as usual. Milo Minderbender is now seeking the contract to rebuild the Kunduz hospital; the bill for the munitions has been sent to the USAian taxpayer as per normal..............


I have a very dear and now Canadian friend who survived London during the Blitz. I lived in England during the early 1960s when some of the bombed out areas had still not been repaired. Your mother was fortunate to have not been bombed. Not for a lack of German navigators but just good luck.


Quite as predicted to my response to minitriue. there would be some members who would choose to damn those who yes SERVED out of ignorance. No doubt you've been fortunate, never heard of "the draft" though since you choose to conemn as predicted, I suspect though you are loaded with "guts" since you post here anonymously, you wouldn't have had enough during those times to have either gone to Canada or prison.

btw, since you have no respect for the current President perhaps you will enjoy President Trump or President Carson with promises of continuing war with all those good people marching to kill as soldiers of god. Not even too late to enjoy another Bush, money still counts for a lot. You also since you know all about Obama's "apology" you might see if you computer works with Google or Bing and take some time to do some research about that "independent commission."
A bit of information will help to cure your ignorance.