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New NAFTA Rulings Favor Corporations Over Community Values, Environment


New NAFTA Rulings Favor Corporations Over Community Values, Environment

Ben Lilliston

We have entered a new era of corporate rights—where, in their quest to access natural resources around the world, multinational firms now routinely ride roughshod over governments and communities. Two trade tribunal rulings issued last month explain how.


I pledge allegiance to the logo of the transnational corporation, and to its products that poison me. One company, immortal, mafia protected, with tyranny and contempt for all life.


With the TPP covering about 30 percent of global trade, and its twin the TTIP (European) covering about 40 percent of world trade, those two agreements alone cover up to 70 percent of global trade (and a whole lot more nonrelated trade issues). Because a good portion of what remains is covered by other trade agreements, that just doesn’t leave much space to protect the environment or society. Can we say, “Global Corporate Constitution”?


The “Trade Tribunals” are the hefalump in the rum. I have no idea how the “trade tribunals” are configured into the US and International judicial system and decided to try to find out. CD posted a story on March 15:


Also check out Joseph Stigletz’ March 15, 2015 NYT article.


The dictatorship of the Corportariat rules. Don’t forget the Chicoms who our treasonous oligarchs sold us out to.


It would be refreshing if we paid as much lip service to these trade agreements as we do to all the other treaties we’ve signed…


Strategies for resistance, anyone? Exactly how do they compel local, provincial or state governments to pay the claims to the corporations? Can’t the local democratic governments simply call their blackmail and simply say - “we are not going to pay you”.

Does anyone honestly believe that the federal governments that signed the treaty in Washington or Ottawa will then invade Halifax or Québec or Albany or Harrisburg, or whatever and force the premier/governor write a check to the corporation at gunpoint? Hell no. I guess the federal government can cut off funding to the troublemaking state/province. But there is s simple solution to that - secede and become an independent republic.

The solution is simple - refuse and resist; refuse and resist; refuse and resist - until the whole fucking vile system collapses under the weight of its tyranny and oppression!


Conspiracy theroy
"Also labeled the new “era of globalization,” this New World Order will supposedly do away with the need for diverse world governments. This will be accomplished by the installation of a one-world political system or body. One means to achieve this is by eliminating all lines and borders demarcating the nations of the world.


Nation-state sovereignty continues to be usurped by transnational corporations.


I think that conspiracy theroy sounds pretty close to reality.


NAFTA - Nothing Allowed Free – Take (it) All.
Nasty - Avaricious - Felonious - Trade - Agents

From the outset, NAFTA was created to benefit American corporate interests including exporting jobs to developing nations to cut labor costs, cut their tax liability, undermine foreign imports, etc…all meant to bolster their profiteering. The marketers of this calumny (Poppy Bush and his corporate comrades) trumpeted BS about US corps adhering to US environmental and labor laws while conducting operations in foreign nations to put the general public’s minds at ease (as if they gave a hoot). And the rest is history.

NAFTA was a done deal when Clinton took office…all he had to do was sign it, which he did without hesitation.


this is the stuff despair is made of.

perhaps i should just stop reading about this stuff. I dutifully made my call to Wyden, but in my heart of hearts, do i think that this won’t pass? No. That’s why i liked the series Continuum. Even though it’s anti-corporate (psychotic, in the first couple of seasons) terrorists were hard to swallow, at least it put the central argument front and center–we are fast becoming, if not already, a world ruled by global corporations who do not have human interests at heart, only profit.


they have to keep the “borders” to keep us fighting amongst ourselves and supporting the MIC all over the world.