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New National Poll: Trump Increasing Lead Over Clinton


New National Poll: Trump Increasing Lead Over Clinton

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new Rasmussen poll released Thursday shows Republican front-runner Donald Trump increasing his lead over Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The New York billionaire has a five-point edge over the Clinton, with 42 percent of likely voters saying they'd back him compared to 37 percent for Clinton.


Trump has not even really started yet with all the mud he will be slinging her way.


It's way too dangerous for Democrats to risk winning the presidency in November. Imagine, should they win and also carry congress thanks to the election coattails, and find themselves in power of both branches of government, what excuse would they have not to carry out the promises made during the campaign? They would be forced to look very silly and inept, as it happened following Obama's historic win in 2008.

Better to go with a sure loser, Hillary Clinton, and bury Sanders as soon as possible.


The mean old Republicans made us do it!


Sinclair Lewis wrote that when fascism come to America it will be wrapped in the American flag and be carrying a cross and I would add the slogan: LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Whatever it takes, Bernie needs to run against fascism before it is too late, because if HRC runs against Trump, she could very well lose and if she wins it will make only a nominal difference.

But wait for it! I predict that if Trump beats Hillary it will be all Bernie's fault!


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"blame someone else culture"

Bernie Sanders's campaign has accurately been about blaming someone else, i.e., an emergent oligarchy bent on establishing unassailable power held against the most basic collective human interests of the masses.

Not that this is your intention, but that tag line has been used by Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura, Glen Fucking Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and other right wingers for decades now.


Hillary Clinton and the Coconut Trap

There is a story about how you can hollow out a coconut, tie it to a tree, and put some rice in the coconut with an opening just large enough for a monkey to reach his hand in. The monkey does that and then cannot remove his hand while at the same time holding a fistful of rice. The rice is so important to him, that he allows himself to be captured and killed, even though at any time he could just let go of the rice and be free.

Hillary Clinton cannot let go of the thought of being President, and instead will allow the entire Democratic Party (and all of the Congressional seats that go along with the election) to be sacrificed. At any time, Hillary and the DLC could just let go and do what is right for the Party. It is exactly the same as the coconut trap. Bernie Sanders is a far stronger candidate and has the excitement of our younger voters behind him. He could sweep not only the Presidency, but elect a progressive Congress on his coattails.

Alas, as much as we scream, we cannot force the blind to see.


This is what can happen when you have candidate running unopposed vs a candidate who is still in the fight for the nomination. We have to hope that eventually people who are now supporting Trump will eventually come to their senses and realize that this guy is completely unfit to be president of the US. His intellectual depth appears to be compatible with Tweets which not surprisingly he excels at churning out. He claims he doesn't read books because he doesn't have time. Another reason is probably that he has trouble understanding them. He seems incapable of grasping even the most basic things about foreign policy. Most foreign policy experts do not want to be associated with him so who is he going get advice from? Or will he take advice at all. World leaders are cringing about this election. Maybe all the wacky Hollywood movies and TV shows that US voters have been exposed to all these years will turn out to be our Achilles heel. We have created an electorate that is no longer capable of making an obvious sensible decision.


It is now more evident than ever that if the Democrats want to win the election, Hillary cannot be their nominee. Her history has demonstrated over and over that the more people get to know her the less they like her. Lawrence O'Donnell had an whole segment about this last night on his show. Her poll numbers have consistently, and without exception, gone down in every election--her 2 senatorial campaigns and both her presidential campaigns.

In Bernie's case, on the other hand, the more people know him, the more they like him. He has an 83% approval rating from the people who know him best, his own Vermont constituents. Many of whom otherwise vote Republican.

83% is a stratospheric favoribility number, the highest in the entire congress--both the Senate and the House of Representatives. It's double or triple the ratings of most others in congress.

Come on aboard the Bernie train super delegates, it's your jobs you risk with Hillary. Pledge for Bernie in Philadelphia . . . do it to save your jobs. Unemployment is a high price to pay for supporting Hillary.


It is the Hillary centrists not the Bernie Dem Socialists that need to hold their noses this time around, since Bernie has more support than Hillary when independents and those disenfranchised during the primaries are considered. Berners only need to realize this, work together to organize the united progressive block of Dems, greens, socialists, independents, non-trump Republicans, etc that already exists, and stand firm together.
Bernie may not win the delegate count, but he will still be the nominee of either the Democrats (when superdelegates realize Bernie's superior electability as well as that the power and numbers of our block will absolutely foreclose a Hillary win in the general), or as a 3rd party candidate eithe-- Bernie himself, or (if he declines to run as a Green or Socialist or other) Bernie's platform through another. JUST STAND FIRM AND UNITED!


These polls have been saying this for a month or more. Do they listen? No.
Bernie has run a smart campaign and his plan to go to the convention are smart on different levels. If she is indicted or anything else bad comes out, Bernie is there. If they finally listen to the polls and super delegates get scared, Bernie is there. If she is the appointed one he will be there to argue for us to get a broader platform. He knows what he's doing and he should be the candidate. One way or another we the people have to start an Independent party, whether it's a stand alone or the Green Party we have to force the issue in order to deal with the issues Bernie is talking about.


Some of Trump's top aides look and sound like neo-Nazis and don't even try very hard to hide it. Some of his supporters in Congress come from the Deep South and reek of the white power movement. We can only hope that follows his usual pattern of faking everyone out and reveals himself as a moderate after the election. Many of us become nauseated at the thought of voting for Hillary and a new era of the same-old same-old faux-liberal Democrats.But that's the choice we are stuck with, thanks to our ridiculous system dominated by two large, corrupt political parties. Job 1 should be passing new laws removing political parties from direct involvement in the election process -- no more party-run selection of candidates or special delegates. For that matter, let's get rid of the corrupt delegate system altogether, select candidates nominated by grass-roots panels selected by lotteries and rely on direct voting as much as possible.


I like that analogy. Very accurate with the application too.


Yes, Lorax, we know you're here for Hilary. And the best way to support her at this time is to drive down Trump.

You say that Trump is clueless on foreign policy. But did you know that Trump has the following positions?

He's against foreign trade deals such as NAFTA and TPP.
He's against global corporatism.
He opposes the US military empire of 1000 bases around the world.

These foreign policies look a hell of a lot better than Clinton's or any recent president's for that matter. He also opposes the Republican position of stripping social programs including medicare.

He may be sexist, boorish, arrogant and obnoxious but, unlike your candidate, I don't think he's killed thousands of innocent people. And he's not in the pockets of every big lobbyist in Washington. Hilary is a walking disaster and her "favourability" ratings have only one way to go. Trump is the better choice between the two.

But of course we're hoping for and working for Bernie.


Trump has a 5 point lead over Clinton while acting like a jerk.
Imagine if Trump tones things down and actually acts like a presidential candidate. Imagine him taking up a lot of Bernie's message even if he didn't really believe half of it.
No, even if he did those things I wouldn't vote for either one of them.


She is not a looser, genius. She may be a loser.

Do that many of you (who post here) really not understand this 4th grade level term? Or are you the same poster using different screen names to repeat the same error?


You might want to check your own grammar.


I don't think the Dem establishment is blind or deaf. They read the same polls we do. But they bought a ticket on the Clinton Express long before any Democratic candidate publicly declared for the presidency. Why? Corporate money for the party and favors for the loyalists. And besides, it's dangerous to stand up to the powerful Clintons, who never, ever, forget.

Because win or lose with Hillary, most of these party regulars will continue to maintain their position, their power, and their corporate sponsors. Life, as they have enjoyed it from their neoliberal stage, will go on, whether H or D is living in the White House. Oh, it won't be as nice with Trump, but it will be more than tolerable, because the status quo will be preserved. A Bernie Sanders presidency to them threatens the end of the good life, and they'll do anything to keep him from the nomination, even if it means the Dems lose the presidency. With Sanders, they will be exposed.

They know, they see the polls, and are reading their own internal tea leaves. They are nervous about her chances. But win or lose with Hillary, they'll still come out OK.


Consider a, "New National Poll: Trump Increasing Lead Over Clinton". Now, consider why this is so, when Trump replicates Benito Mussolini in so many ways. The headline of another article in today's CommonDreams perhaps answers with: "The Age of Precarious: 6 in 10 Americans Living on the Financial Edge". My goodness, this is an even greater percentage than Mitt Romney's 47% of lazy bums! Now, the "lazy bums" constituent of the U.S. population number well over 50%! This, Hillary, is perhaps to what the lack of trust in you comes, because you don't seem to give a damn, just like Romney.

Perhaps expressed in response to you is a repulsion concerning your several thousand dollar a plate fund raising dinners, ties to the incredibly wealthy as well as prominent corporate executives, your husband's chastising Black Lives Matter demonstrators in respect to African Americans needing be incarcerated for their own good in larger proportion than other groups because of their (dare I say it, racially genetic?!) irresponsibility, as well as Bill's general slashing and burning of social programs and policies while President, which you have not disavowed. Gosh, you seem like a traditional Republican!

Well, Hillary, it's all coming around to bite us all in the butt. Thanks a hell of a lot.