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New 'No Corporate Cabinet' Campaign Pushes Biden to Pick People Who Will Advance Public Good

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/20/new-no-corporate-cabinet-campaign-pushes-biden-pick-people-who-will-advance-public

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Not Possible with a Career Washington Insider.


Good luck to the campaign, but his transition team is already full of lobbyists


I can anticipate the left’s cynicism on stuff like this. But, it is important to challenge Biden and for the left to get people to understand that what Biden is and does has no connection to the left. Even if this in the end doesn’t change anything, the left is now differentiating itself from Biden, which it needs to do. He will proudly do the same. He is a horrible person to give power to at this moment in the country’s history. I feel just as much dread as I did when Trump won in 2016 and probably a similar feeling I would have if Trump won again. Biden is near certain to be just horrible and it is important for the left to separate itself now in the public consciousness. These worthless people cannot run from what they do any more.


Waiting and watching. To see if biden wants to be a president or a disaster capitalism profiteer.


Who do these organizations think Joe Biden is----Bernie Sanders?


Tell me, show me one example where effective change started from the inside out?.. No with the current government, change is not possible from within the system… Change must come from the outside in…Having said that, change will never be possible, there are just too many insiders and outsiders benefiting from the current system…too many bipeds feeding from the trough.


The answer will probably be “yes”—power and plunder.

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Socialism takes blame from both parties: Democrats blame it for their abysmal electoral results and Republicans frame the unpopular right wing policies of corporate Democrats as socialist. In both instances, nothing could be further from the truth.


They will have to call you blue boy. Does a Leopard change it’s spots?


Here are a couple of Jimmy Dore segments on this

Both here: `~https://jimmydorecomedy.com/

Biden’s Cabinet – Worse Than Expected! - 11/12/20

CNN’s Shameless War Propaganda! - 11/19/20
(also gets into the Biden appointments)


Why does CD keep publishing these BS articles? There is no pushing of Biden to do anything. He’s owned by his corporate donors and told what to do by them. Neither state approved party represents the people. It’s all theater.


Am getting fed-up reading posts that Biden is appointing or thinking of appointing rogues [warmongers, corporate backers] to his administration. Everybody knew he would be the same as Clinton or Obama. So please don’t feel betrayed. All that’s been betrayed is your illusions.

Tariq Ali



If Biden was another Bernie, he would never have been chosen by the corrupt DNC for POTUS. These organizations mean right, but in my opinion are very naive to say the least!


Plus, he’s already got what he wants. He doesn’t need the Left for anything now. The time to push is when he still needs you.


OK, that’s nice.

What do we do when Biden ignores this, having released the electoral option?

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Biden wasn’t installed to be the another Bernie. He was installed to be the leader of, and launch, the New Republican Party


I did not expect anything other than this from Biden. I’d be surprised if people who comment here did. This is yet another classic example of the Maya Angelou quote “when someone tells you who they are believe them the first time”.

He told us. We know.

IMO: there are differences between now and era of hopey changey Obama.
People actually voted FOR Obama with the mistaken belief that he would bring change.

This time people voted primarily against trump (like me). Except the delusional neoliberal dems that are comfortable in their lives of privilege and think Biden is some sort of return to normalcy (insert scream emoji if I could).

Black Lives Matter movement has re-emerged powerfully over the past few years since its inception in 2013. Sunrise movement is growing strong since it’s incorporation in 2017.
The Squad was not around with Obama and it is growing. They will not be silent.

Another difference is climate chaos will not take a break---- instead it will increase --most likely an exponential increase. There will be no time to sit back and pretend everything is ok under an oligarchic Biden administration as things collapse around us. Same goes for the economic shit show with income inequality through the roof.
And of course the pandemic with perhaps more on the horizon.

With that said, I’m pretty much in the camp of Heinberg’s piece when he states –
“the political system is set up to make it nearly impossible for a third party to take root.” And that basically it will come down to minimizing casualties.

Getting pissed at Biden, the DNC, the corporate Dems etc. is a form of escape for me. Getting mad is sometimes easier than being depressed, resigned, or moving into acceptance that we are most likely (are?) screwed.

As an endnote, came across this paraphrase of something linguist, activist
Helena Norberg-Hodge (linguist, activist) said which I thought was fitting for what we discuss here:

"Our tentacles have grown so long we cannot see what our suction cups are doing."

But I would add that it will soon be tragically apparent in all spheres of life what our suction cups are doing.


Well, let them both get rid of all socialist elements in society then. Go dismantle local fire and police departments (please), dismantle NASA and disavow its history and its role in a large share of technological breakthroughs, stop the NIH supporting all the R & D it does, stop land grand public universities from doing important research, stop relying on the military also for technological breakthroughs, dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, public parks, the Bank of North Dakota, the VA, the TVA, municipally owned ISP networks, let them attack worker owned companies, among other things. They won’t, and they are full of shit. Most people like them some socialism, and people want more socialism. But, as studies show, all the idiots in power and on TV are utterly cut off from the general public and are corrupt. So, they like to run against a word that they cannot define, but struggle to beat those actual policies once a person gets to the general election supporting those things.


If anyone feels betrayed by Biden, it means they have not been paying attention or are pathetically, politically naive.