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New 'No Corporate Cabinet' Campaign Pushes Biden to Pick People Who Will Advance Public Good

NO more pretense, no apologies. It will be the unabashed party of Wall Street, MIC, PHARMA, Oligarchy

Movement For A Peoples Party.


Insults are always available, but useless.

While I think you give crazy Donald too much credit for brains, him being more a symptom of dissatisfaction than a mastermind of change I fully agree that someone even worse and more clever may come along and take advantage of this nation’s divided electorate to win office and thus endanger our already tenuous democracy.

I think the election of Marjorie Taylor Greene, (R Georgia), as shown in an article here, illustrates how easily our governance can be polluted by wackazoids. The election of a supporter of Qanon, an admitted racist, and a distaff Trump does make your point stronger.

In casting about for ways to combat such an occurrence I keep coming back to those left leaning folks who fail to understand how progress is achieved and thus make progress more difficult…We on the left have a long and tarnished history of rejecting progress because it is not an instant curative. Unrealistic expectation make realistic goals unattainable.

Progress is always incremental, and never easy. But, by not accepting small steps ,larger ones become impossible.

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You make some excellent points here… some of your comments gave rise to this thought… We need to move away from using the words Left and Right…these are terms that are being used to divide everyone…It may be useful to say I agree or disagree with that position, that situation…instead of being left or right… But with politics, the politicians need tools to divide and control… Left and Right have so many meanings…I challenge all to stop using these terms of left and right…

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Biden has always been real chummy with Republicans because he shares some of their policies.

Lotsa lobbyists will be a part of Biden’s team. Expect war. No progressive policies. No Medicare for All during a pandemic.

Common Dreams should have pushed for Howie Hawkins. No real progressive could vote for Biden. Like Jimmy Dore says, a lot of people who claim to be progressive, aren’t.


You make predictions beyond your ken. I am not much for doom and gloom, but thanks anyway.

When speaking of right and left one covers the broad range of opposing political opinions, as well as the positions of many on subjects… It may be a tool in which to indicate togetherness of a group rather than division, shorthand really.
I cannot think of any alternative to such.

Quotes From - The Nation’s New Crime Boss by John Davis on CounterPunch

“The future president’s commitment to the continued success of the health insurance industry will fatally constrain the development of socialized health and welfare provisions.”

“Biden’s elevation to the Presidency will critically constrain the development of a progressive agenda within the Democratic Party for a further four or eight years and likely assure a more aggressive foreign policy. In the last half-century, there was never a military action, CIA assassination, or trade sanction against a foreign power that he meaningfully opposed.”

People’s Party anyone?



Well said! I have often said the same thing in my own words but not quite as succinctly and cogently as that.

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How long have you been covering politics, Jessica? That horse left the barn before the Iowa primary.

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As Debbie Wasserman Schultz testified, last time: they’re only following DNC™ LLC’s contractual obligations, gleefully (for sneering rich liberals: fundementally, back to NORMAL!) They’ll just HAVE to find a WORSE Trump, to WIN in 2024!

~https://caityjohnstone.medium.com/msm-already-helping-next-administration-hide-corruption-under-diversity-banner-d4724b0d825f (now, just picture the next couple elections?)

~https://carnegieendowment.org/2020/11/19/new-u.s.-missile-defense-test-may-have-increased-risk-of-nuclear-war-pub-83273 (sort’ve, another 94% successful vaccine?)



~https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/11/20/nyti-n20.html (plague OVER, back to your 1099 gigs, essentials!)


Additional thought.
They will use the extreme right wing (Fascists/Nazis) to discredit the Progressives (who are actually the mainstream ‘center’) .They will push a campaign to equate the insane right with Progressives, and sell the party of Wall Street as ‘the practical center’.
We’re gonna need a 3rd Party as a rallying point regardless (at this point) of whether it gets on the ballots. #DemExit


Biden’s cabinet is looking terrible. Brace yourselves the next four years will be just as bad as Trump’s.

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News came in on Biden’s cabinet:

  • Anthony Blinken will be nominated to be Secretary of State.
  • Jake Sullivan will be a national security advisor.
  • Linda Thomas-Greenfield is tipped to be UN ambassador.

Taken together, these are… not progressive’s first choices of course, but Blinken has recently been trying to build up if not quite progressive credentials, then at least a rapport with more progressive Democrats.

In any case, his choice has been well-received among mainstream political punditry… or at least the staff writers of Politico. If you want to voice objections, you might want to do so soon.

If you think well-received among mainstream political punditry is a good thing, then you are a fool.


" Blinken’s career has been a pendulum between expanding the US empire and helping corporate power knit itself more deeply into that empire. Within the Obama administration he backed the unforgivably devastating interventions in Libya and Syria as well as the 2014 Ukraine coup, he was a major proponent of backing the Saudi-led mass atrocities in Yemen, and he says such proxy conflicts will be the new model for US interventionism going forward."


Hey, there’s a Global Grab going on, don’t you folks realize that?
The global grab is about ownership of the planet by corporations.

That includes all business and money issues, are owned by corporations.

They decided it. We the people and our governments are limited to deciding very little.

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They have so many of those jokes.

I wonder if anybody has collected them.

It will be WORSE, since WEALTHY liberals will blame US & unleash OathKeeper cops AND Bogaloo Boi bigots to stomp down our ROOSKI Antifa/BLM/BrrnieBro™ divisiveness, riots & looting? Then DNC will find some Far WORSE than Trump to run against Harris, if there’s still any “elections” in 2024? Fracking, pipelines, bomb-trains, total ubiquty of ‘bridge fuel’ infrastructure easily PEAKED during Obama, and it’s now all basically industry inspected. They’re propping up LETHAL, planet-destroying pyramids with taxpayer money, period!


Joe Biden is a corrupt politician himself, enriching himself and his son in the Ukraine during the 2016/'17 from an average annual income of half a million to 11 million in 2016 and 7 million in 2917. What can we expect of this man? More corruption and endless false flag wars, I am sure.

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