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New OCI Analysis Gives Big Oil Much Needed Reality Check

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/24/new-oci-analysis-gives-big-oil-much-needed-reality-check

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Big Oil will always externalize anything they can. It has been their business plan since Spindletop, if not before. I picture a cartoon that has–your image of an oil-related disaster here–and Big Oil pleading with Uncle Sam saying “Oops, we are going to need some help here–Again.”


The included chart is nonsense at this point, as it only tells us how badly ALL of the Oil Pirates are intending to continue acting. And anything BUT the green that would indicate full compliance with our concerns is absolutely meaningless, considering the long timelines they include. I mean, “over time” means NOTHING, when the timeline goes past half a year or so. They will gladly change those “aims” in some secret Board Meeting, and the results will be close to what they’ve always done.

No, we CANNOT “count on” the liberality and well-wishes of the Oil Industry. If we rely on that tack, we have ANOTHER several decades to wait them out, and finally decide they were guffing us from the start.

Waiting is out of the question, for any answer that will SOLVE anything. No, we MUST act, and we MUST do it NOW… starting with every little Legal (AND Illegal) Rape of the environmental laws the Orange Horror has perpetrated thus far.

Start by VOTING. Do now be remaindered at the Ballot Box, because it represents our ONLY hope of countering a future in which “our” President will be NO BETTER than having Vladimir in charge of our country.