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New Oil-By-Rail Rules 'Leave Communities at Risk of Catastrophe'


New Oil-By-Rail Rules 'Leave Communities at Risk of Catastrophe'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Environmental groups reiterated their call for a total ban on hazardous oil trains on Friday, saying the U.S. Department of Transportation's newly released safety standards for tank cars "virtually guarantee more explosive derailments, putting people and the environment at great risk."


The powers that be are so intoxicated with the GDP that they will do anything for energy to drive the economy. Until our economic principles are rewritten, we are screwed.


Wall Street loves automation. It get’s rid of Unionized workers who negotiate for health care and retirement benefits (which are the lion’s share of “unfunded liabilities” at many large corporations).

Quite suddenly, there’s no talk about the train engineer in these accidents. Did he take a drug and alcohol test as required by law? The newspapers always reported on that first. Not any more.

What the hell is going on here?

The first accident cited in Canada, we are asked to believe that the engineer stepped off his train to make a phone call and the train took off with out him. WTF?

I strongly suspect that some of these are robot trains, with no engineer at the engine at all. In derailings with hazmat, usually the engineer gets hurt or killed. But the last few years there’s just no reporting at all anymore on whether the engineer was hurt or killed, or what the man’s name was.

I find this omission by the MSM to be unforgivable.


Their score; Billionaires 1, billions of people 0, and their game goes on…