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New Orleans’ Deadly Floodwaters: Now From Gentrification


New Orleans’ Deadly Floodwaters: Now From Gentrification

Laura Flanders

It’s New Orleans remembrance time; that time where, for the last ten years at the end of August, public attention returns for a bit to the city that abandoned its poorest. Mostly black, in a majority black city, democracy failed as spectacularly as the public safety system. Not only the levees, but also the social contract was breached. Poor people clinging to rooftops in the richest nation on earth. The pictures shocked the world and broke our hearts.


The author is absolutely right. Greed, money and power seems to destroy practically everything.

As far as recovery is concerned, Wall Street, the bankers, corp[orations have recovered beyond their wildest dreams with bail out money from the people. The stock market until a couple of days ago has gone through the roof and Obama and others often mentioned it as a proof of a great recovery. That it has nothing to do with Main Street is beside the point, just keep saying that we are all doing great long enough, some fools might just believe it.

In general America is an addictive country. We are addicted to wars, addicted to guns, addicted to money. The latest is the addiction to privatize everything from schools to prisons to hospitals to water rights etc. And then our dear leaders and our corporate media wonders why so many Americans are addicted to actual drugs. O'Reilly thinks that throwing more and more people who are involved in drugs into jail will solve the problem.


Once again, what is done BY the corporate masters is then attributed to The People--at large, as if WE, the People wish to privatize schools and hospitals, or that it's WE, the People arguing to privatize water rights.

If anyone has a problem with WHY it is that I constantly point out this dis-information tactic (and frame), they need only look at this poster's talking Points.

Of course he grants lip service to "Main Street" in a manner about as authentic as that of Hillary or Trump. Cloud-chopper (sounds like a military airman wannabe) is just pushing right wing memes.


I have been against wars all my life. Are you using some wrong type of crystal ball reading my post? When I say "we" I, as many others who use it, mean the American leaders in general, corporations and Wall Street in particular. We are talking semantics here. Using "we" is shorter. And as far as many people are concerned they do buy all the propaganda.


Cloudchopper - using the term "we" might be shorter, but it is misleading. Blaming "we" groups those who had no part in the problems (and in many cases are victims) with those in the power structure who are to blame and who are taking advantage of the problem/situation. I know what you are saying you mean, but why not state directly who you are talking about. That makes it very clear.


No saints marching in the halls of government and commerce in this land of demolished dreams


Many good people assume/hope that the “social contract” is a real thing. It really has not existed for 35 years.


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The influence of mars is not gender specific. It is neutral in its effect just as all other planets are neutral in their effect. No one including yourself escapes the Mars influence as would be indicated by your decade long vitriol and blaming of men here on CD.
You claim to have risen above the WE and the They that controls the clueless helpless WE ,but this is impossible. No can be found to be separate from the collective consciousness , unless the human trick of denial is made use of.
Using the intellects qualities of cleverness and complexity will not protect you or substitute the need for love, lost or never found. In ten years I have never read a post of yours that transmitted a wave of love and compassion to any reader on CD. Why, because one Must be in possession of love in order to give it away. Being right about whose at fault for the worlds problems will never bring the peace you advocate for the world.


Why not just have your say without arguing about minutiae? Many of your comments speak powerfully, but when you insist on taking apart someone else's statement you do yourself a disfavor.