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New Orleans Running 'Modern Debtors Prison,' Lawsuit Charges


New Orleans Running 'Modern Debtors Prison,' Lawsuit Charges

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal class action lawsuit filed Thursday in Louisiana says Orleans Parish has resurrected unconstitutional "debtors' prisons" by routinely jailing the region's poorest residents over their inability to pay court fees and other fines.


Bobby Jindal has it all under control, I am sure. No? I still can't understand how such educated adults as he and his wife, could be such dedicated GOPPERS. He influenced a lower cigarette tax - now that alone says a lot - and he still sounds an awful lot like Norquist to me. He seems to like big income tax cuts, even when his state has budget shortfalls. Somehow I have to think that this former Rhodes scholar is all about ambition, no matter what it takes to get there.


We are living in the US Fourth Reich. Naturally the poor have no rights. They cannot afford to buy them.


Why anyone would ever want to live in that state is beyond me..


He was elected by being sponsored by these Corporations and everything he does he is told to do...Just like Walker that is why they will never be president they are just to obvious.....No one with any sense would believe the rhetorical garbage they propagate...Once a strawman always a strawman.


I completely agree with you!