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'New Party, Who Dis?': Ocasio-Cortez Takes No Guff From 'Irrelevant' Joe Lieberman


'New Party, Who Dis?': Ocasio-Cortez Takes No Guff From 'Irrelevant' Joe Lieberman

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a jab at former Democratic (and Independent) lawmaker and "corporate shill" Joe Lieberman—who has continued to lobby for powerful private interests after leaving Senate just as did while serving in the body—Rep.


A O-C must be doing something right if she can draw fire from this foul revenant. Rest assured he’s doing the work of Democrat “leadership,” who fear alienating a large swath of the D base if their true feelings were made explicit.

The dustbin of history awaits, Joe. Sooner rather than later, thanks.


When I was a child, I loved to read about Dinosaurs. If you gave me a Dinosaur book, I was a happy child.

I’m no longer a child, and even though I still dig Dinosaurs, I prefer that they not be involved in our political system.

Joe Lieberman is a political dinosaur whose time has past.

Joe needs to be retired.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks for the future of politics.

We must retire the dinosaurs to the past.


Foul revenant! LOL Well said. I think these corrupt old men should be ashamed to comment on someone else’s political philosophy. If he had the slightest bit of wisdom in him (which he obviously wasn’t blessed with), he would be encouraging and not disparaging someone as young as AO-C.


As I have said HERE before about POS Joe, “ain’t he dead yet?” and I mean all the dis-respect I can muster when I say that.


“I’m sure Ms. Cortez means well, but there’s almost an outstanding rule: Don’t attack your own people,” Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) was quoting as saying in the article. “We just don’t need sniping in our Democratic Caucus.”

Get over yourself Rep. Cleaver. I think it was Joe who first attacked AOC.

Lieberman is a slug, not worthy of any respect.

Nice to see a Dem (AOC) who finally has the guts to fight back!


The ‘rules’ and ‘decorum’ of Congress need to be smashed into oblivion. I want congress critters to tell it like it is and be honest and forthright.


Actually AOC is wrong on this and the neo-fascist Lieberman is right. Read Glenn Greenwald’s piece how the BASE of the Dim Party is a war-mongering base, even more pro-slaughter than the domestic fascists of the Trumo/Rethug brand:


Yes. Some bedfellows are much less strange than others.


When I message my Congressman (who is Democrat) to vote against pay-go and other corporate pandering actions, the only response he can offer for voting against my request is that he is voting with the majority of Congressional Democrats.


If the Dino’s do not mirror O-C they are doomed.
Also how do I enter a comment without it being a reply?


He did though. The people being the Ziofascist Sc m of Israel!


Rep. Cleaver Dem. Mo. … “We just don’t need sniping in OUR Democrat Caucus”. Kinda like ‘O-C, take your place at the back of the bus’. Not sure why sniping at an irrelevant Republican warmongering lobbyist like ole Joe got Cleavers hackles up to start with?


Joe, the Washington Consensus didn’t work. The Dems are going back to their roots.

Here, Obama ADMITS to the collusion between both parties since Reagan, called the Washington Consensus, (or Brussels Consensus) to hollow out the middle class, destroy social services through market exploitation, pursue aggressive deregulation to create too big to govern monopolies, end fiscal policy (gov’t investment in public purpose) in order to force the nation to borrow credit from private banks for profit and sink everyone deep into private debt.

While the government’s shut down, they should change the locks so that the Wall St. bankers can’t get in. They shouldn’t be managing gov’t finance anyway! Loans are their bread and butter. Gov’t deficit spending cuts into their profits. Conflict of interest, much??

AOC wants a healthy state economy, not just a robust financial economy that only serves the FIRE sector (finance, insurance, real estate).

Money creation is 2 ways: government issues its own currency into existence and private banks extend credit.

We’ve been a credit-dependent nation for 40 years now simply because the private banks took charge of government finance and RUDELY shut off fiscal policy.

It’s time to let gov’t operate the way it’s supposed to! Dems before AOC over the past 40 years have never even tried to create a strong state economy. Sorry, Whoopi. There’s no one from the party to teach AOC anything, except maybe that old Indie from Vermont.

“Government exists to spend. The purpose of government is to serve the general welfare of the citizens, not just the military-industrial complex and the financial class. Didn’t we have a stimulus, oh, eight years ago? It was tiny and has not been entirely spent. As Yellen implied, we need more spending of the non-military kind (what Barney Frank memorably called “weaponized Keynesianism” doesn’t stimulate).”


Lieberman needs to pay back the people of the United States the salary and benefits he earned all of those years while representing special interests - not the people’s interests. Since he didn’t do the work for the people, the people need to get their money back.


That’s the way Pelosi likes it. Do what she says - not what your constituents say.


Sniping? Mr. Cleaver is the epitome of what is wrong with congress!

Translation: AOC speaking truth to power and not being a quisling and a sycophant like Mr.Cleaver!


“Taxpayers’ money is never spent. Taxpayers’ money does not fund federal government spending. As hard as it might be for the average worker to grasp this simple fact, when the penny does finally drop, it can’t be un-dropped. Once the average person understands the purpose of taxation and its relationship with public spending, an intelligent conversation can begin. But not before.”


“Play ball” with the party elite and follow some unwritten Obama-esque rule about “not attacking your own people” is exactly what Ocasio-Cortez and other progressives in the Democratic party should NOT do. The party’s long-established and cherished no litmus test for being a Democrat policy/don’t force members to vote a party line/don’t attack other party members guarantees there will be no party reform. It only serves to keep the current party hacks in power.

Instead, progressives in the party need to learn from the Tea Party and use the aggressive Tea Party tactics which successfully pushed the Republican party elite even more to the right. Tea Party members did it by intimidating and attacking the Republican party elite, not by playing ball or refusing to name names. Indeed, attacking the Republican party elite and naming names is how Trump won the Republican primary.


Focus less on Joe Lieberman and more on why would FOX news bring this guy on to interview as if his point of views relevant?

They are trying to make him relevant. They are not reporting as much as they are trying to shape public perceptions. FOX and other news agencies are going full out to try and support and promote the Corporate State. They are to Citizens of the USA , what the US Military and security apparatus is to the rest of the World. Whenever a drift towards “socialism” seen as possible , be it within the USA or be it abroad in some other Country , these two work in conjunction to discredit it or destroy it. They all work for the 1 percent just as Lieberman does.