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New People’s Party Rises Amid Grim Election Options

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/01/new-peoples-party-rises-amid-grim-election-options


It interesting that as both the Democrats and Republicans have drifted so far to the right, the Democrats are described as Centrists.

If one goes back through history this would mean there was never a “right wing” party in the USA as the Republicans under people like Reagan or Nixon are now deemed “centrists”.

The Democrats are not centrists. They are right wing.

If a party formed even to the right of the current Republicans, it would not make the Republicans Centrists nor would it make the Democrats “left wing”.

The US needs a true party of the left and the people can not keep kicking that can down the road. The entire world would benefit.


I assume you can get there from the MPP link but this works:


I’ll be curious to hear what people thought. I’m only up through Chris Hedges so I’ll drop my thoughts here when I’m finished.


As an idealist, I am all in. As a pragmatist, please wait until the fourth of November to recruit beyond those in the know.


“Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen.


A new People’s Party - a political wing for the DSA and democratic socialists everywhere.

The Democratic Socialists of America “are a political and activist organization, not a party.” They promote “a humane international social order based on equitable distribution of resources, meaningful work, a healthy environment, sustainable growth, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships.” dsausa.


Why re-invent the wheel?

The Peoples Party already exists :grinning:

The World Socialist Party


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It’s about time. Now the new People’s party must begin but setting a series of principles that all members adhere by. The list does not have to be exhaustive, must it must outline a few basic principles that no corporate Party would ever embrace such as universal healthcare, no more wars, taxing the rich and ending corporate influence in politics. This will quickly define itself as a ‘Non-corporate party’ which is a very important first step. Bernie Sanders had to tip toe around the DNC because of pledges of allegiance that Pelosi and Clinton had made on the side lines making real progressive reforms within the Democratic Party impossible.
The second step is to go after Congress. The presidency is already a total loss as the two candidates for imbecile-in-chief have already been selected with almost no input from the electorate.
Third step it to find a website that will identify progressive candidates so that the electorate doesn’t continue electing corporate sycophants to Congress and other positions.
The final step is to make sure that the People’s Party finds progressive representatives in every District across the U.S. We may be limited this November due to filing deadlines, but we should be ready to completely remove the next slate of corporate candidates from the election in 2022. The People’s Party must also distance itself from the upcoming Trump inspired violence that is sure to follow after November 3rd. The MSM will make it all about Republicans versus Democrats, but this will just be cover for the race war that Trump and his supporters are itching for. The violence will not be targeted towards the architects of the uprising, but rather it will pitch the poor against the really poor, a bonanza of distractions that corporate media will spin and twist so that we concentrate on a few hapless leaders instead of the puppet masters who will bring us Civil War 2.0


I watched the People’s Party webinar. Many of the speakers had cogent criticisms of the prevailing system, but then defaulted to “first we must elect Biden.” I’m fairly certain that if Biden is elected, the momentum for creating the People’s Party will stall out as the vast majority of Americans will go back to sleep. I am afraid that the only way to real political progress is straight through the hell hole that is the second Trump term.


That’s pretty much what happened with Obama. Everyone took a deep breath and felt “safer.” Everyone thought we “won” something. Sadly, Obama just kept the corporate state alive in a quieter way. His extreme compromising dashed all hopes for a progressive turn in politics. As soon as he started appointing corporate thugs to his cabinet I knew–it was all over.

Agonizingly, we never know what to do with situations like this. With a duopoly we only have the choice of bad and really bad. I suppose one could say that bad was better than really bad. But we would have to NOT take that deep breath–and hold Biden accountable immediately! It won’t be easy but it might be better than trying to fight trumps fascist gun-toting right-wing nuts.


Integrity is doing the “right” thing whether it succeeds, or doesn’t. I don’t know what else to do at this point. The condescension of the Dems’ soulless corruption presenting candidates that…but perhaps I’m wrong. I certainly hope so.


There’s no left wing of the Duopoly – the 'PoopLickens are the right wing, and the DimWitRats are the tail-feathers . . . It’s no wonder we’re flying in circles!!


Thank you, Common Dreams, for posting this article about the Peoples Party convention. I watched the whole thing via livestream/youtube and thought the speakers were excellent. When I watched the video showing the things they will fight for (including animal rights, which I appreciate as an advocate for animal liberation), it brought tears to my eyes to think that another world is possible. Yes, it’s a long shot but it gives me hope, and we desperately need hope right now - real hope, not hopey changey empty words. I also liked the fact that MPP did not take a position as to how we should vote in November; that is up to each individual’s conscience. Some speakers said there was no way they could vote for Biden/Harris, whereas some others said they would vote for Biden/Harris because the Orange Menace, Trump, poses an existential threat to this country and the planet. I have voted Green in the past (I voted for Jill Stein in the last two presidential elections), but I have been wanting a progressive populist party for a very long time and feel that this new party might appeal to a broad segment of our country.


We already have a few parties that are free of corporate money and influence, who are also doing the hard work of fighting for ballot access and, in the case of the Green Party, getting people elected at the local level. We do need ‘more choices, more voices’ so I hope the organizers of this new party will ally with other small parties to do that tedious work to open debates, get fair media coverage, and challenge restrictive ballot access laws. Otherwise, this will just be a party with a mainstream progressive platform for people who don’t like socialism.


If only democractic socialists weren’t such hapless prey to Silicon Valley con act techno-fix solutions led by schmuck Musk and Uber google weirdos.

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There has been ample discussion in my MPP “hub” about allying with other parties, and even with progressive Democrats like The Squad wherever possible, practical, and worthwhile – the Green Party has been mentioned prominently.

Important to note: No speaker at the MPP convention was restricted in any way prior to their presentations.


Anne - We need more than “hope” …

I voted for Nader 4 times and Stein twice - started in '96 when Clinton signed NAFTA and, IMO, it was downhill from there for the Ds. And each time, as soon as the Ds, starting with Nader in '00, came out with their mantras of “3rd parties can’t win” and “spoiler”, progressives abandoned them and fell for the LOTE bit - that is, surprise, surprise, raising its head again.


Well, here’s two more cents/sense. After reading the article, my sense is that the People’s Party is actually rather ‘centrist’ (where the Dems ought to be, but aint). Also, the Greens and the Socialists tend to be more radical in their principles and platforms, so the PP is something of a ‘niche’ thing, that might find it difficult to ally with the more radical folks (but maybe I’m wrong – hope so). I also would prefer something of an “alliance” of parties, that would stand some chance to get something done. Oh, and the “Green Party” and any “socialist” party have a ‘niche’ identification in their names, whereas the “People’s Party” is damned inclusive of issues. Thanks


Apples and oranges. Obama was a first term Senator and a relative unknown when he ran in 2008. Biden (and his dismal legislative history), on the other hand, is very well known.

This is a great step forward for us – or can be. We already have a long-standing party with a similar agenda – the Green Party. What is going to make this effort more successful? Is the MPP going to duplicate them, merge with them or follow a different path? Is it going to emerge every four years to run and alternate candidate or is it going to be active in local and Congressional elections? Like any progressive effort, it will face disparagement and the usual condemnations in the corporate embedded media and heck, we couldn’t even get enough progressives to back Sanders in the primary because off that. What is the plan to overcome that?

I fully support this effort and have voted for Green and Rainbow candidates but these are vital questions that will define the success or failure of the MPP. I hope for the best and count me in.