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New Planned Parenthood Campaign Hits Back at 'Extremists' in Congress


New Planned Parenthood Campaign Hits Back at 'Extremists' in Congress

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Planned Parenthood is firing back at conservative lawmakers who want to defund the health care provider, starting with an ad campaign targeting four vulnerable Republican senators running for reelection next year.


" … the ads will air in the home states of Sens. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), and Pat Toomey (R-Pa.),"

And yet how many of these particularly worthless elected TERRORISTS jumped at the chance to sign up our boys to fight all our wars for nothing more than oil and corporate hegemony??? I say we send their worthless, retarded fat a$$es to fight our wars instead of dooming our most promising to fight wars the MIC have no INTENTION of winning!


They aren’t so much retarded, as they are sociopathic…the retarded are rarely that stupid!

Makes total sense though…make sure each and every pregnancy comes to term…more fodder for more wars. How dare women decide… on their own… to abort future GIs? I mean, the NERVE! Who do we think we are, anyway? Don’t we know we could be murdering someone before they learn to kill or be killed for someone elses profit? What a waste!


“Extremists” avoids pointing the finger at women’s true oppressors, Republicans and other conservatives.




Why aren’t you there inspecting foster homes where these unwanted babies go when they are not adopted? Or have you visited the homes where mothers or other family neglect and abuse them? Have you seen what kind of lives these unwanted children have when they grow up in absolute poverty? Or with a mentally ill or incompetent parent who is too sick or inept to care for a child? Why are you not advocating for better social safety nets, or affordable housing and childcare? Do you work with the Department of Family and Children’s Services? Do you rescue children from abusive homes when they are OUTSIDE of the womb? What have YOU done to help these babies once they are born?


This is a typical Leftist response without any substance to it at all.

So typical of you to make it a right v. left issue.
What are you trying to accomplish here at Common Dreams? Do you think that maybe one of us is going to be won over to your way of thinking?

Maybe you missed all the statements of our Holy Father in regards to caring for the poor and a more equal distribution of the wealth in this country.

I don’t have to be religious to have compassion, but you people like to think you have the monopoly on it.
Really. You think you are going to have a pissing contest with me and put me on a guilt trip? Or anyone else for that matter?
You are wasting you time over here. I know how you militant anti-abortion people are. You have nothing better to do but come on here trying to promote your beliefs and criticize ours.
You have a right to think and believe as you want. Just that there are others who chose different paths in life, and you cannot stand it. You are like Jehovah’s Witnesses coming to stranger’s houses at 8 on a Saturday morning, trying to make people think and believe things as you see them and shaming those who don’t.
No more pissing contest with me as I have better things to do with my time. You people seriously need to get a life! And I am slamming the door in your face!


It is Patriarchy which has always been without conscience –
historically, enslaving women to reproduction.
Destroying plants provided by Nature/“god” to enable females and families
to interrupt conception, end fertility whenever they wished and to prevent
conception. Some of that information/WICCA is still available and practiced
in some nations – some of those plants still exist.

Nature is pro-choice –
And Nature has entrusted everything to do with children to females.

When did you lose all compassion and empathy for females?
Will we see Catholic hospitals once again allowing women to die in childbirth?

Pray all you want – but STOP bombing clinics and MURDERING doctors at women’s

Even the Pope is now telling fetus-fanatics to STOP the “obsession” with abortion.


Right – Remember the days when the Catholic Church in Ireland – and I presume
elsewhere – were SELLING babies born to 14 and 15 year old Irish girls.

Then they worked them as slaves in their laundries for their own profit.
See: Magdalene Laundries
See: Philomena
See the long pitiful history of the Catholic Church brainwashing its members to teach
lies about Homosexuals, Jews, Women, African Americans.

Papal Edicts which made it OK to commit GENOCIDE vs the Native American Indian.

Papal Edicts which said of the Native American and/or the African enslaved here …
“enslave them or kill them.”

That’s where the basis of your “morality” comes from – a male-dominated church acting in its own self interest.

Turning fanatical religious believers into psychopaths who have BOMBED WOMEN’S CLINICS, INJURED AND KILLED WORKERS THERE –
AND HAVE MURDERED NUMEROUS DOCTORS … some in their churches.

Wake up before you do some actual physical harm to someone working at a clinic.


Abortions do NOT kill “children.”

Abortions are performed 99.5% of them in the first trimester –

Late term abortions are done to save the life of the mother – or when the woman
is carrying a dead fetus, or a soon to be dead fetus which is making her ill.
The number of those abortions are about ONE in every county in the US each year.

Haven’t seen you mention the 1 MILLION Muslims we’ve killed in the last years
with our wars of aggression, which by the way are illegal.

Or express any sympathy for the half million or more children dead from US weaponry –
and more ever after from the effects of depleted uranium.

Or show shock at your own government for torturing prisoners captured under very
questionable circumstances – most of them innocent.

Women have established lives – they often have other children to care for –
they are part of families – have mothers, fathers, aunts, sisters, brothers.
The established life will always take precedence over a fetus.

Keep reading, you may actually figure out that death actually comes from Patriarchy –
its greed and its violence which people are suffering all over the world.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis who is acting to make the church a democracy and move it
from denying members right to their own personal conscience – similarly to Pope John XXIII
in Vatican II – has made clear that religious fanatics should end their “obsession” with abortion.
Listen to him. It may help you.

Do not follow in the footsteps of those who have BOMBED abortion clinics causing the deaths of workers there and the maiming of workers there –
Nor follow in the footsteps of those who have MURDERED doctors.

Btw, in case you haven’t gotten the news – Planned Parenthood is NON-PROFIT.
They are barred from making any profit. If you want to avoid lies, avoid the right wing
propaganda machine which is lying to you 24/7.

Congress legalized the donations of fetal tissue which save millions of lives.
They also provided that those who handle these donations can recover expenses in
preserving the tissues and transporting them.

And, btw, the right wing propagandists who are encouraging your fanaticism in attacking Planned Parenthood ALSO voted for this legislation – Mitch McConnell included.

Eight and more hours of tape and you believe evidently 15 minutes of lies.

There is only one way the right wing can rise anywhere – or ever has risen – and that is by violence – assassinations, murders, intimidation, threats – and lies.

Good luck -


Don’t forget-not only GIs, but slave labor for corporations in privately run prisons. How else can they keep wages driven down otherwise?


Unique, you do realize that not every one in the world believes in your “Holy Father,” don’t you? If that is what you choose to believe more power to you, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that every one else believes the same way you do.


Choose wisely. Sometimes the wisest choice depends on things people can’t or won’t talk about.


George –

Let’s be sure to continue to talk about patriarchy’s murderous ride over thousands of years –
GENOCIDE vs Native Americans
Enslavement of Africans here –

Papal Edicts which called for the “enslavement or murder” of Native Americans and
Africans here.

Our wars of aggression since the beginning of the US, across the states, to steal land,
natural resources, enslave populations – from Mexico to Hawaii, from Vietnam to Iraq.
Millions upon millions killed by the US.

How about the Catholic and Mormon notorious “Church schools” which they ran for
the US government – kidnapped Native American children, abuse them in every way possible in order to limit their knowledge of their own culture, to destroy their languages.
This included not only hangings, murders, beatings, but sexual abuse of every kind.

Then we’ve had the various scams by the Catholic Church which nations have been
revealing from Ireland to Canada and back again –

In Canada, just for one scam, the Church took normal children and labelled them
“retarded” in order to increase the funding they were getting.
The children were actually treated as though they were retarded and grew up thinking
this was true!

In Ireland, Catholicism was forced upon the nation and its people – who thankfully are now at a place where they can overthrow this organized patriarchal religion – and they are doing it rapidly.

More than 20 years ago, the Catholic Church understood that their days were numbered in
North America and Canada and began to seek their fortunes in Africa and China.

Today, honesty has returned to the church – perhaps momentarily – with Pope Francis once again declaring that Catholics have a right to their own personal conscience and free will in all issues – including religious issues. Catholics are using birth control products, anyway.
But the Pope is standing against the Church’s prior distortions and sickness in regard to human sexuality. Pope Francis is also telling religious fanatics to STOP the “obsession with abortion.”

And, I presume he’s also telling these fanatics to STOP the violence against women’s clinics and STOP the murdering of doctors.


Oh, if religious fanatics haven’t bombed a clinic or murdered a doctor recently, it doesn’t count?
Don’t think so–
Weirdly funny though.

But PS …
Most of our hospitals now are Catholic hospitals subsidized by our government –
They have a long history of letting women in child birth die in order to save the baby.
And, now when women actually are having miscarriages – as frequently happens –
they are refusing to care for them claiming that they are abortions.

The Catholic Church’s continues in their war on women.

If you’re not aware of this history nor the current conditions, then you’ve been lied to.

Again, a fetus is not a child.

95.5% of abortions are carried out in the first trimester –
and usually very early in the first trimester.

Late term abortions are done at a very limited rate – about 1 in every county in every
state every year. And they are done for health reasons and often to save the life
of the mother. These are pregnancies which were planned – wanted children – where
something has gone wrong with the pregnancy.

One example of the fanaticism of patriarchy and this anti-abortion fanaticism which they push is the actor, Debbie Reynold’s, experience with child birth –
In her second marriage – and she very much wanted more children – she had a pregnancy where in her sixth month or so the doctors told her that the fetus was already dead.
She could NOT secure an abortion because of the laws at that time.
She had to carry the baby to term which obviously negatively affected her health –
emotionally and physically.
She later became pregnant again – and this time the baby died even earlier in her womb – probably as her system was so weakened by the prior pregnancy. And again she had to carry the baby to term as no abortion was permitted.

That’s how insane this fetal-fanaticism is –


I didn’t mention that case and am only faintly aware of it –

What I mentioned was the organized machinery of enslavement run by the Catholic
Church in Ireland with the Magdalene Laundries –

You sound like one of the Republicans presidential candidates right now proclaiming that a 10 year old Portuguese girl MUST have the baby which is the result of a rape!

How sad you get when someone works to save the life of a living woman –
and this young Portuguese girl will require a Cesarean because her body is too immature
to deliver a child. Very sick thinking.

Further, you seem to be in disagreement with all of Ireland as they move from the Catholic Church and the fanatical patriarchal laws which have prevented abortions in Ireland.
You’re right and all of Ireland is wrong?

No one is “pro-abortion” and for you to suggest so makes clear that you have no experience with childbirth, or abortions – and probably no relationships with females.
Have you no care for your sisters, or aunts, or female friends who may suffer pregnancies which go wrong?

I’m a recovering Catholic – a religious medal winner – and very much KNOW the teachings of the RCC.

We also remember the edicts from the Pope to hide the scandals of their pedophile priests who have sexually abused children. According to the Italians, this has been going on since the inception of the RCC.

And – keep in mind that the Church also lies to you in regard to homosexuality –

MALES – are our sexual abusers of children –

HETEROSEXUAL males are 100X more likely to sexually abuse a child.

And, yet, this male-dominated patriarchal religion continues to lies about homosexuals and to create hatred and intolerance for them.

Am at max for today – so I’ll add a PS here for “Unique” –
Anything from Bill Donahue is already poisoned –
the reality of the Magdalene Laundries will never be lived down by the RCC.

And later on they began SELLING babies – mainly to Americans – after WWII for
$1,000 apiece while they continued to enslave the mothers of these babies and
preventing them from leaving.

The RCC Church is finished – but I imagine we will continue to hear more and more
horror stories that happened over the years but couldn’t be told at the time.

Btw, we’ve also been hearing for decades that the RCC has been financing a
covert war on Muslims. Muslims just seem to be dying all over the world at the hands
of the US government.

Taxpayers are now also funding the RCC’s “faith-based organizations” since W Bush
who didn’t want the Pope’s opposition to his wars of aggression – quid pro quo?

We need to end all tax-exemptions for all religions, except for the church and surrounding property – and soup kitchens.


The key word is “recently” …

And do you think Pope Francis hates the Church –
He is telling every fetus-fanatic to STOP the “obsession” with abortion.

These clinic bombings and murders of doctors are history of the “pro-life” – rather
forced-birth – movement which is their history.

The Church must change – and Pope Francis is making that clear for you if you
will listen.


No one has a problem here if you believe in not having an abortion. We believe it is a choice for each women to make in consultation with her doctor and anyone else of her choosing. Making the abortion illegal only results in countless poor women being maimed or killed by in unsafe unregulated back alley abortion shops. If you truly wish to reduce abortions, work with Planned Parenthood to help prevent unwanted pregnancies through sex education and birth control. If you truly wish to be pro-life don’t support politicians the constantly oppose social programs to help families and children and promote war. For you that unfortunately means not supporting most all current Republicans and many Democrats. Strange as it may be if you are really pro-life you would have to support the few progressive politicians we have. To do otherwise makes you a hypocrite!