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New Poll Finds Majority of Americans Across Political Spectrum Back Warren's Ultra Millionaire Tax

Along with tax payer supported defense spending which reap huge rewards to business. With the ever increasing military spending the wealthy, who use the military might to defend their own interests while demanding and receiving tax breaks on their wealth, drain the public purse and seize on this to claim how we can’t afford to spend more on domestic needs.

I understand this is what is happening to Manhattan/NYC.

As far as Warren goes, she strikes me as having taken a page out of Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican/Progressive.


Forget taxes. Let’s take all of their money. All of their real estate, planes, cars, jewelry. Everything. Then lock them up in a prison. Justice. People like Bezos, Jamie Dimon and Donald Trump are dangerous, evil and nothing but the above will ever stop them. These 3 qalone have laid waste to thousands of jobs and ruined the lives of countless innocents. Bloomberg spending millions on his lying tv ads. Just a fraction of that money would be a Godsend to help solve all kinds of issues and yet this scumbag, rich jerk spends it on his egomaniacal self interest. Take it all.

Big Us


There are a number of problems with the statistics that you state (un-referenced). You talk about the wealthiest 1% in the 50’s, but conflate that group with the top tax rate of 92% above $2M. How many people in the 50’s earned over $2M? How much did it take to get into the 1%? Here from the IRS is what it takes to get into the 1% now.

At this link:

you’ll see (courtesy the IRS) that earning $0.5M per year will get you into the vaunted 1%. Assuming everything proportionally scales backward x10 (very roughly right, per inflation) that would be $50K to get you in the 1% in the 50’s. the rates on $50K were much, much less than 92%, so your figure of effective rate of 26.9% on the 1% of wealthiest filer has no relationship whatsoever to the 92% effective compliance rate, and is an extremely deceptive attempted (but implicit) correlation. And further, there were far, far fewer (actual and percentage-wise) disgustingly wealthy individuals in the 50’s, further making your statistics less than useful.

I’ll be generous, and say that this was a casual clumsiness of argument, and not the typical intended tendentiousness of the right-wing talking points that support the plutocracy.



Wouldn’t it be cheaper for him to buy Warren? Or fund Warren’s campaign to bring Bernie down and then watch Pete Bootlicker or B-b-biden win with massive support from the propaganda media? There are so many ways for a billionaire to pass Go.

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It’s a tad curious why this article focuses on Sen. Warren’s 2% tax, when Sen. Sander’s has had an 8% (max) wealth tax proposal for longer. The article gives brief mention to Sen. Sanders’ plan (as an aside - of ‘also running in the primary’).

Just a tad curious.


I’ll second that motion.  I wrote in “Bernie & 'Beth” as a protest in 2012 and again in 2016, and would love a chance to vote for them For Real in 2020.

Sanders is head & shoulders above Warren, but she is head & shoulders above anybody else with en­ough nationwide support to help Bernie win the Presiduncy in 2020.  Warren has some flaws, but she is Way, Way, Way, Way better than ANY of the DNC’s B-B-B-B-Bozos (the ones whose last names begin with ‘B’).

NEITHER of them is a magician, and unless we fumigate the Senate by replacing every single one of the 'PoopLicken scum whose terms are up next year – and a few D.I.N.O.s as well – with strong pro­gressives, and improve the House as well, not even Bernie will accomplish much more than using his veto power to keep things from getting worse.  A LOT WORSE, if Tweetle-Dumb is re-elected.


Do you mean If Democrats sweep the elections as they did in 2008?

Wasn’t that a horrible experience for your billionaires though? First Obama extended the Bush tax cuts for the rich through 2012, then bailed out the bankers and the real estate speculators but did nothing for those who lost their homes. Obama, Pelosi and Democrats forced the big insurance/big pharma payday known as the Affordable Care Act on us, while Obama declared a 2 year tax holiday on the payroll tax which funds Social Security and Medicare, to give workers “more spendable income” (and steal it from their retirement benefits.) On top of which there was no Social Security COLA for most of his tenure except to cover the increases in Medicare premiums. All of this while wages remained stagnant, CEO pay and income inequality soared, and productivity skyrocketed. There is now more wealth inequality than in the past 50 years.

One per cent of the population owns 40% of the wealth. That is as much wealth as the bottom 90% combined. Purchasing power of those who actually produce the wealth, the workers, adjusted for inflation, has stayed flat for 45 years, while CEO pay has tripled or more.

The obscenely rich pay more in dollars than the average American, but a smaller percentage of their pay, and very little on their investments. The question that Republicans will never answer is: "Why should the working class create all your wealth for you and then shoulder most of the burden of running the country as well?


Outside of the COLA increases, which Obama had no effect on, you are correct about everything else.

And other than cosmetic things like signing the Paris Accords (useless), the nuclear treaty with Iran (toothless), and not tweeting like a seventh grader (I DO appreciate Obama on that score), it’s actually kinda hard to see that much difference between the Obama and Trump years.


“Full blown socialist”… you need to educate yourself to the meaning of the word “socialist”. Then look up Democratic Socialist.

You understand that Social Security is ‘soooocialist’ as is the fire department, the pogressive taxation system, highways, grade schools, high schools, etc…

Words have meaning, learn 'em. Please.

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Wealth hoarding is a disease. Not all wealthy people are hoarders; but, it’s where you’ll find the pockets of disease.


I’d vote for the ticket, with Bernie at the top, but I’d rather see Nina Turner as VP. Liz is a phony. I also doubt she would take second place. She’s got quite an ego.


How do we know he isn’t funding Warren? They will do ANYthing to keep Bernie out.


I disagree.

Warren not much more progressive than the status quo, right-wing ‘moderate’ Party power structure. In addition to being pro-capitalist, Warren accepts status quo racism and is staunchly pro-imperialist. Look at how she refused to criticize the racist practice of having initial primaries in states with few people of color: https://www.democracynow.org/2019/11/14/elizabeth_warren_wont_admit_it_but

Or, look out her refusal to criticize the US supported coup, and her refusal to call for the military to be held to account for the indigenous people they have slaughtered and continue to slaughter, in Bolivia:



Warren’s wealth tax is 98% to low. There should be a maximum wealth cap which cuts off way before folk get their first billion. So, inside of 2 cents to the dollar after the first billion, increasing tax to the point of $1 for every $1 , before the first several hundred million.


The establishment dems will first try to cut Bernie’s primary throat. If that fails, ‘they’ will name the vice president as insurance and it will not be Warren. Also will not be one of the people now in the dem primary. Think in the terms of someone like neocon/neoliberal Hickenlooper of Colorado. The perfect democrat for wall street. If I spelled Hickenlooper wrong, he wasn’t worth the time to look it up.

Warren can say anything she wants - does not mean she would implement any of these policies as president. She was a corporate lawyer who we are now being told worked for the victims. Obama ran as a leftist and completed none of what he ran on, always blaming the Republicans, but never actually trying to complete any of the policies. The Bush Tax Cuts, the Pharma giveaway, ending the Afghanistan War (taking a Nobel Peace Prize, which he should give back), closing Guantanamo, and of course, Medicare for All. I worked on this issue, he never even tried for the public option, he took the industry written bill that offered the public a few parts (no more pre-existing conditions), and kept the same for-huge-profit system in place. He was a terrible president, for the people. Why should we trust Warren?


I agree. In democratic politics one usually needs a “boogeyman” to win i.e. something to vote against. Trump has the immigrant rapists, Obama the 2008 meltdown,then in 2012 “the Republicans”, so Warren/ Sanders counteracts with evil billionaires. Just psychology for the masses imho

A theoretical question: which of the two “boogey man” millionaire/billionaire or immigrant rapists has a greater hold/ hypnotic effect on the general public’s imaginary??

Dear Ronbo:
Thank you for teaching me that USA is filled with socialism where one is as free to go bankrupt from a medical bill as a tRumpian casino is from genius level business acumen.

Um, so all these “socialist” public schools are funded at the same level on a per pupil basis throughout the “socialist” USA, right?
And the financiers in Wall street pay the same tax rate on their “carried interest” income as a public school teacher or a firefighter on their salary who might be in the second income tax bracket?

While I am looking up the meaning of “socialist”, you might consider looking up the GINI coefficients of USA and those of some “democratic socialist” countries from Europe.


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Your points are well taken. But if Sanders and Warren can agree on a common minimum program, that will be progress for the ordinary citizens of USA, and I hope, for the rest of the world.

I am not sure that Bernie can win by himself, but with support from Warren, he might. And who knows, Warren may move left working with Bernie. She doesn’t strike me as one who is incapable of learning anything new.

But of course, I may be completely wrong in my assessment.


The objectives of business’ like The Times is to increase sales of product and raise profit…the truth be damned.