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New Poll Proves Majority of Americans Think Trump Is Racist


New Poll Proves Majority of Americans Think Trump Is Racist

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

A new poll found that the majority of Americans believe the self-proclaimed "least racist person"—and serial liar—President Donald Trump is in fact a racist, and that his policies have been particularly harmful to people of c


Really, fucking really??


Slow news day maybe?


If Trump isn’t a racist who is? But remember among his supporters racism isn’t a bad thing. Actually it is seen as a positive value. That is one reason they complain about political correctness. They can’t express their racism without being put down. Clearly Trump acts on racism if for no other reason to maintain the political support of racists. It appears about one-third of Americans will support Trump no matter what he does, Shoots someone on 5th avenue, puts Muslims in concentration camps, gives the go ahead to paramilitary groups to go after non-whites and Jews, and so forth. And it appears he will have the backing of the Republican Party no matter what he does. I have been waiting for Republicans to draw line and I am left to conclude that they never will. It would be like Nazi Germany where the establishment went along with Hitler. People need to vote the Republicans out of office. That appears to be the only way to put an end to this movement toward white nationalism and fascism.


Gee, I am shocked - SHOCKED, I say! - by this startling revelation. Kick me in the nether-region and call me Sally.

To that 35% of Americans who worship this Orange racist fuck-twit, this news will simply make them cheer. Or say “duh.” Actually the latter is a given.


Love this post, Lrx. On. The. Money.


Thanks. Unfortunately for this country I am afraid it is an accurate portrayal of the situation.


I you follow the Trump quotes through his years in the public spotlight, you will see very strong racism and sexism. That being the case he is unfit to be the president of the United States, for all of us.


Can you snowflakes please stop your constant whining.7 more years of prosperity ,low unemployment for all,wage growth and a better life for all!


What country are you living in ?black and latino unemployment at all time low.Unemployment filings hitba 50 year low today.Hillary lost because she was a lousy candidate,and working taxpaying Americans didn’t want 4 more years of Obama.