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New Poll Shows 68% of Americans Want Senators to Block Any Corporate Biden Nominees

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/25/new-poll-shows-68-americans-want-senators-block-any-corporate-biden-nominees


So? After ignoring 87% of his base and 72% of FOX viewers, 68% is easy to ignore

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Polls only count every two years. They are not in season.


The purpose of the Senate is to provide a barrier to the unwashed and unruly masses. That is why they serve 6 year terms, well actually life time terms as they very seldom lose those seats. They do a very good job of that so hoping they will step up and block any of Biden’s nominations is probably about as likely as seeing them not approve of Trump’s judicial appointments. Just not going to happen, they have utterly zero motivation to do that and every reason to approve them. It is the system folks.


The capitalist class is using the threat of fascism to lock in a permanent neoliberal dictatorship of poverty and violence.


98% of all senators are in like Flynn with the corporate world. Only a month ago they had to beg for money from special offices on K Street.


I am 76 years old, an age somewhat younger than Biden, Pelosi, and Clyburn. From my perspective, the problem with Democrats (and Republicans) is that older people refuse to give up power. They operate under assumptions that are outdated and often wrong, assumptions such as the need to arm ourselves against enemies out to get us, the goodness of capitalism in securing wealth for us all, and the infinite capacity of nature to deal with the wastes we cast into the air and water. It is time for the young to take over, long past time. How perfect mortality is! The Joe Bidens, the Nancy Pelosis, the Lindsay Grahams of the world do not have much longer to exert their will on the rest of the planet’s inhabitants. It is time for them to step aside so fresher, brighter minds can mold the world in ways consistent with economic, political, and scientific insights achieved over the past fifty years. They need to go gracefully.


How many times do I need to explain that all of that was decided for good, forever in 1994. Unless the US is willing to buy the policy space back, by paying off the injured countries for the lost expected jobs and lost expected patients and lost expected profits.

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Where were these polls when Trump was draining the swamp by appointing Steve Munichin (CIT Group, hedge fund manager, Yale grad), Wilbur Ross (WL Ross & Co, CEO, “Bankruptcy King,” Yale Grad), Betsy DeVos (Windquest Group, inheritor of multimillions, conservative media investor) and of course, Ivanka, Jared, and assorted others to taxpayer funded positions? Trump’s cabinet is collectively and conservatively worth over an estimated $5 billion, right? That’s right—nowhere. Because cultural stuff and gotcha politics, checking the “Libs,” matters more to a huge chunk of the country than this poll.


Yes, they should have to retire after age 65.


Another example of what is, to me, begging the question: Why must the corporation exist?
Why is it allowed to exercise undue influence on who runs and gets elected to office?
In addition, it’s as if those persons behind the corporate veil (legal term of art) are able to vote twice.
Perhaps we will one day realize that the entirely artificial corporation is doing more harm than good.




The voters wishes now are totally irrelevant. What “matters” now to both fake parties are corporations and yields and foreign investment and investors.


‘Morning Joe’ was giving a stamp of approval this morning on a same old, same old, back to business as usual leaning Biden cabinet. Which says it all. Business as usual is what brought us here!

“Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” - NA


Are you trying to say that the Democrats are the friends of the Third World oligarchs, and despots, forever willing to trade away the jobs of the underappreciated millions to the Third World’s rich?

“They make too much anyway”

…because as far as I can tell that seems to be true.

Their argument is basically that its not profitable to educate or employ our workforces any more now that there are alternatives, due to trade in services agreements.

No, the workers wont be eligible for any benefits, not if the body shop firms know what they are doing.

With friends like these…


At 66, I agree! The only problem would be getting the House & Senate to enact term limits. Maybe 5, 2 year terms for the House, and 3, 6 year terms for the Senate. There is little chance that anything approaching limits would ever be done though, unless the States put limits on their Federal Representatives and Senators.

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The liberal media has been praising Biden for the diversity of some of his appointees. This fixation on identity politics rather than policy can easily backfire.

The UK has a female first generation immigrant Home Secretary who has shown no sympathy whatsoever for new migrants or asylum-seekers.


It’s really hard to read all your posts about GAT and WTO…I think most of us don’t want to face that reality–If it is in fact how you say it is. You seem to get little response to your posts. I for one try to go in to a state of denial because I have long thought that the agenda of the elites is to create third and fourth world countries across the globe so that only they have all the advantages and the rest of us are their slaves. But I don’t want to accept this.


It’s actually distressing that it’s only 68%.

In other words, 32% of the country fully approves of corporate reality.

Heil the corporate cogs. Heil the Libertarians who extol the virtues of corporatism. Heil the festering fascism underlying neo-liberalism.



I wish the squad plus Bernie Sanders start the progressive party and let the corporate democrats join the GOP as they are trying to follow the same path of corporate power over the people power. We must break too large to fail corporations to smaller more manageable entities. Corporations must be answerable and subject to local, state and federal jurisdictions, rules and regulations as they used to be before the GOP’s gutting of all corporate regulations starting with Reagan. They used to falsely argue “the invisible hand” bullshit metaphor until the theory of “too big to fail” comes into the rescue of the invisible hog wash theory with trillions of taxpayer’s money bailing out the rotten to the core banks and investment firms a la 2008 federal corporate bail out en masse.