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New Poll Shows 'Deep and Boiling Anger' Towards Political Establishment Still Widespread

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/25/new-poll-shows-deep-and-boiling-anger-towards-political-establishment-still

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Which is why Dims will lose when the select Biden, aka Hillary 2.0, aka Obama 3.0, aka Clinton 4.0, aka Reagan 5.0


"…shows that 70 percent of Americans said they felt “angry because our political system seems to only be working for the insiders with money and power.”

Well, then I guess those 70% should vote for Bernie!


Who would really disgust and terrify the 'baggers into going all shooty on us, if elected in 2020, anyway? Danielle Bregoli Peskowitz is too young Cardi B too smart and honest? “Kim” Kardashian just gotta BE a bagger, whenever aware of her surroundings. Stormy Daniels pissed off Jimmy and Steven! Nope, Rashida is simply going to HAVE to run, with… hang on?

I have NO idea what you are talking about…


The cure is usually electing better people at every gov’t level. federal, state. local too.

Nikki Haley as 2020 VP would become president when McDonald’s (or ketchup) takes el trumpo out.

On the Facebook page, this was the first comment on this article that appeared on my feed:

" Anger at the established congress is what got people to vote for anarchy with this idiot and to trantrum (sic) vote for Nader and Stein against the Dems. It’s the same anarchist, “burn it down because it doesn’t pander to me like mommy” immaturity."

Ordinarily, I can ramble on indefinitely; but in this case, I can’t think of a thing to say to refute such incredible stupidity…


The “Deep and Boiling Anger” will perhaps first need to blow its top before any real change may occur.


There are rumors floating that Clinton will be back to save us from Trump. What a joke!


By all means work for a candidate or be a candidate. Vote. Then on Wednesday walk across the street. That’s what you must do when your governments’ operating rules are irrevocably corrupt. You must declare, “We the People, in order to form a more perfect union,…”

You are within your free speech rights to declare that you are the Queen of England. Mr. Trump is free to declare that he’s the king of any sovereign nation that he likes. So, you are free to join with others to set up a neighborhood government and to hold regular elections for it. Do so. Then join with other neighborhood governments.

Please fairly represent anyone who might be an ally but who, for political reasons, doesn’t want to participate in your government. The usual reason for nonparticipation is that they could lose their job.

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If she does have the audacity to poke her head in for this race, likely supporting Biden or Kamala, it will all but ensure Trump’s reelection.


Yep, and will they blame the Russians again for their own stupidity, greed, and selfishness?


The most important poll results are people’s relative economic happiness.

That’s all Trump needs to get re-elected running against a corporate Dem.

What you mean-um “seems”, Kemo Sabé?  That’s the way the system was designed, and – except for brief periods under the two Presidents Roosevelt – it has only gotten worse over time.  And MUCH worse during the past four decades.

You forgot to include the elder Bush and his Shrub (aka ‘The Lying Son-of-a-Bush’) in your list, Ron.

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I presume you are referring to the Red Queen, but Slick Willie would have the same effect.

In a sane world, support from either Clinton would ensure Biden or Kamala losing in the DamnocRatic primaries and – like Dirty Debbie – being jeered off the stage at the Convention.  Unfortunately for us, the whirled is far from sane . . .


Clinton save the country from Trump?

She couldn’t save Seth Rich from…wait…she’s probably the one who had Seth Rich killed.


Biden is as deeply involved in the political corruption as all the rest of
them have been –

which is why they have to push him on us – they have no choice.

No way they can let Sanders in –
The corruption of our government is immense –

It’s been corruption since the first days of this government –
and a land and government brought about by violence.

Since so much of it has been done in secret it will be impossible to
know how to protect a revolution without a lot of help from those who know.
For just one example, there are said to be high speed underground
RR’s – Indianapolis to Texas in just minutes. California in 30 minutes.
Many routes intersecting. Access also from White House –
All of the intelligence services serve Elites and there are international
connections between them in many cases.


Only an immense amount of non-violence and use of intellect will get
us through this – possibly to a planet which is already destroyed – but
it feels important that even at the end discovery of every truth must
prevail and the liars displaced.

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NYT’s reported that every candidate running for the house of rep in Mass is being primaried ? This is how you take back the dem party------and to these stupid political commentators ----Joe Biden is the former VP for Obama-----he should be sitting at 40 to 50 % in the polls----he can barely get 30-----------And right now as the economy hits the skids Trump is going to become the emperor without clothing-----

If Biden was not in the race, the corporate dems would be pushing Kamala Harris to the point of being bulletproof. The system is rigged for insiders and corporatists like shark teeth.


Priority number one for the dems is to sabotage progressives. After that they couldn’t give a shit about winning. I wonder if as the primaries draw near Hillary will even throw support on Warren with the intention of further splitting the progressive vote.