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New Poll Shows 'It’s all Sanders' Hours Ahead of Debate


New Poll Shows 'It’s all Sanders' Hours Ahead of Debate

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hours ahead of their first one-on-one debate and just days before the state's primary on Tuesday, a new poll shows Bernie Sanders with a 20-point lead over Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire.


Let's see for what Clinton drags out her Etch-a-Sketch tonight.


What is the point of this? Two days ago Bernie was ahead by 33 points in a poll. Is the conclusion that his lead has been cut by a third in only two days? At this rate they could be tied by Monday.



I'll have to say, I haven't really been watching anything about the pres. race. I watched the first Dem debate... and then, couldn't stand any of it, because I know the absolute drastic measures that have to be taken in order to save our planet.... and in doing so, save as much of humanity as possible... I do not believe that any of the candidates have in mind, what need really needs to be done.... I base this on the science I've been listening to..... HAVING SAID ALL THAT.... well, it really does help me to see Bernie in front... even if it's just to STICK IT to the rest of the goofs running... Bernie may help some of the suffering and unfairness that those of us hear toward the bottom have to deal with... AND he is on board with climate.. to an extent...
I do not think he has in mind, however, to cut away all the wasteful activities and products that we should get rid of in our culture... I know most here do not get that... but, from what I have been hearing reading and listening to ,we do not have a shot unless we do a turning inside out of our culture... strip it down.. AND THEN, renewables can do the job.... but, leave renewables to power a bunch of sh*t like stadiums, casinos, ski resorts making their own snow.. in door ski resorts.... indoor beaches... and you get the drift.... oh, and plastic doggie toys... and please, I hope no one says that eliminating doggie toys is not going to stop climate change... IT'S AN EXAMPLE of our wasteful culture... drop energy demand by over half and then all our other great ideas will work.


Dogged determination in being dogmatic about dogma is not the same thing as what's true.

Most people see through your Act here... in short, you're barking up the wrong tree!


One item you didn't mention as to why younger voters are supporting Sanders is Climate change.
Bernie, when asked what was the biggest threat in the world today said "Climate Change".
Younger people are much more likely to accept Climate Change as a fact.


Your posts all have a pretty interesting slant to them.


They slant toward dramatic, for it's own purpose.


Tuesday, we'll see whether New Hampshire's primary is again rigged for Clinton, as it apparently was in 2008 (See "Will the 2016 Primaries Be Electronically Rigged?" at http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/34607-will-the-2016-primaries-be-electronically-rigged


The previous polls were all based on very small samples and ranged frm 6% to 33% with an average of 18% I have not looked up what the sample base of this poll was, but I hope it was larger.


First we have to support Bernie toward success. When that happens other progressives will be encouraged to become more "revolutionary" and we also will get the old band wagon effect.
But for all this can happen, the grass roots will have to lift Bernie to the top. That will take a hard push throughout this campaign, but will not only be worth it, but may be our last chance, before democracy is subverted completely in this country.


Rather than push Sanders to get his possible future White House in order, maybe his supporters need to be pushing themselves into organizing a durable mass movement that will long outlive Sanders' actuarial life expectancy.

But as his campaign continues, I'm seeing, ever-increasing levels of unrealistic expectations as the Sanders-the-Savior attitude increases, and with it, NO mass organizing in the streets!


I think one of the most important things about BS's campaign for me is that he is presenting options to what many people have begun to think of as reality. What we have in this country and globally is not a reality that can't be changed nor one that we need to accept.

No matter his age or the people on the street. Consciousness and awareness is so very important and you can feel it rising whenever he opens his mouth.


I'm disgusted with the entire illusion of "progressiveness" that Hillary Clinton tried and failed to accomplish tonight, at the NH forum.

I yelled at the TV when I heard her mention Howard Dean's name, and how she tenderly thanked him for everything; oh, what a swell guy. I guess most people don't know about the real Dean, who is now a lobbyist.

An observant Aaron Willcott tweeted that sitting next to Dean in that audience was Hillary fundraiser and lobbyist Steve Elmendorf. He lobbies for Goldman Sachs. You can see the tweet here.

This charade has gone on long enough with not just the Clintons, but with corporate media, and even (at least) a couple of "progressive" blogs that regularly run pro-Clinton propaganda. One of these blogs has taken to censoring comments that are too harsh toward Clinton. I've never seen such widespread horses*** during a primary season. It's because the Clintons are back.

As far as I'm concerned, Americans have one chance to get the next presidency right.


I think the Clinton campaign is going to be all over Bernie on Afghanistan and foreign policy Friday morning. Bernie's hesitation about that quagmire Thursday night is going to be portrayed as him being in over his head, versus her "adult" experience as SoS.

What I think is going on here is the ghost of 1972 and George McGovern is raising it's ugly head. Nixon buried McGovern in a 49 state landslide victory mostly by calling the decorated WWII bomber pilot a "Socialist/Communist peacenik", because McGovern wanted to walk away from Vietnam and drastically cut our military. Time and events proved McGovern right about the war, and really about our military as well. Nixon's "Peace with Honor" turned into a rout of the South Vietnamese a little over two years later, after Nixon was in exile in California. The war was a useless waste of American lives and treasure. It's just that saying something like that got McGovern his head handed to him, and left the American Left wandering in the wilderness the past 40 years.

What Bernie should have said about Afghanistan is what most on the left probably really believe: It is an unwinnable quagmire we never should have allowed ourselves to be rushed into in the wake of September 11, 2001; that no Western nation, or group of nations is ever going to be able to control that miserable place; and that whenever we do leave, the Taliban or a similar group is going to once again take over that country and; the best thing we can do is admit defeat and leave, rather than continue to throw good lives after wasted lives. Of course saying that standing next to a skilled hawkish former SoS, who lies so convincingly with a smile on her face about how more guns and troops will save the day might just be political suicide. We'll never know if Bernie doesn't bite the bullet and tell the awful truth to America. I think that is why he stumbled through that line of questioning. Deep down he knows what we should do, but it really, really sounds horrible in a debate setting against a convincing hawk with an audience her of establishment supporters cheering her on.


We have sacrificed again and cancelled plans to go to a resort so we could give Bernie more money last night.
We have stopped eating in restaurants because Bernie needs the money. It is imperative that we do everything we can for him as he is the best candidate with the most momentum to come along in our lifetimes. This is it, folks,
time to give of your time and your treasure.


Nope. Top-down hierarchies will get us nowhere. Been there, done that. Are you familiar with the work of Murray Bookchin - whose theories are being successfully put into practice in Kurdish Rojava?


Looks like the Clinton campaign was already stealing/cheating in Iowa -- beware of what they will try in NH.

Sanders also currently has more support among likely women voters, winning that category by 50 percent to 46 percent.

Bernie is a better feminist than Hillary --

How come Gloria Steinem doesn't know that?