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New Poll Shows Just 25 Percent Think GOP Tax Plan Is a Good Idea


New Poll Shows Just 25 Percent Think GOP Tax Plan Is a Good Idea

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

While proposal would slash their rate, 52 percent think that corporations pay less than their fair share in federal income taxes

Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas), seen here in 2016, announced Tuesday that the rollout of the tax plan would be pushed back a day. (Photo: Brookings Institution/flickr/cc)


And within that 25% supporting the tax plan, either they have much to gain from cuts or they are irretrievably ignorant.


This is the “America” we now live in. The more unpopular a proposed policy is, the more likely ALL the Congressional lackeys (Dem & Republican) will vote for it. Welcome to the Soviet Union circa 1980.


Or both.


USSR/USA: Afghanistan, here we come…YEEHAW!


Anecdotal so take it for what it’s worth, but a very very non-left leaning work colleague expressed frustration with the tax plan, which surprised me. In short, he said he’d rather it not pass than have them screw with Medicare and his 401(k) just to cut taxes for rich people. This isn’t a guy who would say this type of thing at all, so plutocratic tax plans, despite the hard sell on a.m. radio, might have their limits. I hope at least.


But what is important for the GOP is what the 1%ers think


Interesting isn’t it that when something like this bill hits home, their positions change…not because millions of Americans would suffer, only that he and his family would take a hit.


It’s been a pattern with Republican politicians to some degree, right? When that thing of concern strikes them, they realize the-market-solves-all approach isn’t always so great. I guess the same could be said for tax cuts.


Tucked neatly inside gerrymandered districts, funded by the Mercers and Kochs, thanks to the Supreme Court, Republicans don’t give a damn about what the people of this country want and they don’t need to either. Our democracy is a sham.