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New Poll Shows Majority of Chicagoans Want Rahm Gone

New Poll Shows Majority of Chicagoans Want Rahm Gone

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Fifty-one percent of Chicago voters want to see Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign from his post, a new survey has found.

Amid mounting scandals and widespread condemnation over Emanuel's handling of recent incidents of police brutality—including allegations of a cover-up—the call for resignation has grown.


The LITTLE man is full of himself, BYE BYE little man make room for Chuy


i suppose it would be a slippery slope to abuse – and our beloved Supreme Court has previously ruled that campaigning politicians can lie with impunity without fear of legal trouble, because “freedom of speech” – but clearly, by keeping these truths from voters during the recent mayoral campaign in Chicago, Emanuel engaged in electoral fraud.

If there were political sanity – well he would have lost anyway in a sane world, even without the release of those videos. But his election should be vacated now, based on his self-serving manipulation of facts that are supremely significant to the people of Chicago.


And, props to 51% of Chicago voters polled! Push it!


could not happen to a better crooked guy!


He’ll never resign, he’s Obama’s “pit bull” SOB. Power and the support of his 1% keepers are all he needs. Nothing short of an indictment is going to get rid of him, and it should happen, probably for obstruction of justice in the McDonald case.


In Providence, RI, Buddy Cianci didn’t resign after his first felony (he used an on-duty cop to help him torture a businessman for 2 hours in his house) until just before the city council met to impeach him. Then he got back in. Then he didn’t resign until after he was convicted of racketeering conspiracy and given 64 months in the zoo. I don’t know much about Rahm Emmanuel’s personality, but if he’s absolutely no good then he won’t go until proceedings to toss him out are approaching the finish line.

If there’s a felony in all this for Emmanuel it might be accessory after the fact.


Forget resigning, try to prosecute him for covering up a crime. The Week reported that he paid a $5 million settlement to the family on the condition that the video remain private. I have not read this anywhere else. Does anyone know if this is true? If it is true, why isn’t it getting more press?


So let’s see, Weiner had to move aside because the fool took a shot of his bulge, and this fool of a mayor allowed his police to shoot people, and then tried to cover up a political swelling of hubris, REALLY?


It’s true. The City of Chicago-not the mayor personally of course-paid the family of the victim 5 million. I don’t know where you’ve been looking, but it’s all over the news everywhere.

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“Rahm is and always has been an arrogant douchebag”

Moreover, this country’s fulll of them, to boot.

Why no U.S. Government Investigation into Homan Square and all of the Unconstitutional barbarity going on there? I’m sure Rahm is at least aware of this Gitmo in Chicago-
I say ship this dual Citizen back to Israel with A one way ticket and an arrest warrant if he ever sets foot on U.S. soil again- I HATE this “thing” named Rahm Immanuel…He is NOT an American-He is an Israeli thug- You can’t be both, or can you?


Fascist don’t count votes

There is a weekly free magazine called the Chicago Reader. I’m sure they have an on-line version. Their political writer, Ben Jarovsky (sp?) skewers Emmanuel - as he did Daley - on an almost weekly basis. If you hate Emmanuel you will love reading his columns.

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I never could stand that guy. I hope he gets carried out on a rail by irate Chicago voters.

Now is the time to depose not only Rahm but the political machine that runs the City of Chicago that did not die with Daley and son. Chicago can be run as a city that does not work in the interest of the banks and the real estate companies but in order to do that, the city needs true democratic leadership rising up from the mass movement being created as we speak.

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It’s not going to happen because someone from the 1% will push the race card.

You always stick to the SAME narrative, regardless of the facts.

There is no “upper half.” As Bernie Sanders explains, there is a vanishing Middle Class composed of people who work all sorts of service jobs for a living. Some are small business owners.

And it’s the upper 10% that control MOST in the way of capital, industries, politicians, court influence, and so forth.

You have been harping on this 50-50 even break for years and managed not to let studies like the Piketty EVIDENCE get in the way of your redundant narrative.

PaulK, would you provide a brief synopsis of Buddy Cianci please? It sounds intriguing.

So if ya’ wanna be complicit in a series of murder, be a mayor and the worst thing that can happen is you get fired or resign, but you get to keep your benefits. Maybe Obama can rehire him.

Try Wikipedia.

“Buddy” Cianci, named by his friends after Nutty Buddy ice cream cones, became an assistant to the Attorney General and then ran for mayor of Providence as a Republican on an anti-corruption campaign. In college he had already pulled a gun on a woman and then intimidated the woman out of testifying against him. He settled that case for $3,000. He practically bankrupted the city. Many of his cronies went to jail in the first racketeering trial, but he beat the rap. Then came the torture issue. An ex-attorney general walked in on Buddy’s house for a dinner date and found Buddy, a businessman named Raymond DeLeo, the city’s public works director and an on-duty cop. DeLeo was tied to a chair. The trio had kidnapped DeLeo off the streets, tied him up and tried things like cigarettes and a fireplace log on him. This was all about DeLeo’s relationship with Buddy’s wife, not that Buddy reputedly wasn’t also cheating. The AG took Buddy into the bedroom and talked him into letting DeLeo go – Buddy may have bargained for no jail time. Buddy pled guilty to simple assault and the cop and public works director got nothing for the torture. After the conviction and an hour before the city council met in emergency session, Buddy resigned.

Buddy spent five years on probation as a radio talk show host. Then he ran for office again. Legally, if he had served one day of his felony conviction in jail he couldn’t run for office in his lifetime.

This time the Republicans wouldn’t have him, which in Democratic Rhode Island is saying something. Buddy squeaked through with 35% of the popular vote. Part of his strategy was to challenge every write-in vote that he knew (by telephone poll) wasn’t his vote.

Again, he nearly bankrupted the city. His associates went to jail on racketeering charges. Buddy was convicted under the John Gotti law, racketeering conspiracy, and this time he got 5 years 4 months in a federal pen in New Jersey. He resigned again. By the way, that law preventing him from ever running again mysteriously was voted away by the Rhode Island state legislature.

Buddy got out of the joint and immediately got a job as a local talk radio host, branching also into television news commentator work. He ran for mayor again in 2014. This time the Republican candidate campaigned with the theme, “don’t vote for me because Buddy will get back in again”. The Democrat won by 6 percentage points.

We were, for some strange reason, listening to the Buddy Cianci show an hour ago today.

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