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New Poll Shows Nation Moving Left on Healthcare, Embracing Medicare for All


New Poll Shows Nation Moving Left on Healthcare, Embracing Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the face of "cruel" attempts by the Republican Party to strip health insurance from more than 30 million Americans with the goal of providing massive tax breaks to the wealthy, a new poll published on Thursday finds that a growing majority of the public is "shifting tow


And yet, the DCCC and the national party is shunning the left and is now fully supporting “centrist” Democrats. It’s shocking and it is obvious that working people and the left have to start looking outside of the two major parties if they want anything progressive, anything that the large donors, don’t want. At the very least, in some races in which the ideas of the left are popular and are not being offered. Confining all of our electoral activism within a party like that doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.


Yes. As long as we have the Duopoly as our only “choices” in selecting those who “represent” us, Medicare for All is NEVER going to happen. The only way it could happen is for a filibuster-and veto-proof majority of Congresscritters to vote for it. I.e., for a majority of Congresscritters to suddenly give a big fat middle finger to the Establishment, to their Donors who put them in office with their big fat campaign contributions, and to any kind of future after they leave office in a boardroom of one of their Donors making tens of millions every year. No WAY is that ever going to happen. You would have to fill up Congress with hundreds of progressive, non-D, non-R, honest and principled souls who put their constituents before party or Donor $$. LOL Yeah - that’s gonna happen. Sorry for being such a cynical party-pooper, but I lost faith in our “representatives” long, long, long ago. This is a Plutocracy, and money rules here. JoanRobinson’s observation about the DNC/DCCC is a good example.


Looking at how the Democratic establishment is still refusing to fight for healthcare as a right, we need a third party to represent what the majority of Americans clearly want. It’s not just Medicare for All - the only not-for-profit system, but a living wage, free college, clean energy jobs. All we do is fight the two parties. This is supposed to be a government that works to improve lives. We need a party that will fight for us, instead of fighting us.


That third party notion has legs according to this poll:


“80 percent of Americans believe Republicans should work with Democrats to improve Obamacare.”

Based on the survey, this seems to be the dominant view in the US, to improve Obamacare. But many Republicans want to repeal Obamacare. Given their opposition to Obamacare it is difficult to see what it would take for the Republicans to work with the Democrats to improve it. Somehow the 20% who don’t think the Republicans should work with the Democrats to improve Obamacare are getting their way.


That is a vacuous phrase though, since the only things that could improve the ACA would be moving in the direction of single payer. There is no free market based set of ideas that could do much, maybe outside of supporting Sanders in regards to drug re-importation. A public option would be a way of improving the ACA, but it would likely be a means towards moving to single payer, which is why it also will not likely happen in the next few years.


Maybe a case of “you don’t know what you got til it’s gone” - like the Joni Mitchell song said. Many people are taking a closer look at healthcare and how it is provided because there has been a threat to having it taken away from millions by the repubs.


There was a guest on Democracy Now a day or two ago, a doctor, who gave the best explanation I have heard about why half measures like a public option are not adequate to fix healthcare. A single payer system, like every other comparable nation has, is the solution. A big effort should be put into planning how to make the transition, especially for those who work in healthcare services and insurance industries whose livelihoods will change.


Hi dissent…You just about summed it up!


Hi bodeswell…well said!


“The US Government is a bird with two right wings, devoted to the perpetuation and spread of corporate capitalism” - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A bird with no left wing is unable to fly straight and can only fly in a downward spiral…until it grows a left wing and has one of the right wings amputated. Lets hope that happens before it crashes into the ground.



Do you want to go bankrupt like Canada, and England, and France, and Germany, and Italy, and Spain, and, and, and,… ???


Bernie is a closet Globalist who supports nuclear power, dumping the waste on faraway poor brown people, and setting us all up in “Smart” homes. Just say no to the “Totalitarian Tip Toe” in all it’s guises. (That’s what they really mean by “Feel the Bern” - he’s a sham.)


LOL! We already spend more collectively for healthcare than we would with single payer, so your argument in our case is, “We can’t afford to pay less for healthcare!”. It is also impossible for states that are sovereign issuers of their currencies to ever go bankrupt. We have the Treasury, which the EMU lacks, and that allows us to create money debt free and without the need to tax or to add a cent to our deficit.


Now if only the nation will move left on…every other effing thing.
And, finally, the “c” word (“cruel”) is invoked.


Dissent, There are more choices than the Duopoly, who do not represent us by the way.

One, that 132 Million voters overlooked last November 8th was the Green Party.

People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.


Don’t get your bloomers twisted, Helena. I’m not advocating for Bernie, just pointing out the appetite for alternatives.


What will surely bankrupt the US are endless wars and low to no taxes on the rich.


Biggest problem is campaign money. If sufficient people are willing to donate, then the politicians might be willing to say “no” to the special interests who would be against the idea because it hits them in the wallet.