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New Poll Shows Nearly Half of Americans and 2/3 of Democrats Back Single Payer


New Poll Shows Nearly Half of Americans and 2/3 of Democrats Back Single Payer

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As Senate Republicans launch a last-ditch attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Democrats flock to Sen. Bernie Sanders' Medicare for All bill, new polling reveals nearly half of the country wants a national single-payer healthcare plan.


If you look at the polling results you will see that 60% of people support the public option to compete with private insurance companies. So that is more popular than single-payer. However, it is unlikely the public option will get any Republican support. The Republicans want get rid of the ACA and reduce Medicaid.


"49 percent of voters said they supported “a single-payer healthcare system” only 49%… people are so misinformed or brainwashed into believing ‘socialism’ is evil…


Not that it matters what ANY percentage of the US electorate “backs” when recent research confirms the electoral college enables a candidate who gets only 23% of the popular vote to become POTUS.


“If you look at the polling results you will see that 60% of people support the public option to compete with private insurance.”

If you look at the polling results you will see that lrx is illiterate.

From the Politico article:
“A single-payer system is even more popular than the ‘public option,’ described to poll respondents as ‘a government-run health insurance agency that would compete with other private health insurance companies within the U.S.’ Forty-four percent of voters back a public option, compared with 33 percent who oppose it.”

From the Politico poll:
POL46 As you may know, some are proposing a public-option healthcare system that would
create a government-run health insurance agency that would compete with other
private health insurance companies within the U.S. Knowing this, do you support or
oppose this proposal?
Strongly support 308 15%
Somewhat support 577 29%
Somewhat oppose 313 16%
Strongly oppose 349 17%
Dont Know/No Opinion 447 22%


1/2 is where? Regional differences matter when looking at this data. If the whole of the West Coast supports the " public option " that’s about 70 Democratic electoral votes. This movement may grow West to East and pick up states like Neveda, Ariz., Col. N.Mexico and possibly Montana. That’s about 1/3 of the electoral votes needed. And, you haven’t even crossed the Missouri, yet.
The key is focusing your attention on those states that are unsure whether the public option or Single Payer is preferable and convince the 20% Don’t Knows to choose, one or the other. Then, you’ll be talking 66% of the voters want more " socialized medicine ", not less. And, campaign on this in 2018 and 2020.
The Democratic leadership will have to be almost circumvented to get either of the two above mentioned choices. Especially so, since Pelosi and Schumer didn’t support Sen. Sanders and other co-sponsors. The long hard slog to more " socialism " has really just begun.


What half of “Americans” think or don’t think is irrelevant. That goes double for people who identify themselves as Democrats. It is highly debatable whether the majority of people living/residing in the United States today can think at all. I don’t mean this facetiously or pejoratively. I’m simply making an observation that is as valid as “the polls.”

What is relevant is that human health is a human right and Single Payer is far-and-away the best insurance that part of the U.S. body politic has devised to assure decent health care in the United States.

Medicare for All/Single Payer Now!


Or just plain lazy and stoopid.


Don’t confuse LRX with anything that resembles a fact. S/he may have a heart attack and the U.S. (un)health-care system would leave her/him at its mercy. What would CD do w/o having LRX to beat up?


OK everybody:

Let’s get those numbers way up by getting active where we live and work. Look up local groups or start one and start educating your neighbors, friends and family on single payer. Libraries are good places to have events for free or local places of worship. Write letters to the editors or opinion pieces


It is our collective and individual duty to change that.


More smug self isolating Progressive…stoopidity?


In this comments section all of reality is irrelevant.


I fully back the idea of it - providing it is Medicare for all. I dread what these sold out to the insurance companies Dems are going to make of it though. Let’s see if the insurance companies are involved as others are predicting. I think we are about to get fleeced. Sane Progressive thinks this won’t get passed and the Dems are doing it for the 2020 election to fake that they were for single payer. It will be a stick with a carrot they use to get us to vote for them. She’s also looking at who is backing it as red flags. We shall see.


That’s great. With so many people in favor of single payer, Americans just have to create a democracy to make it happen.


Your first sentence is precisely why we got the ACA, instead of a public option in 2010.
The working class/working poor wanted less cost up front and universal guaranteed coverage. That would of locked in the 2012-2016 time frame for a Sen. Sanders type fine-tuning, etc. Then, you could of educated them to Single Payer while protecting your " rear flank " from Republicans and Corporate slimeballs, now cutting off the ACA through a cheap, sleazy reconciliation bill.
In marketing it’s called " selling hope for gain " (2010) as opposed to maintaining a " fear of loss " posture (2017). FYI- That’s how we got Social Security and built up from there.
Telling people they’re stupid or irrelevant doesn’t work here because " fear of loss " is a better tool in maintaining a series of social safety nets than creating new ones. There’s books you can read on marketing and also on mass movements. Even having them on your coffee table helps.


And the Stanford research last year that proved that there is a near-zero statistical probability of any legislation being passed that reflects the majority of Americans’ values; only those of large corporate lobbyists/campaign contributors ever have any chance of influencing legislation.


Exactly Bill. That’s why you’re here.


I didn’t tell people anything. I simply made an observation. I disagree on the public option approach (even though I would have signed on if it was worth anything more than ACA). Incrementalism is no longer an option for much of anything. We either do the real thing or we don’t. There’s that. And the public option would not have existed in a vacuum, but designed by the ACA clique to meet their interests. As for “educating” people, people don’t need education as much as organization to achieve enough power to get things done. The processes and travails of the acts of organizing, movement-building and party building teach all kinds of things. The people I describe as “stoopid” in my comment are by-and-large voluntarily stoopid, i.e. ignorant (as in willfully looking away). They are a waste of time and resources, but will gladly go along with the program in the end. There are plenty of people (nobody knows whether they are a majority or not) who have become disempowered. That’s a different thing altogether. We, the disempowered people, need to be working and struggling together to create, build and use power for OUR INTERESTS. Here’s a local example:

Hey Bill W., this “real” enough for you?


“What would CD do w/o having-”

Please…you’re making me feel guilty…I normally try to refrain from being mean online…expect in future I’ll just ignore that poster as usual…