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New Polls Serve as a Wake-Up Call: Trump Could Win Presidency


New Polls Serve as a Wake-Up Call: Trump Could Win Presidency

Steve Benen

The blunt assumption has dominated much of the political world’s thinking for months: “There’s simply no way Americans will elect an unqualified, racist television personality to be president of the United States. That’s just not just who we are as a people.”

And throughout most of the 2016 election season, there’s been a steady stream of evidence to bolster the thesis. Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump has never reached insurmountable heights, but her national advantage has nevertheless had the benefit of longevity.


"As things stand, Clinton is still widely seen as the favorite and the odds remain in her favor."

Why does the corporate media always say this, and what does it mean? If she is falling behind by those margins in crucial swing states like Ohio and Florida, how can she still be "the favorite"?

I almost forgot - the corporate media gets their daily talking points memo from the Clinton campaign.



I was reminded recently that Hillary Clinton served on the Board of Directors of Walmart. That says a lot to me.


I would have to conclude that about half of the voters in the US have set the bar so low for president that the only criteria are male Protestant 35 years and older who self-identifies as a Republican. Based on these criteria millions of people could win if they were running. Experience in government is no longer needed. Demonstrated grasp of domestic and foreign policy issues is no longer needed. Making the effort to be truthful is no longer needed. Praising dictators is not a problem. Being sued for fraudulent claims in business is not a problem. Being sued by over 3,000 people for not honoring contracts is not a problem. Refusing to make public your tax returns is not a problem. Stirring up violence against protesters at your rallies is not a problem. Making someone connected to the white supremacist Alt-Right a campaign manager is not a problem. The polls show that most people think the country is headed in the wrong direction. This probably means the country is headed toward being less white, that gays have too many rights, that schools can no longer conduct organized prayers, that too many schools are teaching evolution, that civil rights and voting rights legislation and affirmative action have brought about too much progress for African Americans, that the government is now too involved in healthcare coverage, etc. Apparently millions of voters believe that Trump can reverse this course that the country has taken.


Good point, although at least Reagan was governor of California for 8 years. That should count for something. Reagan had to know a lot about domestic issues and he demonstrated an ability to function in government. And he had least had a record in government that people could judge;


You are as good at staying on message as Bernie was. Bravo! (or Brava as the case may be!)


"If you want Clinton to win, you can no longer assume this race is in the bag – you and your allies are going to have to go earn it."

Earning votes is a foreign concept to Democrats. They feel entitled to votes only on the basis that they are not Republicans. This has been their behavior in several election cycles, and if anything it seems to keep getting worse with each new election. It seems unlikely that they would reverse now. Can you picture the DNC asking Bernie Sanders, the rightful winner of the primary, to please accept the role of party nominee? The right wing in this country is accidentally correct with they claim that Democrats are the party of entitlements.


I'll never vote for Trump, but I genuinely think he'll do less long-term damage to the world than Hillary (I admit, that's keeping the bar pretty low).

Trump is mentally disorganized & doesn't know how the machinery of Washington really works, so any agenda he really has is likely to encounter resistance or non-cooperation in Congress. Whereas Hillary is the ultimate insider and a life-long player of the games of power.

Additionally, if Trump calls up our cronies in NATO to bomb Iran or wherever, I can see the proposal being met unenthusiastically. Whereas with Hillary they will bomb away.

Regardless, the next 4 years are going to be awful, and the next 4 even worse. Because that is the way the duopoly works.


Are the Democrats finally learning what Bernie was saying all along...that he had a much better chance of beating Trump than Hillary did?
Probably not.


New Polls Serve as a Wake-Up Call: Trump Could Win Presidency---Surprise!! (not)


What's weird? Nothing weird at all.


What the out-of-touch, tone deaf DNC failed to take into consideration is that the opposition to HRC would be more than just right wing nutjobs who would never support her anyway. Of course they took that into account, but what they failed to notice is there would be a vigorous opposition to Clinton from the LEFT. Once you combine those on the right and those on the actual left, you get enough votes to sink Clinton in the election.

The DNC didn't count on that. Did they not pay attention to Occupy Wall Street? Did they not pay attention to all the talk over the past several years about income inequality? Even if Sanders had never run in the primaries, this was inevitable.

The media and politicians may try to brush these people under the rug, but they are here and they are not going to let the Dems get away with this sham any longer. People have had it with tossing a few crumbs on social issues while continuing to collude with the ruling class on economic issues.

Essentially the Dems have used the same TYPE of bait-and-switch routine that the Republicans have used with the so-called "Southern Strategy" and threatening voters with the other party winning. This is just blackmail -- extorting votes, not earning them.

Both Republicans and Dems have been duping supporters for decades with this while both parties give handj0bs to the ruling class. At least for those on the growing left (many who are bearing the brunt of this economic chasm), they aren't going to fall for it anymore.


The funny thing here is that as suspect as Republican standards are, Republican voters have managed to unseat the party organization hopefuls based on a preference, whereas Democrats have not.


And yet he was elected anyway. I should think that underscores the point.


That Steve Benen is part of the MSNBC unofficial Democratic Party propaganda apparatus tells you most of what you need to know. For all of August the meme was, "it's over, she's got it locked up, nothing to see here". Now the fear-mongering has begun again. Statistically, and this was put out by MSNBC's own Steve Kornacki last month, Trump can't win. He has near zero support from blacks and Hispanics and according to Kornacki, any Republican has to get at least 10% of the black vote and around 40% of the Hispanic vote to have a prayer of winning the Electoral College. Ain't gonna happen. Get used to saying "President Hillary Clinton". They don't want you to know this for two reasons. First, the corporate media are making BIG money from keeping the race going. Second, the Democratic Party is freaking out at the possibility that a REAL progressive alternative party (the Greens) might actually get enough votes this time to become a viable alternative to their monopoly of being a phony liberal party. This is what MUST happen this year. This could - and should - be the year that we get the Greens to 5% of the national vote. If Hillary is a lock, then you can safely vote for the Stein/Baraka ticket wherever you live. There are effectively no "swing" states that matter. Please vote for the Stein/Baraka Green Party ticket and help them get federal funding and regular ballot access in future elections!


Speaking as a progressive who knows Clinton and the Democratic Party establishment are a bunch of neoliberal neocons -- and that Clinton has gotten this far only because of widespread cheating in the Democratic campaign --

Anybody but Clinton. ANYBODY but Clinton. A-N-Y-B-O-D-Y but Clinton.

WTF USA? Shock and Horror as Donald Trump Wins Presidency

For the title of an article, how about "With
Fair Exposure, Stein Could Win the Election."
With majority disgust for both parties, we are
reaching a tipping point. None too soon, with
Climate Change threatening us with extinction. (Too late for millions of our
victims of wars and poverty.)
Protest votes? We are starting to CONTEND
FOR POWER. Swear off corporate parties.


This is where triangulation leads. By insisting that there are no real political differences between the two parties, you inevitably reach a position in which the contest-for all but the tribal voter-is between two images and personalities.
Good luck with that Hillary.


What a stupid headline! Wake-up call that Hillary could lose to Trump? The wake-up call that most American voters need, is it makes absolutely no difference! The only difference is Jill Stein!