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New Probe Exposes Horrific Child Abuse by Israeli Forces



"You are going to tell us who was throwing stones...." Asked by Israeli politi while holding a Palestinian child in a choke hold and threatening him with a beating. What this shows is that Israeli authorities (from the top to the lowest rung) have summarily objectified all Palestinians regardless of age or gender and, in so doing, can inflict any and all cruelty and torture on their chosen victims. I am not surprised. Yet the U S continues to support this rancid regime.


"Israeli forces are choking, beating, and abusing Palestinian children as young as 11"

and murdering 8, 9 and 10-year olds playing soccer...


How is it that so many cannot grasp the insanity of such barbarity...
Someone should ask Sanders what he thinks of this. He'd likely tell him to shut up.


"As Israel's largest military donor, the U.S. should press hard for an end to these abusive practices and for reforms."
* Hell, the US Fourth Reich is probably asking the IDF for training films on the subject.


► He won't address it, and he'll avoid it if asked. Our only hope in allying ourselves with Bernie is if he's elected he'll act more tactfully and less belligerently than the other candidates


► So Israel completed Operation Protective Edge without beheading anyone.


Probably? I do not know the exact percentges but many American city police forces are sent to Israel for training in suppression of civil unrest.


Yeah, they're good at that.


I really appreciate the new framing of this. It's a losing position to be seen as supporting child abuse as can be seen in the comments that have tried. It's such an obvious loser that I have to wonder if the person trying to justify it, below, or above, depending, is actually trying to undermine the position it claims to be supporting by throwing into stark relief the moral bankruptcy of such a position. Most supporters of this regime over the years have known better than to directly address such issues.


Oh dear. That is what we call "deflecting," to somehow justify bad behavior. Get this: it doesn't matter what the others are doing, this article is about what the Israeli are doing. Evidently, you don't like reading this and so go on the defensive right away, and are trying to change the subject. It's not going to work. If the Israeli government is a regime imposing apartheid and violating the human rights of the Palestinian people, including the children, they need to stop, period. And stop pointing fingers. Take accountability, grow up.


I have posted the link to Facebook, recommending that people who read it contact their elected representatives and ask them to intervene. While that's not a wonderful solution, it does help to continually hammer home to US representatives and Senators that there are people in this country who do not mindlessly support the Israeli State. The peace in Vietnam was won by a lot of people doing a little resistance and not giving up. It would be worth mentioning that the US has so many problems caring for our own citizens that perhaps we can let Israel pay some of their own expenses and keep our taxes in the country.


Exposed treatment of Palestinian CHILDREN is the prime example of the evil by those who have lost all sense of humanity and conscience and obey orders by 100% fascist, racist, zionist tyrants.
Israeli leadership is not acting in the name of Jews, just as US leaders are not acting in the interests of Americans. Israel as the nation suffers the stigma of those who spit on its flag and principles, have become the monster its ancestors warned them about.


Ishmailav: Disgusting apologist.


This is not about attacking children, this is about the callous attacks upon their parents by attacking their children. The intent is to drive Palestinian Parents by systematically attacking their children, including killing them in mass raids. This is a clear focused attempt at genocide with the intent to depopulate Palestine as they did once before and claim the empty land as Israeli.
Check the lies of the Arab Broadcast Channel http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2014/02/10/3939266.htm, see lies, oh wait it is the Australian Broadcast Corporation an Australian Government owned network, Australia must have an Arab bias, oh wait, nope always votes with the US in regard to Israel, every single time, they are a vassal state to the US government. Even when they are totally biased in Israel's favour there is always a limit and Israel has well and truly crossed that line long ago.


This should surprise no one paying attention. Targeting Palestinian children, brutalizing, shooting/bombing/shelling and killing them has been the IDF MO/policy for decades, going back to the "break their bones" strategy and before. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iman_Darweesh_Al_Hams

Over 60 Israeli/IDF officers and soldiers recently testified they were ordered by superiors to shoot to kill any Palestinian moving in the latest Gaza atrocity, man, woman or child.

It might come as a surprise that the Israeli military has "trained" US police personnel & departments on how to handle US citizens, mostly of color - like Palestinians or international protester Rachel Corrie and the other Americans killed or maimed by Israeli forces and our "leaders" did NOTHING! The violence the IDF routinely uses on Palestinians including children has come to American militarized police.



They arrest and terrorise children as young as 5! Watch the 2014 Australian documentary "Cold Stone Justice" about the Westbank and see it happen!
A horrifying account of how the Israëli terrorise Palestinians. They have become the New NAZI's and they are better at it. What else can be expected of the traumatised survivors of the Holocaust? They started a new Holocaust.
The painful story of how the abused become the abusers.
The Israëli are deeply traumatised and need psychiatric treatment.


Big thumbs UP!!


I've often noticed that the victims of systematic abuse are so terrified it will happen again that they become inured to violence against others because they view themselves as acting in self defense. I used to work with survivors of domestic violence who were often absolutely convinced everyone was out to hurt them, and needed to be controlled and punished before they could succeed. I saw it most vividly in the tripartite war in former Yugoslavia, where 14th century grievances led to 20th century genocide. So I tend to agree with you that there is a group (NOT all Israelis, some of whom are themselves peace activists!) who by fearing their former abusers become indistinguishable from them.


I don't want to engage particularly, but it is not particularly great to say you're exposing half-truths and your evidence is fabricated out of thin air. It shows bias and undercuts what otherwise might have some validity. (btw, it's very hard for anyone to coach a group of children to lie consistently and well. and very easy to expose such coaching if you have access to the children, without terrifying and shouting at them. This may be how you treat your own children, but it's not exactly state of the art investigative work, as studies of the torture of adults can verify.)